The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won their fifth game of the year with an upset of Carolina, winning back-to-back games for the first time since the team’s 2-0 start to the season. The Bucs improved to 5-7 on the year and matched last year’s win total with four games remaining, but continued to lose ground on having a higher draft pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Bucs head coach Dirk Koetter and general manager Jason Licht want to rack up the wins and pick as far away from the top 10 as possible in order to save their jobs, while some Tampa Bay fans don’t see the difference between a 5-11 record and 7-9 record except for the draft order next April.

Tampa Bay is one of two teams that have 5-7 record – Cincinnati is the other – and fell outside the top 10 with Sunday’s victory over Carolina. Here is a look at the current 2019 NFL Draft order:

1. Oakland (2-10)
2. San Francisco (2-9)
3. NY Jets (3-9)
4. Arizona (3-9)
5. Detroit (4-8)
6. Atlanta (4-8)
7. NY Giants (4-8)
8. Buffalo (4-8)
9. Jacksonville (4-8)
10. Green Bay (4-7-1)
11. Cleveland (4-7-1)
12. Tampa Bay (5-7)

Here is a look at the remaining schedules for the teams that currently have Top 12 picks in the 2019 NFL Draft. Games that pit teams with 4-8 records or worse against each other are in bold.

1. Oakland’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. Pittsburgh (7-3-1)
At Cincinnati (5-7)
Vs. Denver (6-6)
At Kansas City (10-2)
Notes: The Raiders appear on course to have a Top 3 pick. It’s hard to see Oakland winning another game or two with the remaining schedule.

2. San Francisco’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. Denver (6-6)
Vs. Seattle (7-5)
Vs. Chicago (8-4)
At LA Rams (11-1)
Notes: Based upon this remaining schedule, the 49ers win contend for the top overall pick or at least stay in the top 3.

3. New York Jets’ Remaining Schedule
At Buffalo (4-8)
Vs. Houston (9-3)
Vs. Green Bay (4-7-1)
At New England (9-3)
Notes: It’s not inconceivable that the Jets lose their remaining games and finish with a Top 3 selection.

4. Arizona’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. Detroit (4-8)
At Atlanta (4-8)
Vs. LA Rams (11-1)
At Seattle (7-5)
Notes: The Cardinals won at Green Bay and could move out of the top 10 as their next two opponents have losing records.

5. Detroit’s Remaining Schedule
At Arizona (3-9)
At Buffalo (4-8)
Vs. Minnesota (6-5-1)
At Green Bay (4-7-1)
Notes: The Lions have a couple winnable games ahead and seem primed to finish 6-10.

6. Atlanta’s Remaining Schedule
At Green Bay (4-7-1)
Vs. Arizona (3-9)
At Carolina (6-6)
At Tampa Bay (5-7)
Notes: The Falcons have the schedule to make a move outside of the Top 10 and finish 7-9 with a strong finish.

7. New York Giants’ Remaining Schedule
At Washington (6-5)
Vs. Tennessee (6-6)
At Indianapolis (6-6)
Vs. Dallas (6-5)
Notes: The Giants have shown some signs of life and are one of the few teams that could claw their way out of a Top 10 draft pick and finish 6-10 or 7-9.

8. Buffalo’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. NY Jets (3-9)
Vs. Detroit (4-8)
At New England (9-3)
Vs. Miami (6-6)
Notes: The Bills have been an enigma all season, yet they could on a run at the end of the season with three teams with records of .500 or lower.

9. Jacksonville’s Remaining Schedule
At Tennessee (6-6)
Vs. Washington (6-5)
At Miami (6-6)
At Houston (9-3)
Notes: The Jaguars have some winnable games coming up, but they could also stay inside the top 10. Who knows?

10. Green Bay’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. Atlanta (4-8)
At Chicago (8-4)
At NY Jets (3-9)
Vs Detroit (4-8)
Notes: The Packers fired Mike McCarthy after losing to the Cardinals at home, but have some winnable games ahead that could keep them out of the top 10.

11. Cleveland’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. Carolina (6-6)
At Denver (6-6)
Vs. Cincinnati (5-7)
At Baltimore (7-5)
Notes: Cleveland have a chance to sweep Cincinnati with another win over the Browns, and could continue the Panthers’ losing streak, which would keep Cleveland out of the top 10.

12. Tampa Bay’s Remaining Schedule
Vs. New Orleans (10-2)
At Baltimore (7-5)
At Dallas (7-5)
Vs. Atlanta (4-8)
Notes: The Bucs got an unlikely win against Carolina, but face a challenge with three teams with winning records on deck. They have slipped outside the Top 10 draft order, but will they slide back in

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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]


  1. The heck with the draft order, I’d much prefer the Bucs establish a culture of winning!

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  2. Draft order is of no consequence unless you have a target. And you have no way of assuring who you get unless you’re picking first. Last year those targets might have been RB Saquon Barkley, DE Bradley Chubb, or OG Quenton Nelson. I have no idea who that would be in the 2019 draft. I say play to win and let the draft pick fall where it may. With the success the Bucs have had with their last few first or second round picks, does it really matter where they pick? You decide!

    Rating: +17. From 19 votes.
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  3. To hell with “Draft Order,” If ya haven’t noticed every game with exception of 2 have been all out battles. Love comments that include “Winning Culture,” “Play to Win,” And Professor macabre’s comment,”Draft order is of no consequence unless you have a target.” The draft is what you do in the offseason.

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  4. Gotta agree with the tone of the comments above me… AWESOME! I love it! GO BUCS!

    Rating: +4. From 4 votes.
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  5. It’s a poor draft year for quarterbacks so don’t expect a lot of trading. In fact the only sure pic in the top five is Nick Bosa. There are some good pass-rushers coming out this year and this draft is deep at DT and DE. I know Edge rusher isn’t our biggest need but if an elite one is available you grab him. There should also be some decent CBs available in the mid rounds like Greedy Williams or DeAndre Baker.

    As far as o line help it’s a horrible draft I don’t think a lineman will be taken until the second round

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  6. We still have a long shot at the playoffs, so im not thinking draft yet. Ill continue rooting for wins until the season is lost, then its tanking time.

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  7. Draft is a crap shoot. Lets win as many as we can.

    Also @ PR

    I would love to see a very similar format for the Playoff hunt since the Bucs are techinically “in the hunt”

    Show me the order, upcoming games for teams above the bucs and who we want to win or lose to provide the best path. This would be an excellent segment to add.

    If the Bucs beat the Saints than its def time to get serious

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  8. I agree that we should fight to win every game. I don’t necessarily think winning out and reaching 9-7 is going to guarantee a playoff spot. Besides, I don’t think that winning all of our remaining games is probable with the way this season has gone so far.

    I also think that getting to the playoffs is not the goal anyhow. There is only one goal. Make it to the “big dance” and bring home the Vince Lombardi Trophy to One Buc Place. This is the only goal. Getting to the playoffs is only important if you think we have a real shot at achieving our main goal.
    JohnGaltsGhost , thanks for the thoughts on possible first round picks. Though I was hoping for some help on the OL we may have to try to get it through a trade or somehow obtain it in free agency I guess.
    Go Bucs!!!!!

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    • Senior, that is always the goal to make it to the big dance but you have to have little goals to strive for in order to achieve the big goal. Lets start with a win again against the Aints.

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  9. Draft order is fine. What I’m truly concerned with is..this organizations determination to want to become a a winning organzation. I wonder feels to view your team every single Sunday knowing..your team has about an 80% chance of winning? There are about 8 teams in this league that have that feeling every Sunday. I want US to be one of those teams. Right now, we watch our Bucs..Hopin, prayin and wishin we WIN. Thats not good enough. Buc owners need to start bringin in People who know how to build and Win. Sure Koetter will have a few 8-8..maybe even 9-7 seasons. But I’m not among those whi think He’s gonna be a true consistent winner. He’s sat us back a couple of years with his decsion not to fire his road dog Smitty after last season. GET US SOME KNOW HOW IN HERE..PLEASE!

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