At the conclusion of a simulated 2020 NFL season via Madden 20 by The Checkdown, a season that culminated in a Ravens vs. Bucs Super Bowl, Baltimore’s Marquise Brown and Tampa Bay’s Chris Godwin grabbed the controllers for a head-to-head match-up – a game that Brown would eventually win by a score of 64-48.

During the broadcast, Godwin was asked what Tampa Bay’s new quarterback Tom Brady offered him for his closely-held jersey number.

“Hey Chris, how much money changed hands on you giving up the 12?” Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young asked.

“I think he said we’re going to get a Super Bowl, so I’m going to hold him to that,” Godwin replied.

While Godwin couldn’t best Brown in a virtual Super Bowl, Brady and the Bucs clearly have other plans when the 2020 NFL season officially gets rolling.

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That’s Awesome

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Lol get it Tom. You know you’re the GOAT when you trade Super Bowls for jerseys. Goodness I hope the season starts on time. Brady is in go mode right now!!

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My brand new #12 Godwin jersey purchased at the end of the 2019 season has joined the Curse of the Scubog Game Jersey in the back of the closet. Chris, meet Mark Barron # 24.

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