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After falling behind early to Aaron Rodgers and the undefeated Green Bay Packers on Sunday, the Bucs fired back with 38 unanswered points to finish Week 6 with a huge 38-10 victory to move to 4-2 on the season.

Kick-started by a pick-six from Jamel Dean, the Bucs’ defense held the league’s highest-scoring offense entering this week to just 10 points while totaling two interceptions, five sacks, 13 quarterback hits and six tackles for loss.

Bruce Arians spoke to the media following Tampa Bay’s win, read the full transcript below.

(On the defense taking over against Rodgers)
“I think the big turnaround was, you know they came out to a quick start and we kind of hung in there, and then [Jamel] Dean made his play and that kind of changed the momentum in, I thought, the whole stadium. We came right back with another one, knocked it in, got the lead. I thought that our offense… As a team I don’t think we had any penalties, I don’t think we had any sacks and if you don’t have any turnovers you’re going to be hard to beat so we kind of set a new standard for ourselves in that regard against a quality opponent. And we were just able to get after Aaron [Rodgers]. Once we got the running game shut down it was just a matter of getting after him and Todd [Bowles] did a great job with multiple looks and coverages.”

(On Lavonte David and Devin White)
“Their speed just shows up over and over, sideline to sideline, but they’re excellent blitzers. When you have Shaq [Barrett] and [Jason Pierre-Paul] out there it’s hard to send them all the time but that’s four really good blitzers.”

(On the Bucs’ red zone execution)
“It’s huge and I think that the chunk plays led to touchdowns. Once we got in the red zone we had our opportunities last week we just didn’t execute very well, we didn’t execute very well the whole game. I thought that everybody stepped up and stepped in. Great play by Tyler [Johnson.] Great protection because he’s the fourth read on that play. I can’t say that we’ve ever completed that ball on that play but Tom did a great job and Tyler ran a great route.”

(On if the Bucs’ 28-point second quarter today is the best quarter he’s ever had as a coach)
“It’s one of them. We’ve had some really, really good ones. I think we had a couple of pick-sixes against San Francisco one year and jumped on them. But you get a defensive score and offensively you take the game over. We gave up the first quarter but we won the second quarter pretty good.”

(On Rob Gronkowski)
“I thought that Tom and Rob had great connections. Crossing routes, we got the match-up that we wanted on the fade ball and Gronk did a heck of a job of adjusting to that ball and getting the touchdown. I just wish that he could have spiked it with his right shoulder but his right shoulder is hurt. He misses his good spikes but he made some huge, huge plays for us.”

(On Gronkowski getting back after taking a year off of football)
“It speaks volumes for him and he’s playing with a bum shoulder so the blocking, the receiving, he’s just one of the best all-around tight ends to ever play the game. He’s in good football shape right now, we just have to continue to watch his snap count.”

(On the Bucs’ offensive line)
“No penalties, I don’t think we had any sacks so yeah, I thought they played outstanding. Just to take that game over in the fourth quarter, running the football like that, that’s a joy to see. Those young guys got out there on that last drive but I thought that we mixed the run and the pass really well all ball game.”

(On Jamel Dean)
“That second half in Chicago he was outstanding and I told him today, we’ve got to play 60 minutes not 30 and that pick-six changed the entire ball game.”

(On the lack of penalties from the Bucs)
“I can’t say that I’ve ever been in a ball game with no penalties. We address it every single day and the guys addressed it in practice this week and hopefully we can continue that trend.”

(On how the pressure that the defense put on Rodgers prevented a comeback from Green Bay)
“I thought that Todd mixed it up really, really good with his fronts, blitzes, coverages and you don’t usually get Aaron Rodgers confused. That’s one thing that I don’t think I’ve ever seen, him confused, but when you start running him down and chasing him out of there… early in the game he was chased out and he made a lot of plays but we just kept chasing him and hemmed him up a little bit and got some hits on him. The defensive line, linebackers and the secondary, it was a great defensive performance.”

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11 months ago

A new standard is right! Great win!

11 months ago

Neither Bunting or Evans should even be out there so I can’t really understand why they are on the list. Vaugh had a good game except for that one bungled drop so same for him. Have no problem with the weekly McCoy pick.
I think if his contract wasn’t guaranteed he would be watching the game in the stands instead of the bench.

11 months ago

This is the kind of game that can turn a season. No penalties, no sacks given up. Good running, good pass protection and a defense that absolutely smothered what many thought was a likely Superbowl team in 2020. If we can play this good against a very good NFC Team, we have a chance to go far in the playoffs. I am impressed.

11 months ago

It’s those hits on Rodgers that changed the entire game. U could see the discomfort on his face. It was an uncomfortable day for him…all day long!

Last edited 11 months ago by bucballer
Reply to  bucballer
11 months ago

Just watch the media rush to Rodgers defense even though they were happy to bury Brady despite him being under more pressure than Rodgers was last week. Difference was that Brady managed more points, fewer turnovers and unlike Rodgers his top weapons weren’t healthy. Not saying Tom had a great game last week because he didn’t but he did better than Rodgers did under worse conditions and with less help.

11 months ago

The difference in this game was probably that our guys were relaxed, not anxious to get ahead or stay ahead. Thats probably why New England could always hang in there and come back with few penalties because they knew if they stayed calm, Brady would get them back in it more often than not. I think these guys are so used to Winston and living on edge. If everyone would just keep their cool and not get anxious and just do what they do best, we could keep the penalties down and never be out of it. I am just… Read more »

Reply to  Spitfire
11 months ago

Jamel Dean post game interview was pretty interesting where he shrugged and said the defense didn’t need to be concerned about being ten points down. I think that speaks to the confidence this team has. It was pretty common for Patriot defensive players to shrug in post game interviews and say they just had to give Tom a chance. First real sign of that nonchalant confidence I have seen from Bucs players.

Last edited 11 months ago by PatrioticChief
11 months ago

First quarter it was ugly; second and third quarter it was very good; fourth quarter it was fun and relaxing, something I haven’t felt in many years.

11 months ago

Suck it Ass Hat.

11 months ago

I havent felt this way watching a Bucs game in 15 years I feel like. Domination over what is revered as one of the best teams in football? That was a complete team on a mission out there today and not only executed but bullied the opponent. They took the will right out of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. We won the big game. We won at home. We took back first place in our division. I don’t expect to see this domination every week moving forward. But damn this felt good and as Arians said, the new standard of… Read more »

Mb Nfl Lock Of The Szn Pewter 728x90 Jpg