Quarterback Jameis Winston became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for back-to-back 450-yard games in the Bucs’ 38-17 victory over the Detroit Lions on Sunday, despite starting the game without Mike Evans and Donovan Smith while losing Chris Godwin and Scotty Miller along the way.

The defense did there part as well, limiting the Lions’ damage before rookie Sean Murphy-Bunting returned home to Michigan in a big way, sealing the game with a pick-six late in the fourth quarter.

Bruce Arians spoke to the media following Tampa Bay’s victory. Read the full transcript below.

(Opening statement)
“There’s always an ebb and a flow in a ball game. We kind of gave up two broken plays, got them down there, but them our defense, I thought, really rebounded well. Obviously Sean [Murphy-Bunting] get the pick-six and pretty much puts it on ice. We get another stop and then Jameis hits Breshad [Perriman]. Obviously Chris [Godwin] is down with another hamstring, Scotty [Miller] got a hamstring injury when he scored his touchdown. Can’t say enough about the guys. [Ishmael Hyman] jumped in there, caught a big first down play. [Tanner Hudson] we’ll see, he has a head injury, but he made a big play. Other than… Throw an interception, get this (expletive) over with, let’s go win the game. I thought Jameis played really, really well. He saw the hot [read], it was a little bit late and the guy made a good play on it.”

(On if Winston stacking up good performances makes a future decision about him easier)
“There’s more good than bad and that’s what we’ve been looking for the whole time. The biggest thing, for me, is that we didn’t give up any points. We turned the ball over inside the 50 this time and nothing. The defense is starting to grow up a little bit, sudden-change defense and protecting him a little better.”

(On people stepping up following injuries)
“I think, with the injuries that occured in-game, I can’t enough about the guys. Like I said, I don’t care what your jersey number is, when you have that Buccaneers logo on your helmet there is an expectation level of your play when you step out on the field whether you were on the practice squad last week or if you’ve been a backup tackle or a backup noseguard. The level of expectation doesn’t change, get out there and do something to win the game.”

(On Perriman’s performances the past few games)
“I’m surprised it took this long, I really am. I guess with Chris and Mike [Evans] having the years that they’ve had it’s hard but he had a great ball game. That last one was a great throw and catch. We had him earlier and we got hit right when we’re ready to go get him. I thought he had a long one, a 99-yarder, but yeah, I can’t say enough about him.”

(On the offensive line committing two penalties early and calming down)
“There’s always some butterflies early and I didn’t see the block in the back but they obviously saw it.”

(On what’s lead to this four-game win streak)
“Everything. The way we’re practicing, the way we’re performing on Sundays. It’ll be a big test now, we’ll see who’s left with Houston after a short week.”

(On the surge of injuries)
“We’ll be talking a lot to our sports science people about it. Maybe I’ve overworked them in practice, the receivers, because we need the reps. Our quarterback needs the reps so we run a little bit more this time of the year than I would probably like to but we need the reps.”

(On the pain level of Winston’s thumb)
“I think there’s some discomfort, I don’t know how much pain but there’s discomfort. He got used to the glove real quick and the guys did a great job of making that thing for him.”

(On Murphy-Bunting’s interception)
“That was a huge, huge play. They kept throwing to the guys that can’t catch. They finally threw one to the guy that can catch and it went to the house. I mean [Jamel] Dean’s got the easiest pick-six he’s ever going to get, it goes through his hands, Carlton [Davis] waves at one. But yeah, it was a big, big play in the game.”

(On when they knew Winston would be good to play)
“It was Friday. Watching him in Friday’s practice with the glove and the brace and the fact that he wanted to play speaks volumes about him.”

(On Shaq Barrett tying Warren Sapp’s franchise sack record)
“We had about eight more sacks out there that we let go, but [David Blough] did a great job of scrambling. That’s a huge record, I don’t think we can overlook that one at all. That’s big time.”

(On Ndamukong Suh’s sack)
“We came off of the edge and it looks like both guys missed and they finally pushed him into Suh and he got him on the ground. I thought he was going to get the ball out but he didn’t get a penalty, that’s good.”

(On what four straight wins means to him)
“It’s everything. What we’re trying to do, finish out on a very positive note. With all the guys that had to step up in this ball game, especially offensively, it means a ton.)

(On an update about Godwin’s injury)
“It doesn’t look good.”

(On Donovan Smith’s injury)
“He was close today. Ali [Marpet] bullrushed him and he couldn’t handle it so that was it.”

(On Barrett’s future)
“He ain’t going anywhere.”

(On Winston’s performance with a fractured thumb)
“I thought it was fantastic. Just give them one and let’s go play and let’s win the game. That first quarter was lights out. Every ball was on the money so I can’t say enough about it.”

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  1. Bucs HC Arians has been a rock solid foundation for the 2nd youngest team in the NFL. They are responding well and are playing with confidence.

    Go Bucs!

    Rating: +43. From 43 votes.
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  2. Absolutely delighted the team is winning.
    Such a better good feel for me and I’m sure others too! Go Bucs!

    Rating: +32. From 32 votes.
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  3. I don’t envy Jason Licht after the season’s over. With Coach Arians’ assistance, he’s going to have to figure out who they keep and who they let go. Several players I thought would be an easy decision to let go Or trade suddenly are not, Perriman first among them.

    Rating: +22. From 22 votes.
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    • I agree. It makes this a very interesting offseason. I’d really love for them to keep most of the dline intact. Hopefully they can get some players to restructure their contracts. Such as Brate or Jensen. We will lose some good ones but you obviously have to keep Jameis, Barrett, Sue, and Nassib. Hopefully jpp if available. I just enjoy seeing this team grow so much that I hate the idea of loosing some of these guys that are developing under Arians

      Rating: +15. From 15 votes.
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  4. Yes! Difficult decisions ahead indeed. But half the battle is creating a winning and fun environment where everyone gets to eat and then players WANT to return and stay with the Bucs! Don’t estimate how huge this win streak is on determining whether or not some of these guys return. Good game. Go Bucs!

    Rating: +20. From 20 votes.
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  5. I am thrilled that BA has turned this team around. It took some time, and I definitely thought it was in doubt, after the first 8 or 9 games, but you can definitely tell something is different.
    The Positives: 1) Alex Cappa’s future in the NFL looks solid.
    2) ROJO has skills and is going to be a big part of this team moving forward.
    3) Our secondary while still experiencing some growing pains, is starting to really gel.
    4) Devin White is a player
    5) We have depth at receiver.
    The negatives
    1) This offense is ruining the career of OJ Howard.
    2) Our offensive line is holding on by a thread.
    3) I know at this point Winston probably gets re-signed, but we need back up options.
    4) Discipline is still a problem. Way too many penalties.

    Rating: +3. From 13 votes.
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    • I dont think anyone outside of oj howard is ruining his career. Look at his plays today, hes soft. Caught a ball 2 yards short of a first and let a db half his size stop him. He just doesnt seem to have the “fire” you see in some guys. Id trade him next year. Even his blocking is suspect because of his lack of physicality. Take dor instance the end around to perriman. Oj basically dives at the guys legs. Again, a guy half his size. If he could just play with godiwns edge, hed be unstoppable.

      Rating: +19. From 21 votes.
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      • Would you have a fire, if everything you did up to now was incredible and you were demoted to blocking almost exclusively? We have two of the best TEs in the league and they are going to waste. Look, I’m happy that we have apparently turned the corner, but OJ should be in the mix. To have a guy that skilled, on the team an not use him is a sin. I would use him as a hybrid. FB, TE, Wide Out, I might even try him as QB in a trick play.

        Rating: -3. From 13 votes.
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    • I have different take on OJ Howard. He is growing slowly as an NFL player.

      Howard is about to finish his first full NFL season and his blocking consistency is going up. Howard was drafted to be a dominant two way TE. Howard is far from a finished product and he needs to keep grinding. If OJ does that he will become a dominant blocker and pass catcher in this league for a long time.

      Rating: +12. From 14 votes.
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  6. Arians is right that Shaq isn’t going anywhere. Arians puts a high premium on having a sack artist on the team.

    Rating: +6. From 6 votes.
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