It was Ndamukong Suh’s first practice as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer on Tuesday, coinciding with the first of three mandatory mini-camp practices for the Bucs. This meant that Bruce Arians had every player present for the first time, which saw a rise in intensity.

One reason that the Bucs signed Suh was for the intensity or “fire” that he brings, and Arians would like to see some other players catch it. After day one of mandatory mini-camp that saw a tug of war type of battle for who had the upper hand between the offense and defense, Arians took to the podium after practice to address questions regarding the Bucs.

Here is full transcript from his press conference after practice.

Opening statement
“I’m really pleased with this practice. There’s a lot of effort, a lot of attention to detail, the defense had some moments, the offense had some moments, so the Bucs win. It’s never good when one side or the other wins the whole practice, no problems were designed.”

On getting Ndamukong Suh out here.
“It was good, he came out and jumped right in. Very, very, smart guy.”

On Ndamukong Suh potentially being a leader on this team
“Leadership is something you earn. He’s been here a day or two, he’s got a reputation so, you can’t ignore it.”

On Mike Edwards interception in practice
“I think the ball hit the ground, but that’s okay (speaking of his interception). He’s doing really really well, I’m glad to see him jump up and run with it, maybe they’ll have to challenge it. He’s doing really really well.”

On Jameis Winston’s decision making and turnovers
“As far as throwing interceptions, I want to see where we’re throwing balls down the field and learn from it. Do I get upset with interceptions? Always, but not today, we had some new things going in against different coverages, second and third reads, a lot of second and third players out there that weren’t necessarily in the right spots. So I don’t get upset about that.”

On what he’s seen from DeMarkus Lodge
“Both he and Johnson really did well on the other field. So with injuries, they got a chance to get up on field one. They’ve looked really really good, they’re tall, they’re fast, they feel comfortable now so they’re running a lot faster. They look really good.”

On if he’s already seen Suh hit it off
“I didn’t really watch him to tell you the truth. I didn’t know when he was in and out, I was watching some other things, I don’t really think I had to watch him. When we put pads on I’ll probably see him more.”

On his thoughts regarding the preseason if if should be longer or if they should extend the regular season
“I think you have a 90 man-roster, four games is important for those last eight guys. That fourth game, they’re going to get all that exposure. There are teams that play their first guys, I think coach Belichick plays his guys in that fourth game. We’ll see where we’re at on who we play in that fourth game, but it’s really important for the bottom half of your roster. Do I think you need them in the first year with a rookie quarterback? Hell yeah, you really like them. But if you go to two and you draft a guy as a number one quarterback, that’s a lot of practice time and I lot of games that he don’t get to have to play with a rookie.”

On what ways are the this mandatory mini-camp different from OTAs
“Well it’s mandatory, and then just a little rise in intensity. Not a lot because you’re only in shorts and helmets and guys are getting too close to the quarterbacks head a couple times. We don’t want to get anybody hurt, but still compete.”

On if Ndamukong Suh plays with a little too much fire
“They’re ain’t enough fire in the world. Burn some guys around you.”

On if he’s been able to instill a certain culture here.
“I think it’s going well. The accountability, when I look at the assignment sheets and the penalty sheets, they’ve dwindled from the beginning. You expect a lot of them early, but now if you’re on there for four or five days in a row, we got a problem. You got two things, you’re either not smart enough to play or you give a shit meter don’t run hot enough, you’ve got to have one or the other to get off that sheet. I don’t determine practice, how good it went, got to go watch the film, grade it – we had 35 mental errors. You can all have the enthusiasm in the world, we’re going to lose.”

On if it’s bad to have that long of a time off between offseason practices and training camp
“Yes and no. I think everybody needs a little bit of a break. I’d really like to be able to handle having them work here on our field, with our trainers, with our strength staff, not with our coaches, but with them so they’re getting properly coached. Not going off to specialized places.

On when evaluating Ndamukong Suh how much did he lean on Todd Bowles after he looked at him in free agency
“A bunch, a bunch. I trust Todd’s evaluation as much as anybodys, so that was a big part of it.”

On if Justin Evans had another setback on his toe
“No, he just had another procedure that they want to let it calm down and keep it in a boot.”

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  1. That is awesome to hear rookie WR’s Johnson and Lodge are making the most of their opportunities.

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  2. And yes let the fire rise. This team needs to learn to finish games and win.

    Rating: +14. From 14 votes.
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  3. I know this is also mostly Coach Talk but this team is gonna be whipped into shape this year… Gonna look a whole lot more Organized, Confident and Fired Up… Can’t Wait for the Season!!!

    Rating: +9. From 9 votes.
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  4. For all the years Ive read these off season articles about running around in shorts and getting a first look at the new coaches and players, this time seems different. Much different.

    Rating: +13. From 13 votes.
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  5. And the comment “there ain’t enough fire in the world” is why mccoy is gone. He didn’t suck, he was a nice guy, he wasn’t lazy. He just didn’t have enough fire period and you can argue all you want to contrary it’s true and very obvious to anyone who is more than a casual fan.

    Rating: +10. From 10 votes.
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  6. Fredster you’re exactly right. The Bucs should have done with his contract what the Panthers did. His contract should have only ever been 13 million if he hit double digit sacks. He was a part of some sorry Bucs defenses, that’s hard to argue, but it’s not as much of a disservice to him as some people try to make it out to be. I think he enjoyed it because it wasn’t hard for him to be our best Dlineman because 9 Sacks and 6 Sacks was leading the way most of those years. So for him I feel like he was comfortable being the “Only Guy” because he could just sit back and have a good time and Self Admittedly practically disappear on the 4th Quarter. Sapp tried to tell him he needs to save some for the 4th Quarter and that was just never him. We need guys that will show up when everyone else is tired and come up with the big play when needed.

    That was my absolute favorite part about watching Monty Kiffens defenses was that when we were only up by 3 and the other team was crossing the 50 yard line I would say “We need a turn over right here” and countless times on top of countless times someone would show up and get that turnover or make that sack to stop them cold in their tracks. We need that again and this group is young but it seems hungry to prove themselves and earn their spot with this new Staff and I still promise you we will see a few guys shine this year in a way we never expected and hopefully it will set the pace for this team moving forward… Dammit I want the season to be here already!!!

    Rating: +6. From 6 votes.
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  7. Lee Roy Selmon was known as the “gentle giant”, not a lot of fire, but arguably the greatest Buc.

    Rating: +5. From 7 votes.
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  8. Lee Roy had plenty of fire! If you watched him in those early years. you would not question his [email protected]
    He played till the whistle blew. then he was the gentle giant.

    Rating: +7. From 7 votes.
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  9. Leroy Selmon is HOF and McCoy is not….I think Selmon played with Fire he just was quiet off field and not big taker on it.

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