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    BUCS RAN away with the win. Great win.

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    Now that was a great win. The defense really played well after the first few drives and the offense came along thereafter. The running game was dominant all day, as expected. Special teams was so-so; good job recovering a 49ers fumble but we returned some kicks we shouldn’t have, dropped a punt and missed a field goal. Overall though, great fun game.

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    It’s now been 3 weeks since we’ve seen this Bucs team lose. When’s the last time we could say that during a season?

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    Maybe when Kapernick takes that knee, he should just stay down on it.
    Not to slight the Bucs defense but he is a subpar QB. Of course subpar QB’s have beaten this team before.
    Once NFL defensive coordinators figured out his weaknesses he hasn’t been able to overcome them. Maybe he needs to put some meat in his diet to get his testosterone level up.
    Either that or his new girlfriend has him whipped.
    Good to see Barber get some real time game action. Hopefully this is all he needs to become a productive back. just imagine what this running attack would look like with both Rogers and Martin in the backfield.
    Liked seeing Shepherd step up as well. Definitely faster than the aging Jackson that is for sure.

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    Great win today. I was very nervous after that first Quarter, ain’t going to lie. Then things got going with the run game and Jameis followed. It’s amazing how much better a QB can look with a Competent run game. The offense was perfectly balanced today.
    Evans is just a beats out there, uncoverable at times. Shep can be huge for us if he continues to develop that chemistry with Jameis. Jaq has played outstanding football. Good for him on making those runs count. The offensive line is a hell of a run blocking unit at times. Roberto’s missed FG from the 50 didn’t bother me too much as he missed it, I looked at a stat on the screen to my left. Kickers are 52% on the season from 50 plus, that’s crazy. Not sure what Humpheries is doing on these punts, but he needs to get his shit together as well. 2 Muffs and a kick he caught at like the 3 yard line. Let that go into the endzone!
    William Gholston has earned that pay so far this season. Even the Great Jon G has to give the man his props, especially considering he’s literally the only starter out there every week.
    A few gripes in this game, I love getting the running game going, but running it on 1st down LITERALLY every single time is getting a little noticable. Run some play action off of that shit. As for short yardage, I can’t believe Koetter never uses Jameis on a QB sneak. I mean hell he’s huge, you run back 5 yards to hand the ball of, the chance of the play working is considerably less.
    We beat a team we should’ve an have won 2 in a row for the first time in a long time. Now we get the raiders next week. Who knew two weeks ago we’d be only a 1/2 a game out at this point. Big win either way.

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    “Tampa Bay will be back home to host the first-place Oakland Raiders (5-2) next Sunday trying to get above .500 for the first time this season.”
    Actually, it would be our second time this season! Go Bucs!!!

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      Eric Horchy

      Fail on my end. Corrected and thanks for pointing it out, Alexander!

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    I am so happy to see the team come back after the break to play so well, but I am going to mute my enthusiasm since 49ers are really not much of a team. Lets see how we do against the Raiders who look to have a good season this year. But when our new running back has 154 yds and averages 6 yds a carry, something is going right. Winston after a brief struggle managed to get on track and have a big day. Suddenly it looks like we have a secondary ???

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    I was a bit cautious heading into this game since the supposed “bad” teams, that we overzealous fans see as an easy victory, often give us trouble. In the first quarter it sure looked like my fears were going to manifest themselves when Kaepernick looked like the star QB he did a few seasons ago. It looked like our Bucs missed the wake-up call.

    But unlike past seasons when the team would sink deeper into the hole when things looked bleak, the good guys took a stand. Hmmmm, that’s two straight games where the culture seems to be changing.

    Chip Kelly sure looked bewildered. Didn’t you just love it?

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