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Here are some of the best Bucs quotes following their team’s training camp practice on Thursday, August 5 at the AdventHealth Training Center.

Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles on how the young players have improved

“Just the maturity of situational football. We have a lot of guys [who] last year I think they just played what I called and this year it’s trying to be more understanding of why I’m calling things and what’s happening in certain situations. So, we’re really trying to focus on that.”

Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles on if he’s seeing players who are a lot more confident than they were last year

“Well, they’re playing with a lot more confidence, that’s for sure. And we’re working on the understanding of each guy’s individual position and how it pertains to them. The awareness is there; we’ve just got to make sure we keep grinding. They’re not going to get it in a week or two, so we’ve got to keep working at it. But nobody in particular as far as not expecting them where to be. I think their growth last year throughout the course of a season was more tell-tale than these two weeks of camp.”

Bucs defensive coordinator on LB Devin White and his pass-rush ability

“He’s still capable of a lot more but it’s a luxury to have a guy that can play three downs and play everything well. As far as body position and understanding run schemes and everything else, he’s gotten a lot better at all those things, but he still needs to grow more. And he should because he’s only going into his third year. But it’s a luxury to have both of those guys that can do all those things and you don’t have to worry about bad match-ups.”

Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles on rookie OLB Joe Tryon

“He’s coming along fine. He’s learning the scheme. It’s not an easy scheme to learn for him so we’re trying to put him in different positions and move him around. We’d still like to see him in preseason, but he’s got some tools. He’s got a toolkit, he showed that in college. Love the build and the size; he’s very intelligent. He’s tough, he’s smart. He just has to learn the scheme, and if you can play in this scheme, we’ll find a place for you.”

Bucs S Antoine Winfield Jr. on what area he feels like he has improved the most in since last season

“Yeah, I feel like my most improvement is just mentally. That first year, they throw so many things out at you just learning the scheme and things like that. But after being in the system for a year, I just feel like mentally my game is just sharper and a little bit better than last year so that’s where I feel the best at.”

Bucs S Antoine Winfield Jr. on if continuity will play a part for the defense this season having brought back the majority of the same players and coaching staff

“I think just being together from last year to this year having everybody back – I feel like everybody knows how each other plays on our defense and how we operate. I feel like that is what’s been best for us because we know how each other play and we can play off of each other better. I think we will be better this year.”

Bucs C Ryan Jensen on the offensive line coming together

“I think we’re doing good. Every day, we’re stacking days, getting better and better. We’ve been together now for four years as a unit. There are still little things that every unit needs to work on and get better at. I feel through training camp we’re climbing that mountain and getting there.”

Bucs C Ryan Jensen on spending time with the offense off the field

“It’s huge. Last year was so weird. I think after Week 3 or 4 is when they shut down being able to hang out with each other outside of football. As an offensive line, we used to go out to dinner every Thursday night to different local restaurants here in Tampa. To potentially do that again is going to be awesome.”

Bucs C Ryan Jensen on the Buccaneers supporting the military during training camp

“Obviously with today being military day, having a bunch of military members out here is huge. They deserve it. Military is huge for me. I do a lot of work with the military. For me, seeing the military members out here with the paratroopers flying in is just awesome. They do so much for us, and for the organization to do a lot in return for the military is big in my mind.”

Bucs C Ryan Jensen on what helped the offense click last season

“Everything just kind of clicked. Not having a traditional training camp, not having the traditional OTA, preseason games, stuff like that and having a new quarterback, I think everything just started to click for us. As you can see, when it started to click, we went to the moon, and I think that’s just something with any offense every year. Eventually, you have to get that jell in and you have to start clicking. For us last year, we clicked at the right time and for us this year, we want to consistently play that way.”

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Mb Nfl Lock Of The Szn Pewter 728x90 Jpg