The Bucs once again struggled in prime time on Monday, falling 27-24 to the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football in Week 11. Quarterback Tom Brady struggled, completing just 54 percent of his passes and throwing two key interceptions as the Bucs’ defense allowed Jared Goff to throw for 276 yards and three touchdowns.

The loss moves Tampa Bay to 7-4 in a tight race for a playoff spot in the NFC.

Head coach Bruce Arians spoke to the media following Tampa Bay’s loss. Read the full transcript below.

On Brady’s struggles against better teams this season
“Still trying to figure that out. At times we look really, really good and at times we don’t. I felt very, very comfortable in the two-minute drive until that throw. We made some plays and obviously we didn’t make enough in this ball game on offense, defense or special teams to win.”

On the two interceptions
“The first one (Brady) got hit. He got hit. It looked like he had Chris (Godwin) going right down the middle and he stepped up and just didn’t get enough on it with the pressure. The last one was just a misread of the coverage.”

On the defense not being able to stop Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp
“I don’t think (Jared Goff) attempted one past 10 yards until the second half but yeah, good short passes and we didn’t tackle Kupp very well. We did a very poor job of tackling him and let him run after the catch. We addressed that at halftime and I thought that we were much better in the second half.”

On the lack of a pass rush on Monday night
“When he held it to throw it further down the field we did a really good job but that offense is designed to get it out quick and they did a good job. Then they hit us on that screen pass right before the half and that was big, big points.”

On the struggles in prime time continuing on Monday night
“Everybody’s disappointed. We played a game that we didn’t make quite enough plays to win. Everybody was ready to play, we just played a good football team and we didn’t make enough plays to win but nobody’s head’s down and we’ve got a big one coming up next week. We know where we stand and the next game’s even bigger.”

On if the Bucs’ running backs are hurting the team as pass-catchers
“I’d have to look at (Leonard Fournette’s drops), a couple were not very good throws either. (Ronald Jones II) had a drop, we threw the screen a little quick, but I don’t think so whatsoever.”

On A.Q. Shipley’s injury
“He just had a stinger and it looks like he’s going to be OK.”

On how the Rams were able to pass the ball so effectively short
“Guys hitting short, quick passes and I thought that we did a good job adjusting at halftime. We basically knew that’s what they were going to do and we played a bunch of zone defense and even when we were in man we got hit with a couple of screens. It was more tackling short passes in the first half, I thought. I thought Todd (Bowles) made really good adjustments at halftime.”

On if he anticipated such a pass-heavy game from both sides
“I think it was a little bit more of how it unfolded. We went with the intention… we had two good drives where the run and the pass was mixed very well and other times it wasn’t and when we took our shots we missed them. We got one (pass interference) but those balls we’ve got to hit. But yeah, I think it was just one of those games where it led to that. They weren’t going to run the ball and again, they were going to throw it very quick, all of those screens and quick outs and stuff. It was that kind of ball game.”

On Brady’s struggles on deep balls and if he’d consider taking over play-calling
“No, I thought that he called a good ball game but we’ve got to execute better. When guys are open we’ve got to hit them and we can’t miss free coverage. We’ve got to protect a little bit better when we do have guys deep and let (Brady) hit that guy instead of having that pressure that cost us an interception. As a collective, everybody’s got to play a little better.”

On the Bucs’ margin of error for the rest of the season
“Very slim, very slim. This was a big one and the next one’s even bigger. I think each and every one’s going to be huge the whole rest of the way.”

On catching out of the backfield and if LeSean McCoy won’t enter the game on any situation
“Leonard’s got really good hands and RoJo, that screen happened too fast. We didn’t protect the backside of that screen fast enough for that to develop so no, Leonard’s got great hands and I would maybe consider one of those a drop, the other, (we need) a better ball.”

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6 months ago

BA actually said,”we knew what they were going to do.” Yet… this is the game plan? BA not going to admit that he should take over play calling duties from BL… never! He’s going to go down with this call of having BL call plays. I wonder what Brady really thinks about BLs play calling?

6 months ago

I was at the game …keep the players but get better coaching. Still playing soft on defense and why keep on having Brady go deep ? where was the pass rush?

Reply to  sunshineben
6 months ago

Coach Arians looks bad man!

Reply to  sunshineben
6 months ago

Congrats on being able to watch it live. My condolences on being stuck watching Tom’s downfield “precision”.

This game was always going to feature zone and not blitzes on defense.

On offense, Brady was 1 of 13 on passes over 15 yards, with two interceptions. That’s the Tom Brady I expected to see all year.

The Wall
Reply to  BigSombrero
6 months ago

Yes, Brady played poorly. Do you have an opinion on anything else? Were you happy with the play calling? How about the dropped passes by our running backs? What about our defense allowing eight for eight on third down conversions at one point? How about our lack of a pass rush?

Reply to  The Wall
6 months ago

Sombrero isn’t the type to respond to such a thought out question. The only thing he knows is “Tom bad, can’t throw long”. That’s literally it when it comes to this team. He doesn’t seem to realize he has no check down with these terrible running back pass plays and an offensive coordinator who is lost when it comes to calling short to intermediate routes. I’m not saying Brady was going on by any means, but he’s not getting any help with this clown scheme they seem to wanna run. They should’ve stuck with what worked earlier with the short… Read more »

6 months ago

Look. sometimes you guys act like other coaches do not watch film.Once you get to our secondary its clear sailing. Our D backs kinda suck. Teams now know all they gotta do is ruffle Brady’s feathers a little and he will break down. Rams brought that pressure the 2nd half and Brady folded. he cannot get out of the way so feasting for the defense. And we gotta put up with him yet another year. I’ve said all along we should have moved up in this yrs draft and got a mobile QB.9-7 nor 10-6 is gonna get us… Read more »

Reply to  twspin
6 months ago

Yes this is true so how do you help that? You call shorter pass routes. You can blame Brady all you want and while he was bad tonight, this scheme and play calling do no favors for him. Maybe take of the hate shades and see that the problem is more than just at QB.

6 months ago

Leftwich’s play calling in the second half was just horrible, both in design and execution. First half of the season TB 12 made connection after connection on the long ball with Scotty Miller, yet now the kid can’t get on the field. However TB keeps being given these low percentage, high risk, long ball play calls. The result today, two ugly interceptions and yet again no deep ball connections. When the opposing ‘D’ is in your QB’s face all afternoon, when your LT is doing his best turnstile impression and your Pro Bowl LG is out yet again, get the… Read more »

6 months ago

Tom brady is old and done.

6 months ago

Any team we play with a good D line we lose too.

6 months ago

I dont see how you dont fire Bruce if we miss the playoffs

Reply to  Lawdy
6 months ago

Same way we haven’t fired Licht after 6 1/2 years with $14.5m/yr tied up in the perennially worst rated LT; a spectacularly failed “flood the position” strategy in one of the worst secondaries in the league; a chance to bring in one of (if not the) top CB in the league (word is that OJ Howard, Dean and a 2nd rounder would have done it) but choosing instead to sign yet another WR (the effect of which has been to completely nullify Scotty Miller’s promising season)…and so on. The Glazers don’t really understand what to do.

6 months ago

Another garbage game on national tv. So many issues. This is not a serious playoff team. It’s about 10 win wildcard team MAYBE. The 38-3 Saints game wasn’t just a bad game this team has big problems. On offense they could not run ball again against a good d. Play calling is lame. O line is still a problem. Brady gets rattled easy now. Defense can’t get any pressure with 4 and have to blitz. How you totally shut a run down and are beaten so badly with a short passing game is just embarrassing. Bucs Secondary sucks still. The… Read more »

6 months ago

Bucs can’t beat a team with a good Dline. Donovan wilts and Brady gets happy feet. Meanwhile, the Bucs D can’t stop a quick passing team to save their lives. JPP looked like he was taking on the Rams alone last night.

6 months ago

Arians takes no responsibility for an archaic scheme and lack of game planning.