The Bucs announced on Monday that the team has activated inside linebacker Devin White and interior defensive lineman Steve McLendon from the NFL’s reserve/COVID-19 list.

White and McLendon were both placed on the reserve list along with outside linebacker Shaq Barrett on Jan. 1, forcing all three defensive starters to miss the Bucs’ Week 17 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. While Barrett was activated prior to the Bucs’ Wild Card Round match-up with the Washington Football Team on Saturday, White and McLendon were both forced to miss their second consecutive contest as they remained on the list.

With both players now active and returning to the Bucs’ facility to resume team activities, they should both be ready to play against the New Orleans Saints in the NFC’s Divisional Round on Sunday.

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4 months ago

Bucs can use them.

4 months ago

Let’s hope the Bucs don’t set up in zone all night against the Saints, and Bowles mixes it up some to keep Brees off balance. If they do, he’ll pick us apart. It’s hard to beat a team 3 times in one season unless you refuse to change things up. I’m hoping the Bucs have held some things back this season on both offense and defense for a game like this. It’s going to be a different game then the two previous meetings, I’m sure of that. Go Bucs!

4 months ago

The Bears did some things early on that had the Saints ineffective offensively. Hopefully, the Bucs staff was paying attention.

4 months ago

The Saints are formidable, no question but this game is winnable. Fact: When the Bucs score 25 points or more we win, 24 points or less we lose. Keeping that in mind, all we need to do is have a plan to protect Tom Brady!!!! Which clearly we did NOT in our previous meeting. Mix up the play calling, screens, crossing patterns, end around, flea flickers, HB options, draw plays, etc. Keep our offense on the field, thus keeping their offense (and our pathetic Defense) off the field. 4 TDs & 2 FGs should be sufficient. We absolutely got outplayed… Read more »

Reply to  pokerpat12
4 months ago

Yup – our defense is so pathetic that it ended up ranked 8th in the league in points allowed, and the no. 1 in rush defense. Really pathetic.

4 months ago

This notion that the coaches can watch the Bears/Saints and copy the Bears initial gameplan is silly. They have totally different personnel. Also, the Saints adjusted in the 2nd half and basically blew the Bears out. Bucs will need to play THEIR game at its HIGHEST level. On defense, they will need to mix press man and zone. They will need to stop the run and Kamara on screens. On offense, they need to get rid of the ball quickly. Evans will be a decoy. Brown and Godwin will have to make plays. Gronk will stay in to block, like… Read more »

4 months ago

Glad their back! Now let’s play AGGRESSIVE DEFENSE!! GO BUCS!!

4 months ago

Our defense is now at full strength, but for Vita Vea lost months ago. Offense is good to go but for Alex Cappa, who was never our top offensive lineman anyway.
With all the gelling our offense has done since the bye, and the way they played against a top notch Washington defense, I’d say we’re about as ready as we can be for the Saints this weekend.

Reply to  Naplesfan
4 months ago

Think we saw how good Cappa has been when we got to compare him to Larson. I only hope Stinnie can do half as good as Cappa, because Larson was a complete zero.