We’re not trying to be Debbie Downers following the Bucs’ 26-24 preseason win over the Miami Dolphins, but as the saying goes, “preseasons games don’t count, but they do matter.”

With that in mind, there were certainly some areas of the Bucs’ team, and some players in specific, that didn’t have their best night on Thursday night.

These were our most disappointing Buccaneers from Game 1 of the preseason.

CB Ryan Smith

For the most part, the Bucs’ secondary played very well on Thursday night. Carlton Davis started outside for Brent Grimes, and Davis played well. When Vernon Hargreaves went out with a groin injury, rookie M.J. Stewart played well in his place. But Ryan Smith struggled. The Dolphins went after Smith quite a bit during that game, and they had success doing it. If Smith isn’t careful, too many performances like that will get him passed up by one of those second-round rookies, Davis or Stewart. Smith nabbed the game-sealing interception, but it was a gimme. However, you still hope it gives him confidence moving forward on what was mostly a rough night.

Bucs Backup O-Line


Once quarertback Ryan Fitzpatrick left the game thing started to go downhill for the Bucs’ offensive line. There were penalties, inconsistencies and just overall bad play. It was just Game 1 of the preseason, so we don’t want to overreact, but we’ll just say that there’s a reason neither Winston or Fitzpatrick played into the second half. Alex Cappa and Caleb Benenoch especially have to step it up as potential starters.

K Chandler Catanzazro

Catanzaro ended up making the game-winning field goal, but his night was a disappointment overall. It started when he missed his first kick of the night — an extra point. He ended up going 2-for-3 in extra points and 2-for-3 in field goals, and the field goal he missed was from 53 yards, but he was brought in to make that kick. We know it’s a hard kick to make, but he’s here to make it; he didn’t.

His night could have been better.

RB Charles Sims

It was a very quiet night for Sims and that doesn’t help his chances of making this team. Sims was re-signed very late in the free agency process, so we know it wasn’t an urgency to bring him back, and with just six yards on five carries on Thursday night, he didn’t exactly have a night that helped his chances. If rookie running back Shaun Wilson gets back and healthy before next game, we’ll have to monitor how much he eats into Sims’ carries — and his potential roster spot.

RB Ronald Jones

Jones scored a touchdown in his first game as a Buccaneer, but for what he’s hyped to be for this Buccaneers team, nine yards on eight carries isn’t going to cut it. He also dropped a pass on his first snap of the game, which wasn’t great, either. His night was OK (the touchdown saved how it looked), but Jones wasn’t drafted to be OK. On a night where players like Saquon Barkley and Derrius Guice were going off for big runs around the league, the Bucs need Jones to do the same.


  1. Ryan Smith should ALREADY be passed up by Stewart and Davis. He has not been good at all. He is fast, but I keep seeing him get beat deep and his coverage is not solid at any depth. The Dolphins figured out real quick to pick on him. The kicker will be fine… I hope. just give him a break for now. Hopefully, he will improve. Back-up o-line is pretty battered, hopefully, they will improve when the unit is healthier as a whole

  2. Our first and second round picks are going to be bust. Vita is overweight and lacks endurance to get that endurance he will have lose 50lbs or more and wont be able to cut it at that weight.

    RoJo, is a track field guy. His in pads speed is grossly overrated and he doesn’t block or catch well meaning Sims is still better for the team.

    I don’t even know what to say about the kicker situation, this guy can’t start for this team, not after what we’ve been through. I realize last year they said it wasn’t a kicking coach problem but whoever is evaluating these kickers is having some really bad luck or is about as useful as cancer.

    Was that 53 yard kick actually short, I honestly could tell for sure?

    I will say that Fitz and Winston looked sharp throwing. Winston’s decision making is well Winston and Koetter play calling after the Winston sack didn’t impress. On the flip side I think his play calling generally made the O line look better than they are, which is really bad still. Still making the most of what you have is important.

  3. Also add, Javien Elliott, tap dancer Sims, Roger’s, Spence who should be with a 3-4 team, Gholston, Tandy.
    DC Smith used his usual scheme which won’t win many games this year. Koetter better get involved quickly!
    The starting DL played okay, but DC Smith will get us slaughtered with most of the teams we are going to go against in regular season; his time has past him just like Lovie.

  4. Given the fact that the O-line was down so many players as the game went on, I thought they played well enough and refrain from judging them too harshly. I want to see more of Justin Watson who had a hot and cold showing. Have to agree with Horse about Javien Elliott.

    Hysterical how, after a mere 8 carries and another standing on the sidelines, we are already throwing out the “bust” label. I shouldn’t be surprised since that’s often the case around here.

  5. The first string Defense was not stout against the run with the exception of JPP. Koetter not practicing tackling in practice showed badly. They better clean that up before the Titan game. Once again Smitty made his CBs play off! His CBs must be allowed to play press coverage—their specialty! Smitty should be fired now for that!

  6. Gholston stinks. Starting to think we overpaid him.

    RoJo needs to be better but the TD run showed he can be explosive.

    Ryan Smith keeps playing like that he may end up getting waived with the way the rookies played.

    Lot guys on defense didn’t have great games but hey it’s first game.

    The kicker didn’t have the best start here but he’s certainly not Aguayo! Give it a couple games before we fire him people! Geeze some crazy talk here at times. One game and people ready to can you or call you a bust. Lol.

    On to game 2. Overall was a good night to me.

  7. These are practice games. This one in particular involves no game planning. How would you like your career prospects to be judged by non-experts according to the first 15 minutes of your on-the-job performance? The only conclusion I would draw is that the Buccaneers looked motivated and that has rarely been the case in the preseason the last five years.

  8. Rojo dropped an easy pass that hit him right in the hands and sucked in pass protection. It was more than just his running that was bad, and his performance cant all be blamed on the line. Its too early to call him a bust, but anyone who isnt concerned with his play thus far is being a straight up homer.

    • Only pass pro rep I saw of RoJo, he picked up his man fairly well, did a good enough job to give his QB time to get rid of the ball, BUT, the other TWO or THREE defensive linemen who came pouring into the backfield ended the play quickly for the QB… Only rep I saw, but he did OK. Even Simms misses blocks from time to time, nobody’s perfect.

    • Didn’t need to draft a RB that high, would not have been a good pick. How was the blocking on Barkley’s run?? Was he getting hit in the backfield?? Was he running behind the starters??? Give the kid a break. He will be fine. Everyone just relax and enjoy the fact that we won the game.

      • Did you even see the run. his blocking wasn’t good. the defense had good penetration. Barkley made 2 cut moves that made 3 defenders miss before he took off for 40 yards. Go watch the run. this kid is going to be a hall of famer before its all done.

    • Did you see his other 3 carries that went for 4 total yards. Calling someone a hit or a bust after 4 or 8 carries is borderline insane. It’s amazing that there’s like twice as many comments on the most disappointing list as there is in the most impressive. You’d never know they won and played pretty good with the amount of negative comments. It’s week 1 of the pre-season. God almighty, relax

      • I did see the other carries and he had zero blocking like the first carry,. I have followed Barkely all through college and that is what he is like. He will run 4-5 times for a couple yards a carry and then break one for 40+ plus. He will have 3-5 carries a a game that go for 40+ yards. He is electrifying to watch. If he had a decent Oline he like Dallas, he would be unstoppable. He will have more yards than all of our backs combined this year.

  9. Wow he dropped one pass he’s a bust. People are idiots on here. He’s fastest rookie RB give him some time improve pass catching. I didnt see him miss any pass blocking situations either. The O line opened no holes for him either go back and watch if you think they did!

  10. you all crack me up. its either we are doomed or pure unrealistic optimism. Yesterday was almost a typical Buc’s game. Let me explain…typical game, Buc’s show glimpses of a winner…then they almost always they FIND A WAY to LOSE. That’s what it felt like watching the game, they were just hanging around to lose. I bet every Bucs fan cringed in their seat when the extra point was missed. I mean REALLY!!!!!! We just released his only competition to give him some extra confidnece and he misses an extra point and a 53 yrder that also looked short. You are paid millions of $$$$$ make the #^%$#*@& kick! I wish I had a job where i was paid millions of $$$ to get it right only half the time….
    I was really hoping to see some DOMINANCE from the D line after all the PR hype. Clearly not there. Tannehil hasn’t played in like 2 years and sat back there all day throwing passes left and right marching right down the field. Granted the D held them to a couple field goals early on…but they gave up way to much field possession. Then, we draft big physical DB’s and have them play off coverage! WTF!!! That is entirely coaching or lack thereof. I can’t even write any more, the more I think about the game the more I get upset. Was Howard even targeted ONE TIME????

    • Agree with a lot of your points Eric. We went through this last year, more hype about all the big names we got on D. I didn’t see ANY pressure by this D line. [McCoy’s sack – good – was still coverage sack] And Smitty has 6’1″ Carlton Davis playing 10 years off the line, gives up a short pass and the announcers, including Rhonde, say Davis has to learn to play that off coverage better – what ?!??!? That scheme will NOT work vs. Drew Brees, Matt Ryan or Cam Newton. Other than some encouraging play by a handful of rookies, the D was awful.