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    Agree- Winston was well, Winston. He is far from elite and at this point is struggling to be average. I sincerely hope we have our franchise QB, but there is little evidence at this point to suggest JW is.

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    Could have just saved time and said everyone except Folk and Anger

    1. 2.2


      Anger is consistently one of our best players….too often, the best player.

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    Total disaster of a game. Same crap as last year in Arizona. Winston was ok until he started to press & try to do too much in the 4th. Obviously that under throw to DJax was horrible, but besides that, 1st half was ok. Simply can’t throw those two 4th quarter INT’s when team is trying to come back. Still trying to do too much. Sick of these types of games. Not acceptable.

    Defense was a joke. Gave up 31 points & 5 scoring drives of 65+ yards! Bottled up Cook well enough for 3 quarters, but couldn’t cover a wide receiver to save their lives. Soft coverage all day. Vern struggling yet again. Smitty talked about using Vern in more aggressive coverage, but it was the same 10 yard off stuff as last year. Smith looked lost. No pash rush…again. This should have been a defensive slugfest. Laughable how easy Vikes moved up and down the field.

    OL was up and down. Couldn’t run block. Pass pro was very spotty too many times. Yet again it took Dirk forever to adjust to no run game and go to a quicker tempo/no huddle offense in hopes of moving the ball better. He simply won’t do it unless we’re down 14. Frustrating.

  4. 4


    #28 is an Achilles heel in that defense. Weak link….

    If you need a first down…. just throw his way.

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    One the biggest problems around here is the secondary never gets criticized without mentioning the pass rush. Yet poor pass rush is mentioned on a regular basis without mentioning poor secondary play. We give the secondary a pass all the time by mentioning the pass rush. The secondary needs to be able to play man coverage even without a pass rush. If we’re in zone that’s one thing for the QB to find a hole with no pass rush, but in man coverage you’re paid to cover no matter how long the QB has to throw. You’re professionals, beat your man! If you’re worth your salt in the secondary you should be able to give your D-linemen coverage sacks. That’s what the Vikings and Bengals have been able to do for years because they spend so much capital on their CB’s.

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    Winston is not a franchise QB, sorry he’s a bust. Not an over reaction just a reality most TB fans don’t want to acknowledge. Small handed QB are never accurate none of them. Winston has small hands are smaller than 5’10 Russel Wilson. You can’t train accuracy, just doesn’t happen. In a classroom he’s off the charts but on the field he consistent make very bad decisions.

    Mike Smith, kept key starter on the field when we had no chance to come back, grade F

    1. 6.1


      Bucs fans think denial is a river in Egypt, they going to hammer you for dare tell truth about Jamies, he has never had high ratings leads the league in INT and fumbles, brings the defence back on the field with turnovers after they just stop the other team. Truth is Bucs all in on Jamies does not matter how bad they lose. He will be a starter for a while, Bucs do not have any QB better to put in.

    2. 6.2


      “Small handed QB’s are never accurate” This is such an crap statement. Decision making and accuracy have zero to do with each other.

      Aaron Rodgers hand size? 9.38
      Alex Smith? 9.38
      Derek Carr? 9.13
      Philip Rivers? 9.25
      Tony Romo? 8.86
      Jameis? 9.38

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    Where were you last week jlog.
    Funny how you little cretins emerge only after he has had a bad game.
    Winston has small hands. LOL, Where did you get that information.
    Winston had no run game and yes, he has yet developed into Tom Brady who is about the only QB in the league who can play without one. Not even Aaron Rogers can win without a running attack.
    Sorry, but as much as I like Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith, they deserve to be at the top of the list.
    I saw very few blitzes and our four man rush wasn’t getting it done.
    Dirk Koetter should have an answer if the Vikings are attacking the ball differently and adjust to it.
    We also got a little bit of home cooking.
    Cook fumbles the ball going into the endzone and the tape clearly shows it but no reversal.
    Brate gets nailed in the back of the head on his TD catch, no call.
    Evans also got nailed in the back of the head on the INT and no call.
    But overall the defense just stunk it up, specifically the defensive line.
    The secondary was a close second.

    1. 7.1


      Winston was 18 -30 204 yards 1 TD last week, the touchdown came with the ball given to them on 15-yard line CHI was last place defence in the league last year not very good ! the defence and the turnovers by Glennon gave the game to Bucs. CHI was 3-13 last year Vikings are a better team and we saw what happened today! Winston Ratings since coming to the league are not good. He has averaged in the 80s first 2 seasons right now they have him 84.9. The franchise I think not!

    2. 7.2


      With you drdneast on what should have been 2 PFouls with the head shots.

      So much for having led the league in 3rd down D last year- rough to watch this year!
      A stop on their 1st drive of the 3rd could have been huge

  8. 8


    Abandon ship everyone. Season’s over! Time to draft a new QB and change FO & coaching staffs.

  9. 9


    I have read several posts that imply that Jameis Winston’s 3 INTs were the major reason we lost the Vikings game. It was certainly a factor, but not the primary reason we lost.

    Yes! It is true Winston should not stare down receivers, throw into double or triple coverage, and in his third year should be much better at managing a game.

    But let’s look at points scored off of turnovers. Vikings scored 10 points off Winston’s three interceptions. The score was 34-17. Take away 10 points scored from the INTs, Vikings still win 24-17.

    To be fair if I make that point, then I must also consider the opportunity cost of throwing the INTS – Costly as much for potential points they took off the board for the Bucs. Maintaining possession, the INTs could have been 21 points or some combination thereof – Bucs possibly win 38-24.

    It was a team loss primarily due to injuries of key defensive personnel that could not play and the lack of a run game to keep one of the best defenses in the NFL honest. But I make no mistake, INTs are costly and demoralizing. They cannot continue if we are to consistently win football games. Winston must get better and stay better. Go Bucs!

    1. 9.1


      @macabee, the problem with saying “it was team loss primarily due to injuries of key defensive personnel”, is that they had their starting QB hurt (by far the most important position on an NFL team) and their journeyman, before this game sub-80 QBR, QB looked like he belonged in the probowl. Keenum didn’t muddle through with a great game from Cook…he destroyed our defense…yes mostly backups, but that should have been mano-a-mano, not Keenum victory laps. If it had been Bradford that destroyed our defense, then i would agree, we just throw the video tape away and forget this one.

      For me, there needs to be a lot more soul searching around our defensive scheme. We haven’t created consistent pass pressure with a 4-man rush in 15 years. We don’t have the personnel to play the old “bend but don’t break” style we used to. The cavalry is not coming – we aren’t finding a gem on some practice squad. We need to adjust the scheme or every team in the league will just keep picking us apart…in fairness the Bears did it too…their WRs just couldn’t hold on to the ball.

      All is not lost, but lets’ see something else scheme-wise against the Giants!

  10. 10


    Let’s do this by priority of concern starting with #1 being highest priority:
    1. What worked for Mike Smith last year with his scheme isn’t so great against good teams. His scheme today didn’t make adjustments fast enough.
    2. Not sure why Koetter didn’t adjust to what they were giving us from Viking Defense.
    3. Pass Rush has been a problem for a few years now and why?
    Cornerbacks were way to timid and just didn’t seem aggressive today; maybe that goes with the scheme?
    4. It’s one thing to have confidence thinking you are going to win; didn’t anybody know the Vikings are a good team and how could we let this same Quarterback destroy us once again.?
    5. Defense was just plain awful which forced Winston to take gambles he shouldn’t have tried. Yes he had 3 interceptions, but why could our Defense stop them once they had the ball?

  11. 11


    That was one pathetic piece of shit game. Injuries were nuts too. Don’t know what to say really. Even with the injuries that was just horrible. We still had chance after all that garbage play until Winston blew it with the picks. Could argue way defense was playing he had to take chances but the throws were garbage. Love the guy but he needs to get lot better. We have to fix the D line too. Pass rush has not been good so many years now it’s mind boggling. There is no secondary that can play well with that much time. That said the off coverage and wat CB’s played was crap. They have a big need at DE for sure still. O line is far from consistent or deep too. Marpet couldn’t even snap damn ball today. We likely need an upgrade at RT and LT too. Lots holes still for a “playoff” team.

    Hope they can get few players back and beat Giants at home. Would be 2-1……

  12. 12


    Some of y’all so called Bucs fan are ridiculous and Trevor u are no better…i rarely hear you speak on coaching which is a major key of success in football…but so quick to jump on Jameis.. the reason we lost was not Jameis! Does he need to play better obviously but the defense should be at the top of this list we started off from behind and never got going..And for all y’all saying he is not a franchise QB please let him go when his contract is up so he can get real fans behind him guarantee 15 plus teams would be bidding for jameis…yall are so unloyal to Jameis it’s a shame FAKE FANS

  13. 13


    Ok…just re-watched pivotal plays again. Three things…ok maybe four things!!
    1. Number 28
    2. Number 29
    3. A. Market and the constant ugly snaps
    4. Jamesis horrible touch on the long ball
    I mean really…wow! Just awful! What say u…

  14. 14


    Anybody that suggests Jameis is a bust or not our QB is a complete and utter fool. We had no balance on offense and put the ball in his hands way too many times with an evolving offense. Desean Jackson roasting VHIII in practice everyday is a lot different than playing quality oppponents so the timing needs work. Did Jameis make some bad throws absolutely but he also completed 70 percent of his passes with a few deep passes that need some work. The defense was without our top CB, MLB, NT and a compromised McCoy/Spence so I’d be crazy to act like that had no impact. VHIII still looks like the only CB to allow 1,000 yards last season, I hope we stop drafting and signing safeties long enough to add some talent at CB.

  15. 15


    That is 4 things that jumped out at me!

  16. 16


    That should be Marpet… too much alcohol today! Sorry!

  17. 17


    Hargreaves was the worst CB in the NFL last year and has continued that this year

  18. 18


    Is this a good time to re surface the Mariota vs Winston Debate? ha kidding guys don’t get all bent out of shape in responding…..Winston is who I thought he was coming out of college he has a huge arm wildly inaccurate at times great leader tons of heart, if you didn’t see these same exact traits in college than you were so blinded by fan loyalty you can’t see straight. He forces balls into coverage and sails the ball high at times just like Hard Knocks showed in their episodes Winston has a ton of heart and passion for game but at times looks very ordinary if he ever corrects his flaws he can be one of the best until than he will be in middle of pack.

  19. 19


    What wins are teams with excellent offensive lines and defensive lines. Jameis was under way too much pressure with LT Smith his typical turnstile and Dotson committing penalties because he was being bested too. We had to use our TEs to max protect. Don’t blame Jameis; blame our GM. He could have moved up and gotten us a great RB like Cook instead of wasting another 2d round pick on Justin who was barely worth the sixth pick he got for him. He made a big splash landing Baker, but he came in out of shape and avoiding practice which likely resulted in his getting hurt and that is a big reason our DL is so bad and thin. Licht did not get us a DE either. Rediculous!

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