In the midst of all the picks made on day three of the NFL draft, Bruce Arians took the time to speak with ESPN’s Trey Wingo on Saturday about the Bucs’ selections. Arians gave his thoughts on the players that the Bucs have now drafted, while also addressing why this team was the right fit for him to come back to.

Here is a full transcript of Arians’ conversation with Wingo during his appearance on ESPN:

On their draft selections so far, and taking a kicker in the fifth round
“That was our offensive guy, we need to score more points. We needed some help defensively and we’re really pleased with our guys.”

On what made Devin White the right choice at five
“He’s so versatile. You know, you think about people talking about outside pass rushers, this guy can get on the edge, he can rush. We pressure a lot up the middle. No quarterback likes pressure up the middle, and this guy can bring pressure up the middle. We have some backs in our division – Christian McCaffrey, Alvin Kamara – that we can match up with and Devin can do all those things for us. He’s a very versatile player.”

On what attracted him to corners Sean Bunting and Jamel Dean
“Both these guys have length, good ball skills and are man to man press corners. Sean can go in there and play nickel, Jamel, these guys have length and they competed in the best conference at Auburn. Both these guys I think will be great additions early for us.”

On his first year with Jameis Winston, what he wants to see from him
“Just more consistency, regardless of the other team, make better decisions. The athletic ability is there, the arm is there, and hopefully with the defensive picks we won’t be playing from 20 behind all the time.”

On if there’s another selection coming for a guy with speed that Jameis Winston can throw it to
“The speed that we have at receiver is outstanding already. You never know, or who’s available, but yeah, I’m always looking for speed.”

On what about this job made him want to coach again
“Well for me, traveling around and broadcasting last year, I think I was on week eight. I went to that Friday practice and a defensive back messed up and I started to coach, I was like ‘woah, I need to take a step back.’ And then the itch started happening again. Jason Licht being a good friend, the Glazer family being unbelievable owners, everything just fell into place. They had a quarterback that I really really respect and like, so all the stars aligned and I’m just really excited about it.”

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  1. Really Bruce the Glaziers such great owners what you meant to say their father was a great owner, the kids are taking this team dead last and kept it there for ten over ten years really Bruce The Glazzers great owners.
    I thought you always told it the way it was PR guy to go with stupid hat

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  2. I’m trying not to be overly pessimistic but I’ve heard all of that so many times before:
    – a kicker will make all the difference (Aguayo)
    – second round corners with length, ball skills (like Jonathan Banks)
    – Jameis just needs to make better decisions and he’ll be great (a Dirk quote)
    – our receivers are so fast (I believe it was “DJax is the fastest receiver in the league”)

    The reality is our team got worse this offseason- a lot worse – and we only won 5 games the last two years. A 5 win season may be a stretch now…we’re seriously counting on the rest of the division dropping off big time as our primary hope. Ouch!

    Rating: -12. From 28 votes.
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  3. Come on EastEnd, BA has been successful everywhere he has gone. The biggest difference in the 2019 Bucs and the 2018 Bucs will be the new leadership so I take umbrage with your characterization of our 2019 Buccaneers. Jesus Christ…..give this man and his staff a chance.

    Rating: +13. From 21 votes.
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    • Jesus will give him all the chances he wants, I just don’t know about the PR posters!

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  4. Let me put it this way:

    Unless you think White is going to have the best rookie season of a MLB in history, his 2019 will be a downgrade from Kwon, who piloted is to 5 wins in 2018 and the start of another 5 wins in 2019 before getting hurt.

    Unless you think one of these 2nd/3rd round DBs is going to catch lightning in a bottle, they are all depth for 2019 behind starters that contributed to the worst secondary in the league last year.

    Unless you think this late round WR is some gem that every GM missed, or you think that Perriman on his 4th chance will finally make good, then we’re worse at WR.

    I’m not sure how the cap math is going to work with GMC on the roster but if we don’t figure out how to keep him then Beau Allen is your replacement.

    Unless you think the veteran journeyman RG they brought in was somehow overlooked as a stalwart guard, we still have the same gaping hole on our OLIne that made it one of the worst in the league.

    D Bucannon is arguably the most impactful addition to our roster for 2019.

    The argument that it’s all going to be great rests entirely (100% entirely) on a view that Dirk Koetter was terrible and BA is amazing….because our talent is way down.

    I hope you’re right, but I’ve seen a lot of coaches come and go and as Dirk himself said, “every team in the NFL is doing the same things. There are no secrets or plays we run that nobody else does. It comes down to how well the players run, pass, catch, hit and tackle”.

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  5. Talk is incredibly cheap. After this draft, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Rating: +10. From 10 votes.
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  6. I’m happy if BA, his staff and Licht are happy. I couldn’t predict this was the way the draft would shake out. I had heard Bunting’s name to us in some mocks. Devin White to us was widely known and I’ve been excited about that even thru all the mocks. But that’s it. The draft is a surprise to me. But it still makes sense to me too.

    It’s obvious our defense needed the most attention. We were a last place defense in many categories so it was a necessity to have better coaching and better players…. a better defensive scheme and better system fits with the players. Looks like we got that.

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  7. God help us! But you never know. We can pull a miracle out of our hat and get 9-7 or 10-6. It has happened only a few times since the Chucky and Dungy years. But it can happen for one year. Even so we still end up missing the wild card. It can happen like a freak situation; then the following year we come back down to earth really hard.

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  8. We all hate drafting a kicker but it sure sucks not having one. DBs are the way to go, and drafting these three will go a long way to get us back on top of the South. B

    Rating: +8. From 10 votes.
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  9. Our defensive backfield will be aggressive and well coached and we will jam receivers which will give our defensive front and linebackers more time to get to the QB. We will have more creative blitzes to throw off the timing of opposing QBs and cause turnovers. So we should not be dropping behind by 20 points and we will have a Place Kicker to win games with 50-60 yard field goals. What we did not get is a powerful 3 down back to block for Jameis. But BA may be able to convert Obowgunwale into one. He can run pretty well and has some power too along with quickness.

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  10. Ogunbowale is 213 Lbs and caught 36 passes one year at Wisconsin so must have good hands for outlet passes on third down. He also averaged 5.6 yards a carry one year at Wisconsin and returned kicks for us last year some. Just needs some blocking training this year and watch film each week to learn how to recognize blitzes. With proper training he will be a huge upgrade over the shrimp trying to block blitzes last year.

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  11. We also didn’t sign a Guard or Offensive Tackle in the draft but Gator Tackle/Guard Martez Ivey needs to be signed as an unsigned free agent by Licht right now. He was great in the Ga. game and the Peach Bowl and was a five star recruit. He could be the answer at RG and later be able to play RT when Dotson retires. He was a starter for four years at FL and got great strength training from Savage who used to prepare players for Urban Meyer at Ohio State.

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