The Bucs fell to 5-9 on the year after a 20-12 loss at Baltimore and were officially eliminated from the 2018 playoff race. That loss kept Tampa Bay in the top 10 with regards to the 2019 NFL Draft order with two games left.

The Bucs are currently tied for eighth in draft order with the New York Giants, who have an identical record and strength of schedule. Although the Giants beat the Bucs earlier in the season, the result of head-to-head matchups don’t factor into draft pick order.

As Tampa Bay heads to Dallas for this weekend’s game to face the NFC East division-leading Cowboys, Bucs fans will need to keep an eye on these games when it comes to Tampa Bay having a better draft order next April:

• Root for the Cardinals (3-11) over the Rams (11-3)
• Root for the Raiders (3-11) over the Broncos (6-8)
• Root for the Jets (4-10) over the Packers (5-8-1)
• Root for the 49ers (4-10) over the Bears (10-4)
• Root for the Jaguars (4-10) over the Dolphins (7-7)
• Root for the Falcons (5-9) over the Panthers (6-8)
• Root for the Lions (5-9) over the Vikings (7-6-1)
• Root for the Giants (5-9) over the Colts (8-6)
• Root for the Bills (5-9) over the Patriots (9-5)
• Root for the Bengals (6-8) over the Browns (6-7-1)

Here is a look at the current 2019 NFL Draft order:

1. Arizona (3-11)
2. Oakland (3-11)
3. NY Jets (4-10)
4. San Francisco (4-10)
5. Jacksonville (4-10)
6. Atlanta (5-9)
7. Detroit (5-9)
T8. Tampa Bay (5-9)
T8. NY Giants (5-9)
10. Buffalo (5-9)
11. Green Bay (5-8-1)
12. Carolina (6-8)
13. Denver (6-8)
14. Cincinnati (6-8)

Here is a look at the remaining schedules for the teams that currently have Top 12 picks in the 2019 NFL Draft. Games that pit teams with 6-8 records or worse against each other are in bold.

1. Arizona’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. LA Rams (11-3)
At Seattle (8-6)
Notes: The Cardinals are expected to lose out to finish 3-13 and could wind up with the top overall draft pick as a result.

2. Oakland’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. Denver (6-8)
At Kansas City (11-3)
Notes: The Raiders seem destined to stay inside the Top 5 in terms of a 2019 first-round pick and have a 3-13 or 4-12 finish staring them in the face.

3. New York Jets’ Remaining Schedule
Vs. Green Bay (5-8-1)
At New England (9-5)
Notes: The Jets moved up from No. 5 to No. 3 with last week’s loss and could stay in the Top 5 with another loss or two to end the year.

4. San Francisco’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. Chicago (10-4)
At LA Rams (11-3)
Notes: San Francisco’s win over Denver last week was costly as the 49ers slid from the top overall draft pick to the No. 4 spot with two tough games to go.

5. Jacksonville’s Remaining Schedule
At Miami (7-7)
At Houston (10-4)
Notes: The Jaguars’ meltdown continues, as it looks likely they will finish 4-12 and wind up with a Top 5 pick.

6. Atlanta’s Remaining Schedule
At Carolina (6-8)
At Tampa Bay (5-9)
Notes: The Falcons showed some signs of life in beating a bad Cardinals team and have two winnable games against the Panthers and Bucs on the horizon.

7. Detroit’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. Minnesota (7-5-1)
At Green Bay (5-7-1)
Notes: Detroit is sliding back inside the Top 10, but there is a chance the Lions could split the remaining games and wind up outside again.

TIE-8. Tampa Bay’s Remaining Schedule
At Dallas (8-6)
Vs. Atlanta (5-9)
Notes: The Bucs are tied with the Giants for the eighth pick, will likely lose at Dallas, but have a chance of beating the Falcons in the 2018 finale.

TIE-8. New York Giants’ Remaining Schedule
At Indianapolis (8-6)
Vs. Dallas (8-6)
Notes: The Giants, who are tied with the Bucs in terms of record and strength of schedule, will be lucky to win another game this year.

10. Buffalo’s Remaining Schedule
At New England (9-5)
Vs. Miami (7-7)
Notes: Buffalo could land outside the Top 10 if it could win one more game with New England and Miami on deck to finish the season.

11. Green Bay’s Remaining Schedule
At NY Jets (4-10)
Vs Detroit (5-9)
Notes: The Packers lost to Chicago last week, but have a chance to finish with a 7-8-1 record with winnable games coming against the Jets and Lions.

12. Carolina’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. Atlanta (4-10)
At New Orleans (12-2)
Notes: The Panthers are in free fall and have lost six straights. With Cam Newton done for the year, the Panthers could easily wind up 6-10.

13. Denver’s Remaining Schedule
At Oakland (3-11)
Vs. LA Chargers (11-3)
Notes: The Broncos will likely be looking for a new head coach next year, especially with a loss at Oakland on Monday Night Football.

14. Cincinnati’s Remaining Schedule
At Cleveland (6-7-1)
At Pittsburgh (8-5-1)
Notes: The Bengals were surprise winners last week with backup QB Jeff Driskell, but will likely fall in back-to-back road games against division winners.

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  1. Aren’t we ahead of the Giants do to losing to them?

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    • they do strength of schedule as a tie breaker for the draft

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  2. If we win I’m happy; if we lose I’m happy. It’s a win-win thing for me with these next two games.

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    • For me, if we beat the Cowboys I’m happy. I don’t care if we win or lose to the Falcons but I just want the Cowboys to lose!

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  3. Bucs finish 5-11, get a top 8 pick.

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    • again….goes the broken record…

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  4. Not this time Jason Licht. The time has come. The empty card board box will be left out front of your office door.

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  5. Will the Bucs trade up to get a better Kicker? Asking for a friend…

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  6. I’m rooting for the Bucs to win both games. Whether we pick in the top ten or the top 15 will be of little consequence. It’s who we pick, not when we pick, that counts most. Not all rookies of the year are top ten choices. The biggest question is who will be doing the picking?

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    • I couldn’t care less about drafting a rookie of the year. Doug Martin was a rookie of the year candidate. Neither Warren Sapp nor Derrick Brooks we’re close to Rookie of the Year candidates.
      Who would you rather have the next Doug Martin or the next Sapp or Brooks?

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      • Point was that there is no guarantee that the earlier Draft opportunity brings greater results. Granted, that the first year’s performance (good of bad) may not continue throughout a player’s career. Lot’s of examples.

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