Head coach Bruce Arians spoke to the media on Tuesday after a chance to watch the film and reevaluate the Bucs loss against the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football.

Read the full transcript below.

On Tampa Bay struggling against better teams
“I think, in this one, in the second half especially, we got ourselves out of manageable third downs. In the first half we were able to stay in good, manageable down and distances and completed a lot of third down balls to keep the chains moving. In the second half we did not and when we took shots we missed them so I think that they did a great job of staying in manageable third downs where we got them off the field and we didn’t. I think two things, we got a big turnover and kicked a field goal, they got a turnover and scored a touchdown. Big, big plays. The play before the half on the screen, those three points. In those types of games, those are the types of plays that will beat you.”

On Tom Brady possibly having a confidence problem, possibly calling his own plays
“We have Tom calling a lot of his own (plays) or picking his own on the sidelines from the game plan. I don’t think it’s a confidence problem whatsoever. It’s just still… it’s not a lack of trust, just lack of continuity in the offense and the whole picture.”

On Antonio Brown’s offensive usage and his lack of big plays
“He was open, we had one go off of his fingertips and I’m used to seeing him make that catch. We missed him last week on a ball so it’s just a matter of hitting him. He’s doing a great job of running after the catch and within his role I think that he’s doing a really good job, it’s just that when he’s gone deep we’re not hitting him.”

On the defense if Jamel Dean can’t play
“I’m comfortable with Ross (Cockrell), he does a good job. He’s a very, very bright guy, a very dependable guy. Our secondary for the first time, I thought we tackled as poorly as we’ve ever tackled in that ball game. Especially in the first half, we gave up like 70 yards run after the catch on five-yard routes and it’s like, that’s unBuc-like for us, I’m not used to seeing that. The second half we did a much better job of it and we’ve got to play like that the whole time, especially against this team.”

On if LeSean McCoy is an option going forward
“We look at every option every week. Leonard (Fournette) has never had any problem dropping the ball, he’s got excellent hands and he’s a little better protector so we’ll see how that goes.”

On if the drops were on the running backs on Monday
“The one to (Ronald Jones II) was not, that screen hadn’t even developed yet. We turned a guy loose on the right side with a mental error and we threw the screen way too fast. Leonard probably should have, he can catch two of those three, but Tom can throw a better ball too so it’s a combination of both.”

On how he balances not letting games get too big when they become must-win games
“It’s just a matter of preaching it every week that every game is a must-win at this point in time. We’ve put ourselves in a really good position to make the playoffs and each and every week now they just get ramped up more and more.”

On the struggles throwing the ball deep
“We’ve got the guys open, we’ve just missed them and there are times that coverage dictates that you go to that guy. I think that we can do a better job of utilizing the deep ball in our game plan more of or less of. Every and every week is so different but when they’re there we need to hit them, we can’t have them going off of our fingertips and we can’t overthrow them.”

On the struggles from the Bucs’ secondary recently
“It’s really frustrating because you’ve just got to tackle (Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp) and then don’t bust the coverage in the fourth quarter when they only send two guys out and they should have both been double-teamed. That ball should have never been completed.”

On if he’s seen anything wrong with Brady’s accuracy recently
“Other than the deep ball, I think he’s gotten confused a few times with coverage and that might be causing some inaccurate balls but I don’t see it in practice. We’re not missing the deep ball in practice, that’s for sure, so it’s just a matter of on Sundays hitting them.”

On what he’d say to criticism from former players
“Whatever they want. (Brady) can do anything. It’s not like he can’t do it, I see him do it all the time, he was doing it in September so it hasn’t changed.”

On Tristan Wirfs and the rest of the line against Aaron Donald
“I don’t think he had a tackle so I think they did a pretty good job and Tristan’s been playing really well all year. (Donald’s) played end, he’s played 3-technique, he’s played 1-technique, he’s played all over so yeah we were anticipating it. I thought he might be over the center more but I thought that our guys were well aware of where he was, we just didn’t block a couple of other guys too good a couple of times.”

On Brown not returning punts
“He was returning punts last week because we didn’t have anyone else. Everyone else was on the list of ineligible players. He can return them but I don’t really want him back there. Kenjon Barner’s had a great histroy of returning punts and kickoffs so he’ll handle that job.”

On if there is ever a time where a team has too much talent
“I don’t think there is such a thing. It’s better to have them all spring and all summer than it is to throw all them together in the middle of the season. When you don’t have a spring at all or any real training camp it’s hard on the quarterback, especially when you’ve done something for 20 years and then you throw all these guys at him. But I don’t think you can have too many good players, no. I think looking at the team coming in here this week I don’t think they have a problem with having too many really good players.”

On if having all of these new players is one of the issues with the continuity on offense
“I think that the lack of practice time and everything, learning everything from spring through camp is still showing up. But having Scotty (Miller) in there versus (Antonio Brown), I don’t think there’s a big difference as far as what we’re doing, it’s just Tom seeing different coverages every week, different defenses every week and managing a game plan that’s so much easier when you have all that practice time. When you have 3 or 400 reps with a guy it’s a big difference than having 20 or 30 in practice.”

On if this offense can still become a finished product by the end of the season
“I think each and every week’s different. Right now it’s just about trying to win a ball game, it’s not about what’s best to beat this next team. It’s not about, ‘Hey Byron (Leftwich), have the whole offensive playbook in,’ and all this and that. It’s just take this game plan and try and win this week and we’ll worry about all that next year.”

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5 months ago

Honest and optimistic. I would agree with coach that every game is a must win to have a shot at the division. To make the playoffs, they really only need to win 2 more games. Detroit and Atlanta should provide the needed wins for a playoff berth.

Reply to  BigSombrero
5 months ago

The division title is a pipe dream. The goal should be getting better……..period. A Wild Card slot was always the greatest odds, it’s going to happen and the challenge now is ironing out all the silly missteps that are holding the team back.

5 months ago

Probably looking at 10-6. Wildcard.Tough road. This team has to get healthy and gel quickly. Defense is a big weakness. Mahommes is going to carve us up. Don’t be surprised in they put up 50. This is not a Superbowl team. Hate to say it. Probably 1 and done in the playoffs

5 months ago

6 out of 66 plays had motion.

Reply to  eaustinyoung
5 months ago

Excellent point. We aren’t even attempting to try and fool anyone. That wouldn’t be fair. We just want to run fly routes and try an go deep. Not one of those WRs Brady threw deep to last night was what you would consider open. They didn’t even have a step on the DB..

Reply to  drdneast
5 months ago

I’ve been vocal about not believing in our GM. Unfortunately I have to extend that to our head coach. And at least one of our coordinators (though the other one has only had a few bright spots as well). Can’t believe these bozos think Brady should adapt to them instead of the other way around.