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    Great win! feels good to get a win at home

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    Awesome win! That play Jameis made escaping pressure out of the end zone completing to Evans, amazing. Quoting Jack Buck, “I can’t believe what I just saw.”

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    Someone check on bucnut and make sure he’s not on suicide watch. But I’m sure we won’t hear from him for another week.
    As for the game, the defense was lights out. Amazing what happens when everyone plays. Will gholston has played outstanding this year and deserves that contract.
    Receivers caught everything , except Cecil’s tipped int. I mean how many of jameis’ pics have been off of catchable balls?
    Even with Evans being quiet for most of the game , jameis was lights out using brate well. Make America Brate again!
    Our line still played terrible for the most part and our tackles are just aweful. Dotson never needs to say shit the rest of the season and he single handidly killed a drive.
    That okay to Evans when jameis was scrambling was probably mirrored in every buc home. I’m screening “throw it out of bounds” and he pulls off the magic trick. What a fucking play!
    We even got the gift of watching every other team in our division lose in the 4th quarter.
    The bears aren’t a great team. It we are proving capable of beating those we are supposed to. Our schedule gets real brutal real quick here so we needed his win. Go Bucs!

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      any Bucs fan who is still doubting Jameis needs to stop

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      Bucnut has an appointment with a grief counselor.

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    Great team win today. Defense played their asses off! They looked pissed off and hungry. I loved the blitzes Smitty dialed up today. No coverage busts! Having McDonald back was huge. Noah & Ayers looked great. They were a fluke Hail Mary away from holding Chicago to 3 points.

    The offense was a little sluggish to start off, but Dirk found his rhythm and they were efficient. The OL was a problem for most of the game, but I was happy that Caleb and Gott stepped up and (mostly) held their own. Dot & Smith continue to be troubling, (false starts, holding, getting whipped) but Jameis worked around it for the most part.

    Berto was perfect today. Really need his confidence to continue to improve. We’re not cutting him, so we need him to be great. Special teams were great today.

    Jameis was efficient today. He did what he had to do to keep the offense moving with ZERO run game. Made some really big/great throws. Dirk called a great game, save for some wonky calls. I’m concerned with how bad Jameis was limping in the late 3rd and 4th quarter. Hope it’s minor. Doug being back was a great sight and Evans was big for us again. He’s our MVP so far.

    Oh, and for Bucnut,

    Jameis Winston

    23-33 69% comp
    312 yards 9.5 avg
    2 TD’s 1 INT 107.1 RTG

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      Randy H.

      Agree on Winston’s limping. It came after the sack. Personally, I think they should have taken him out on the drive before the one that they did. I was just afraid that he would make it worse. Great game except for the Hail Mary!

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    It was a good win for this simple reason:

    We have proven (to ourselves and others) that the Bucs are no longer in that laughing stock section of the league…you know the one….we used to be the Mayor of Laughing Stock-Ville…now that honor is being contested by the Browns, 49ers and Bears…by beating two of those teams handily, we are clearly now members of the next tier…whatever that is…it feels a lot better than the last place.

    Trending upwards! Go Bucs!

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    My key to the game was Cutler, luckily we got bad Jay. Hat’s off to Gotcheck, and Benenoch, not a bad first time out. Benny’s got some nasty to him. Jameis, that scramble to Evans, then the play action TD to Martino were plays a guy named Farve us to come up with. Nice job.

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    Here was my pregame prediction:

    Cutler will throw 2 picks today. Kwon will be all over the place. TD’s through the air to Brate, Evans and Hump. Bucs get to 4-5 with a 31-24 victory. Cannons will be fired.

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    And the result

    Nov 13, 16 at 5:31 pm
    Ok – so it was 36-10, Cutler did throw 2 picks and cannons were fired. Winston was 23 of 33 for 312 yds, 2 TD’s and a pick. 4 300+ yds passing games and the youngest QB to throw 40 TD passes. Wow, what a bust huh Bucnut 2? The better QB was clearly Cutler…for us- LOL!

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    Great all around win today. We beat a team that we should have beat when it counts the most, which is at home. They were even coming off a bye week and we still beat them badly. The defense started it off with ton of turnovers. What was it, four in the 1st quarter alone? Also, never seen a play like the one Winston made today; that was fantastic! Dougie didn’t have a great day but a least he looked healthy and capped his day off with a touchdown. We’ve got to do a better job of stopping the run like we did earlier in the year but luckily we got ahead by so much they didn’t have many chances to run the ball. Again, great win today!

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    First time since game 1 our four starting defensive lineman played together plus Coach Smith was blitzing more. So happy to see Benenoch and Gottschalk show they are our future and I hope they stay at those positions. Gottschalk really impressed me and I hope others; he’s bigger and quicker than Hawley and Smith. Winston was just outstanding and his one interception was also partly Shorts mistake as he miss timed the pass. It was a very good Coached game. Go Bucs! lLs get the Chiefs.

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      Horse , me and my brother were watching the game together and actually thought about you when they put Gottschalk in. He played well today.

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    Great Win!!! Hopefully our D can play at least close to what they did on Sunday every week. GO BUCS!!!

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