Tom Brady is two days into Bucs’ mini-camp this season and hasn’t looked any worse for wear following offseason knee surgery. The star quarterback was clearly excited about his recovery when asked about it after Wednesday’s mini-camp practice.

“I feel really good,” Brady said. “Every player deals with different things. I never like to talk about injuries, I’m just a little bit old school in that way. You deal with them and then you just make the most of them. The good part is I’ll be able to commit a lot of time to other parts. I’m sure I’ll be faced with different adversities this year, but I had to spend a lot of time attending to that particular injury, which happens when you have something that you need to ultimately have surgery on to get fixed.”

Brady was already petitioning Bruce Arians for more reps in practice on Tuesday, as Arians wanted to limit his usage early on. It’s a good sign that Brady has shown no ill effects from the operation. He’s relied on the TB12 method in his rehab to recover over the past few months.

Most importantly, Brady believes he’s at the point where he doesn’t have to focus on rehabbing his knee. Better yet, he can put his attention towards getting better as a quarterback instead.

“I had my knee surgery and that was about 15 weeks ago, today,” Brady said. “I’m really happy with my rehab process. It’s been great communication, Alex [Guerrero] and I have worked really hard to try and get back to full speed to get what I need to do to improve. It’s been a good process of learning and I feel like I’m there. From this point to the beginning of training camp, I really feel like I can work on football improvement as opposed to getting back to a rehab place when you’re more baseline.”

Arguably the biggest reveal that Brady mentioned on Wednesday was that his knee injury went back longer than we thought. Initially the rationale was that his knee injury accumulated from playing another 20-game season. But it turns out that the issues began around a year ago, not long after Brady arrived in Tampa Bay. This year, a fully healthy Brady will be able to do even more than he did a season prior. By the way, that included winning Super Bowl LV with the Bucs.

“It was an injury I dealt with since last April, May,” Brady said. “I knew I would have to do something at the end of the year, I’m happy I did it. It was probably something that certainly needed to be done and there was a great outcome so I’m very happy about that. I feel I’ll be able to do some different things this year that I wasn’t able to do last year.”

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10 days ago

Great news! An Even better TB12.

10 days ago

And like the professional he is, he never complained or used it as an excuse when this team was 7-5. A better Brady is an even better bucs team this year

Last edited 10 days ago by chefboho
Reply to  chefboho
10 days ago

Just what the other 31 teams and their fans wanted to hear! LOL!

10 days ago

A new and improved version of TB12. Just in time for the new season.

10 days ago

LoL tom Brady wasn’t even healthy, joined a new team for the first time ever in his 20 year career, had to learn a new offense, and still win a super bowl in a pandemic year. There is no greater football player than Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.

Last edited 10 days ago by PissedOffBuc1988