Winning a Super Bowl not only has a positive impact on the players, but it affects the front office in a great way as well. The Bucs announced on Friday that they have given a promotion to numerous members within their organization.

Here are the following promotions:

Sean Conley – Pro Scout

Mike Greenberg – Vice President of Football Administration 

Duke Preston – Vice President of Player Engagement 

Shane Scannell – Assistant Director Pro Scouting 

Alex Smith – Assistant Director of Pro Scouting 

John Spytek – Vice President Of Player Personnel 

John Van Dam – Assistant Tight Ends Coach

The Bucs’ front office staff has been responsible for piecing together one of the most talented rosters you can find. They’ve done it in multiple ways as well, building the roster both through the draft, trades and in free agency.

Notable draft picks in recent years that this staff is responsible for are first round picks Vita Vea (2018) and Tristan Wirfs (2020), along with late round steals such as Scotty Miller as a sixth round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Tampa Bay has also made some spectacular free agent signings in recent years. This includes Shaq Barrett in 2019, who led the NFL that year with 19.5 sacks. It ended up breaking a Bucs’ franchise record.

Then last season, there was of course the signing of Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Leonard Fournette, leading to a Super Bowl LV victory as Tampa Bay earned their second career Super Bowl title in team history.

If that wasn’t good enough, the staff re-signed all of their free agents this offseason, making sure that all-22 starters would return from their championship winning team. You had prime contributors such as Lavonte David and Ndamukong Suh that they were able to get to stay in the Red and Pewter.

Congratulations to all of the front office members listed earlier on a well deserved accomplishment.

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18 days ago

I don’t know who that guy is in the photo but I have a tie just like his. Some of these promotions sound like the Bucs are giving out important titles without raises.

Reply to  drdneast
18 days ago

That’s Mike Greenberg, Tampa’s salary cap guru ( Smart move by Tampa to promote this guy that included a hefty salary increase (most likely), otherwise he’d be a highly desired commodity that other teams would latch onto quickly.

Hockey Duckie
Reply to  WeAretheChamps2002+2021
16 days ago


Reply to  drdneast
18 days ago

Maybe that tie of yours is worth more then you think!

Reply to  danielob
18 days ago

LOL. I doubt it. That’s probably more of a case of Greenburg fulfilling his professional role privately and being careful about how much he spends on his neckwear.

17 days ago

Smart to make Greenberg a VP–hold on to him as long as possible.
Jason (and BA) seems like he knows how to treat people, which will earn loyalty. QED.

17 days ago

Titles, and promotions are fine, but show me the money! I’m sure they were all well taken care of, and deservedly so.

17 days ago