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    I’m for Gottschalk and would like to give this guy a shot. Hawley should sit for a couple weeks and get healthy, I think Martin should sit one more week. We can beat Chicago without Martin; after this game we need Martin healthy and ready to go.

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      Bucs are promoting guard/center Ben Gottschalk from practice squad to 53-man roster due to o-line injuries to Kevin Pamphile and Joe Hawley.

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    I read a comment the other day that bothered me. Evidently Koetter believes that if you are on the field during the game you must be prepared to play 64 snaps. We platoon several positions every game. If you hold a player out until you 100% confident that he is 100% able to take 64 snaps then you may as well put him on IR the rest of the year. Look I don’t expect Martin to get 25 carries for 150 yards his first game back. Obviously he is going to be on a snap count and James and Peyton are going to have to step up and carry the rock also. It will take Doug time to adjust to real game conditions after missing 7 games. We cannot lose to the Bears. Doug says he feels fine, let him play. We take this one game at a time and we are rapidly running out of games.

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    Time to move on from Hawley, he’s not a long term answer at center. Last year we should’ve given Pamphile playing time knowing Mankins was gone after the season. Had we done that maybe we wouldn’t have had the bust signing of Sweezy. I’m with Horse, let’s see if we have a better option on our roster already. Same with Smith at safety. You trust him with bringing out a kick off, but not some snaps at safety? Time to see some of these behind the scenes players. Not that I think they give us a better chance to win now, or that they’re better then who we’re playing, just that it gives us better insight moving forward.

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    Hawley isn’t really an upgrade over Evans. Both pretty mediocre.

    Nobody left on that O line that is pro bowl material.

    Both our lines need help through draft and free agency.

    Sweezey ever going to play? Must been hell of a back injury. He’s been out like a year hasn’t he? Maybe him and Nicks can start of business with all the money we wasted on both. Lol.

    Everyone thinks we are going to roll a W against Bears because they only won 2 games. We’ve only won 3! This season is a bust. Even if we can defeat this 2 win team at home. Check the rest of the schedule. Horrible year. Injuries galore. ASJ hurt losing out best pass catching TE. I like Brate but he does score anyone.

    I said long time ago ASJ wouldn’t make it and should be cut. That without knowing the extent of his alcohol issue but just looking at his behavior something was very wrong.

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    Meant Brate doesn’t scare anyone.

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    Hawley might not be the answer, but when the dude is healthy enough to play- he has the true fire and passion to do his job and protect Winston; he might get beat, but if you watch he will be the first one to go after anyone messing or fighting with Winston… amd you have to respect that passion.

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