The Bucs fell to the Saints in embarrassing fashion on Sunday night, losing to New Orleans by a final score of 38-3 and moving to 6-3 on the season. The loss also leaves Tampa Bay in second place in the division as they head into a Week 10 match-up with the Carolina Panthers.

Bruce Arians spoke to the media following the loss. Read the full transcript below.

(On how surprising the Bucs’ play was)
“It was shocking. To watch us practice the way that we practiced all week, the confidence that we had coming in. We have to go back and look in the mirror, coaches, players, everybody. From yesterday to today. Another where we go three-and-out and give up a touchdown. In the second half when we got the turnover and didn’t score a touchdown I thought that was the end of it right then and there. I have to give New Orleans credit, they kicked our ass in every phase.”

(On the pressure they put on Tom Brady)
“The pressure helps but when you’re down 28, you’re not running the ball and the pressure’s coming. It’s still no excuse for interceptions but he was getting hit and it’s definitely not on him.”

(On the Bucs’ performance in prime time games this year)
“It’s one of the things that we have to look at because it’s what we just addressed in the locker room. We’ve stunk in those games. We won one of them, we should have won the other one but we didn’t and this one we just basically handed it to them.”

(On the mood in the locker room)
“Everybody’s pissed off but it’s too late now. We have to get ready for Carolina.”

(On not letting this game carry over to next week)
“It can’t carry over to Wednesday. This has to be gone by Monday and hit the practice field to get ready for Carolina.”

(On the Bucs’ worst games of the season coming against better teams)
“That’s how you’re usually judged. We were pretty good against Green Bay and pretty poor against New Orleans.”

(On keeping Brady in the game so late)
“Just to get points on the board, he’s the quarterback.”

(On Mike Evans being so limited)
“Part of it’s scheme, part of it’s reading out some things that Mike was open on and just finding him. Still learning the offense in some spots but we’ve got to do a better job.”

(On if the Bucs needed to balance the pass and run more in this game)
“Not [when you trail by] 28. We were in the two-minute offense pretty quick in this one because we were only going to get so many possessions and we had to throw the football. Obviously we have to protect better when you have to throw the football like that.”

(On the absence of Ali Marpet)
“If you grade the film I don’t think that Joe [Haeg] was poor, I think the fact that it was a known passing situation every play and they were bringing five and everybody had a single block. It’s the type if situation that you never want to put your quarterback in that we out him in.”

(On kicking a field goal down 38)
“It wasn’t too tough, it was like fourth-and-20 and we needed to get some points for sure. Had it been fourth-and-manageable, 10 or less, we would have gone for it.”

(On what you prioritize cleaning up after a game like this)
Everything. Everything. Offense, defense, special teams. They ran the ball against us and we’re not used to see that against anybody. Same thing offensively, falling behind, turning the ball over, the field position game was terrible again in the first half.”

(On the amount of zone defense and four-man rushes the Bucs ran)
“The game plan today was to try to play more and more zone and get our front four home.”

(On miscommunications with receivers)
“I’ll have to go back and watch it on the film because some routes adjust different ways and Tom and the receivers might not have read it the same so we’ll just have to look at the film.”

(On his level of concern on the play from both lines, the absence of Vita Vea and Marpet)
“Obviously Vita’s big but it was disturbing. I think Joe Haeg probably played OK but the game kind of led its way to no running and you’re not going to win many games losing the line of scrimmage on both sides.”

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5 months ago

Sean Payton at half time on Bowles game plan, “I was genuinely surprised they were that stupid. I honestly didn’t expect them to be that dumb (sic)”

It’s worse because I am genuinely not being hyperbolic.