One day after the Bucs went on their first winning streak of the season, Bruce Arians continued to be extremely pleased with how the defense has come together recently following a film session of their 28-11 victory over the Jaguars.

With big plays made by the Bucs’ younger talent, Arians believes they have learned how to handle some of the bigger moments that happen in games. Here is a full transcript of Arians’ press conference with the media on Monday.

(Opening Statement)
“After watching the film, I think defensively we’re finally understanding situational football a lot better. Guys communication, short yardage, red zone, third down, it’s becoming really, really fun to watch and watching the growth. I like the way, obviously we’re rushing the passer extremely well for the last few weeks, but again on the back end we’re holding our guys. We’re covering our guys, the quarterback’s not having the quick throws, and when we are sacking him, we’re knocking the ball out of their hands. I think Larry Foote does a great job of teaching those guys when they turn the corner to find the ball and strip fumble. That part of it is the best thing I watched on film.

“Offensively, it was a great job of taking turnovers and turning them into points again, second half, having two, three, four, first downs and not getting any points. We were sitting right there at the 36 into the wind, I still think could have made that field goal, we go for it on fourth down, it’s a situation where Jameis, the curls are covered, throw it to the back. Just throw it out to the back and see if he can make the first down, don’t take that sack. Again, the growth process, we protected the ball pretty much all day except for when we missed the blitz pickup and he gets hit and fumbles. I thought our kicking game was extremely solid other than the one ball down the middle that got run back on us, that was just a great hit ball, but a poorly placed ball.”

(On Shaq Barrett potentially setting franchise records for sacks and forced fumbles, if one is more impressive to him)
“Probably the forced fumbles, because usually that’s a linebacker that’s a linebacker that’s hitting people like Lavonte has the record. For a guy that gets sacks and strips the ball, that’s a very rare guy. JPP has that knack also, but yeah, probably the strips.”

(On Barrett having a hot start in September, then a lull, but coming back recently, if there’s something that has gotten him back to form) 
“I think the addition of Jason Pierre-Paul and the way Vita’s playing and the way Suh is playing in the middle. I think having Carl inside, just having those guys around him, he’s not getting all the attention on the tight end and the chip, I think that’s helped him tremendously. And the back end has gotten better, coverage is a lot better.”

(On Barrett being two sacks away from tying Warren Sapp, being in a category like that)
“That’s iconic brother, yes indeed. And I don’t see it stopping any time soon. I think he’s a hungry young fella that even after he gets paid, it’s going to continue. He’s just continued to work on his craft getting slippier and slippier, I’m going to be shocked if he doesn’t break it.”

(On the strip sacks that the defensive line has been getting, if it’s coached or a mentality)
“It’s coached. We work on it constantly, turning the corner, turning the corner, where’s the ball? Is it up here? Is it down there? Find the ball but don’t miss the tackle. We have slipped off a few times going for fumbles when we should have just got the sack. If you’re not seeing the ball then you should just be tackling the guy. But it’s something that’s both, you have to have the skill level to do it, but it’s also coached.”

(On the rookies and second year players that Jason Licht has drafted showing that they have talent)
“That first and second year bunch on defense, that’s going to be fun for a long time. It’s going to be better and better, just add a piece or two or keep them together. I think the veterans that are over there are not old. Lavonte still looks like he’s a four year guy the way he’s flying around and Suh’s playing at a high level. Just keeping them all together and continue to grow.”

(On how big it was getting the reversal on the Breshad Perriman challenge)
“That was huge. The guy’s upstairs do a great job of giving me good information and they saw that one pretty quick, and he did a great job of sliding his toes like he’s taught. A lot of times that’s missed.”

(On so many young players getting turnovers recently and what it does for their confidence)
“It’s huge, once you do it you know you can. Devin, the sacks last week, the inteeption this week, the touchdown will be huge for him, his growth. Sean, the second time for him now, and all those kids are getting more and more. I think Mike Edwards is playing faster and faster, I hope to get Anthony Nelson back soon and get back out there, that whole group. Somebody just asked me, what rookie probably has had the most impact, of course I started naming all the guys and I forgot about Matt Gay, he’s probably had the most impact out of all of them. It’s been a great great group.”

(On how important Bradley Pinion’s punt was from the back of their end zone)
“Can’t say enough about it. It was a great great kick, great coverage and they hit us right in the back. Bradley’s been outstanding all year, but that was a huge field swap.”

(On how much Devin White was behind, and now leading the rookie class and the defense)
“I think with his injury, it really hurt him, it set him back probably six weeks before he could do that. He still was with them talking to the rookies, but when you’re not playing at that level, you can’t talk that level. Now you can back it up and he’s bringing it not only to the rookies now, it’s everybody.”

(On if Jamel Dean and Alex Cappa are in play for this week after their injuries)
“We’ll know more probably this afternoon. Jamel looked a little sore, don’t know what Caps is yet. Again, he probably played a quarter with it, didn’t say anything, I wish he would have said something because he was struggling a little bit.”

(On how important it was getting Carl Nassib back after he missed Friday with an illness)
“It’s huge, I think that’s the other thing. Those guys are fresh all the time, plus Carl can go inside and do damage against guards. Just his versatility and being able to have a great rotation, we have a good rotations of inside guys and now outside guys, and Sam jumped in there and got a sack fumble.”

(On the second touchdown – going for two after the penalty, if that’s a general rule for him)
“For me, if it’s on the one, we’re going, we’re not kicking. Very seldom has it happened for us, but if you jumped off, we’re definitely going straight for two points.”

(On Ronald Jones getting benched for missing a blitz pickup on Jameis Winston’s fumble, the importance of getting that right to keep Winston healthy)
“That was a fumble, we had the game in hand. It was something that had been switched the way we were going to block something because of their blitzes. He went to block the guy he used to block, and that wasn’t the plan. He works his ass off, he’s going to get better at it because we need him running the football, but you can’t run the football if you can’t protect the quarterback.”

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  1. We are going in the right direction

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  2. Liking how he builds the guys up during losses and the learning phase but now they are coaching more critically and raising expectations. Good strategy. He recognizes the importance of attitude and confidence within the team. Keep stacking.

    Rating: +24. From 24 votes.
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  3. We have beaten 2 very bad teams in a row. Still an impressive turn around from where we were a months ago.
    However, there are still holes in this team that need to be addressed. Our OL is hanging by a thread. And our use of TEs is pathetic. Winston is still turning over the ball way too much.
    Can’t say enough about the breakthrough with Dean (hope his injury is not serious) Bunting looks like he might actually be a player. IF we can address those things and the DL continues to apply pressure, next year looks promising. I am wondering who Bucs will Franchise next year. They have to keep Shaq Barret.

    Rating: -4. From 30 votes.
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  4. Not sure who penned this..I think it was the great Vince Lombardi..I could be wrong.
    “Offense wins games. But Great Defense..Wins Championships!”

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  5. Two good win’s. This week we will play Indy and they have a good O line and a mobile QB. If we can beat them it will be a good test to really see how good are defense is. Go Bucs

    Rating: +7. From 7 votes.
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  6. Could be like Dungy 96 season….played well at the end then 97 was the breakout year…let’s hope that is what’s happening.

    Rating: +8. From 10 votes.
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  7. Funny the difference couple weeks makes. Everyone here taking about blowing the whole thing up. Lol. Fire Arians! Fire Bowles and Licht. Hell fire Winston too. Some of the shit I read here gives me good laugh if nothing else.
    Maybe why we aren’t all NFL coaches and GM’s making millions lol.

    Two Decisive road wins Against teams that don’t suck. The falcons had just won’t two road gameS in a row against Saints and Panthers. Jags record isn’t great and had struggles but not a garbage team and any road win is tough.

    Anyways I kept saying they are close and believed it for first time in over a decade of watching this team just suck. They have challenges with cap etc, but overall I’m glad to have Arians and Bowles here. Also Licht has put together something that seems to be heading in the right direction for sure. His positives and way this team is shaping up definitely warranted his extension and working with Arians a few more years. I know so many hate him and convinced he sucks but I don’t agree.

    Rating: +4. From 10 votes.
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  8. Telling that Arians sees it too, “just add a piece or two”…we need to find a CB1 to bring this defense together…how good would it look with a guy of Patrick Peterson’s caliber in the secondary right now.

    Rating: -2. From 2 votes.
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  9. shame that Jones got blamed for that sack fumble… Smith as usual played lazy and let the rusher run right around him and OJ Howard lacked awareness and let the blitzing DB run right by him without touching him at least Joes got a hat on one of the two blitzers

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