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Here are some of the best Bucs quotes following their team’s training camp practice on Wednesday, August 11 at the AdventHealth Training Center.

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians opening Statement:

“Again, a very, very good practice. Today’s emphases were communication – a lot of shifts, a lot of motions, defensively making adjustments, offensively obviously executing those shifts and motions and the plays correctly. I was really pleased with it. It’s a nice little buildup – obviously, [we] took the pads off – for Saturday night. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we’ll have a decent game.”

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians on the Buccaneers and Brady having to start with terminology and basic stuff a year ago:

“Yeah, we wouldn’t have had all those shifts, motions and all those different gadgets that we were doing today. He couldn’t learn them, we couldn’t learn them. Yeah, it’s night and day having just one mini-camp and these practices versus last year.”

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians on how important it is to be efficient during hot practices:

“We schedule a number of reps. When the reps are done, we’re done. We average somewhere, normally, 60 to 80 plays, and that’s more than enough reps. So it’s not like, ‘Hey, let’s get some more because we have time.’ I judge the tempo of practice that way a lot. That time that’s left over, guys can come out here and work individually, catching Jugs, blocking one-on-one, doing everything to use that time for themselves.”

Bucs tight end Cameron Brate on how it felt to return to practice after his injury:

“Awesome, it felt great to be back out there. It’s not very fun when you’re just sitting there watching, I don’t know how you guys do it – you guys are amazing.”

Bucs tight end Cameron Brate on if practice is more ramped up this year as opposed to years previous:

“Yeah, I would think so – last year was such a weird year obviously you guys know with COVID, but we had no fans at training camp and there was always that little thought in the back of our minds like, ‘Are we actually gonna do this, is it gonna work out?’ So to have a sense of normalcy back during these practices is like a welcomed relief – it feels good, it feels right.”

Bucs running back Leonard Fournette on what he worked on during the offseason to improve for this season:

“Now that I have the system under my belt, just working on communication with the quarterbacks and understanding what they want. For offense, they can change our route and at anytime it can change. I would say communication skills with the quarterbacks and wide receivers and making sure everybody is on the same page.”

Bucs running back Leonard Fournette on how particular QB Tom Brady is with the running back position:

“He’s very [particular]. To make the best decisions for him, to run our routes a certain way and make sure we clear certain routes and paths for other guys behind us. It’s everything he wants in a particular way. We make sure at our best, we give it to him to make him feel comfortable and easy on the backfield.”

Bucs cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting on what happened between last training camp and now:

“I would say consistent development – just learning the game of football from the first thing to getting there now – learning the proper techniques to use in certain situations and just developing my game overall. I came into the league strictly as a cornerback, I’ve never played nickel[back] in my life until I got here. Moving into the inside, you have to develop new traits and that’s what I did, and I continue to do.”

Bucs cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting on if there is any better challenge than having to guard the WR Mike Evans, WR Chris Godwin, and WR Antonio Brown every day at practice:

“Oh no, I wouldn’t want it any other way – I see Mike a lot on the outside, I see Mike a lot in the slot, I see AB (Antonio Brown) a lot in the slot, I see Chris a lot and they’re all different. They give me different looks – [it] lets me test out my different techniques on these guys each and every day – see what works and see what doesn’t work for certain guys. Just learning how to execute those properly and what better way would you want than going against those guys with Tom [Brady] at quarterback.”


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About the Author: J.C. Allen

J.C. Allen is one of PewterReport.com’s newest beat writers. As a New England transplant, he has closely followed Tom Brady’s entire career and first fell in love with the game during the Patriots 1996 Super Bowl run. J.C. is in his second year covering the team after spending a year with Bucs Report as a writer, producer and show host. Some of his other interests include barbecuing, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. His favorite Buccaneer of all time is Simeon Rice and believes he deserves a spot in Canton. Follow J.C. Allen on Twitter @JCAllenNFL.
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Steel Sharpening Steel.

3 months ago

BTW…what is that thing Arians is riding in…One Buc Golf Cart?

Reply to  mark2001
3 months ago

They could’ve, at least, put some spinners on that thing! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Mb Nfl Double Your First Deposit Football Team Vs Bucs Pewter 728x90 Jpg