One day after Bucs tight end Cam Brate announced that he contracted the coronavirus and urged people to donate plasma in a PSA, Brate spoke with the media on Thursday and shared further details about his experiences dealing with the illness.

“I get to hold it over my fiancee’s head a little bit because she’s actually the one that infected me.” Brate said in a joking manner. “She got sick before I did and once she started displaying symptoms we both went into quarantine. I initially tested negative but at some point I guess I contracted it from her and later became infected.For me personally, the only thing I experienced was a loss of taste for two days so I’m extremely grateful that I wasn’t one of the people who got some of the more severe symptoms.

Cam Brate and Archie – Photo from Buccaneers

“I will say, the scary thing is, if she hadn’t tested positive I kind of would have gone on with my life as normal and potentially infected other people. That was kind of the main takeaway, how scary that possibility was and I think that’s potentially the case for a lot of other people as well.”

Brate was among the group of teammates that were practicing together with Tom Brady at Berkeley Prep this offseason, but luckily, the timeline worked out where Brate was not around his teammates when he became sick.

“We both kind of shut it down at that point and didn’t really go out of the house,” Brate said. “For me, I got infected after that so luckily I wasn’t in close contact with anyone while I was contagious.”

Even after making a full recovery, there’s still a reasonable concern about returning to the Bucs facility and getting in contact with others.

“I think that possibility is really scary,” Brate said about others getting infected. “Not just for the players but for the coaches and personnel in the building who are around the players as well, because not everyone involved who’s going to be at the building is going to be young and healthy. I definitely don’t feel like I’ve got the S on my chest where I can’t get infected all year but hopefully for a few months I’ll be okay. We’ll see though.”

Bucs TE Cameron Brate
Bucs TE Cameron Brate – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

With that said, Brate has the utmost confidence that the building itself is the one of safest places that you could possibly be given the protocols put in place to make this season happen.

“I think the NFL, the NFLPA did an awesome job working together to create the safest environment they could for us. I think outside of actually playing, the facility is probably one of the safest spots you could really be in, kind of the way they reconfigured everything and the protocols they put in place, guys should feel as safe as they possibly could when they’re in the building.

He described the specifics of just showing up.

“You have to fill out a survey before we enter the trailer every day, they test in a trailer.” Brate said. “I was talking to the quarterbacks yesterday because they had their first day really working with the coaches and they said it was definitely way different wearing a mask at all times in the building. here’s people checking in on the locker room making sure they’re wearing their mask.”

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians
Bucs head coach Bruce Arians – Zoom call w/Buccaneers

There’s one thing that’s going to be different due to all the changes, and that’s the camaraderie among teammates. There was one spot in particular that Brate enjoyed catching up with teammates but won’t be able to this year. 

“The lunch table is something I love catching up with the guys,” Brate said. A group of eight guys talking during training camp is some of the best stuff to really learn your teammates, but they’ve removed six of those chairs so there’s two chairs per table, just the small stuff like that, it’s just going to be totally different. The only time we’re really all gonna be together is when we’re actually practicing.”

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Good little article Matt. Glad to hear Brate had minor effects to this China Virus. Hopefully a vaccine is a month or two away and we can all rest better.

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Man it’s gonna suck not being in the stadium for the first time in years but crediting my tix to the 2021 season and catching games on tv. Too risky this year to be at games

Rating: +3. From 7 votes.
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Why not name the virus after the person who has facilitated and helped spread the virus the most in the US Dbuc63.
Let’s call it Trump’s Virus.
Because if he had acted like the Bucs were this virus would be very much contained by now and we wouldn’t have lost over 150.000 American’s and the people of this nation wouldn’t be treated like they were from some third world s%itb#x and not allowed to travel into other countries.
Glad to see Brate is better.

Rating: -7. From 27 votes.
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I would love to see the 13 thumbs down voters explain why Trump’s insistence it would magically go away, that it was no big deal, signaling that people shouldn’t wear masks by refusing to, which caused all of his Congressional and gubernatorial partners in crime to do the same, and Pushing states to reopen sooner than was prudent, attacking those who wouldn’t, all because of his personal insecurities and ratings in polls, isn’t the reason we’ve had 150k AMERICANS die while virtually the entire rest of the world is in better shape. Please enlighten me. Rate this item:Thumb UpThumb DownSubmit… Read more »

James Taylor

Ok, so I agree that discouraging masks and irrational optimism weren’t helpful. However, you are making a big assumption about the efficacy of masks and even the timeline for stopping the spread of the infection. I realize you don’t want to hear this because it doesn’t fit your orange man bad narrative, but the single best thing that could have been done would have been for the Chinese Communist Party to discontinue travel outside of Hubei province once they saw the first patients in December. The virus originated there and they seeded the rest of the planet. While Trump and… Read more »


I come into PR, like I have since the Buc magazine days to get away from the real world issues and get my football fix.

Unfortunately, there are idiots like drdneast that have to bring political discussions to a football forum. IMO, the politics should be left to other forums. First off, most people don’t want to hear it and secondly, it makes you sound like a uninformed moron.

Sure, everything is Trump’s fault..SMH..what a jackass.

Rating: +1. From 15 votes.
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Uninformed? If you’re getting your information from Fox you’re not uninformed you’re misinformed Scott is probably right there with you, science deniers locking arms together in whatever the opposite of the wall of moms (and the wall of vets who came out to protect them) would look like. Since you don’t believe in facts or science and don’t care about people dying unnecessarily from the virus, are you going to get a vaccine? Which Idiot will take credit for even though the drug companies started working on the virus in JANUARY while idiot was denying it for months, he actually… Read more »


Hey fanofdabucs, Only an idiot would not recognize that the USA leads the world in covid 19 cases and deaths. Over 150,000 dead Americans. And only a fool would not recognize that Trump has done nothing to prevent to virus from spreading and he has been instrumental in it’s spread with his constant fake news tweets about how the virus is like the flu, or his famous, lets inject disinfectant or drink bleach. So yea, everything is Trumps fault. You uninformed moron.

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James Taylor

First of all you should come to this forum more respectfully. Acting like a jerk and insulting people doesn’t win you any respect. Second, the US is the third most populous county in the world at 330 million people (behind China and India) so we will have the largest number unless China reports accurate numbers or India is as susceptible to this outbreak as we are. You are making big assumptions about social distancing protocols and the efficacy of retarding virus spread which is not based on any empirical basis. We have no way of knowing how we can look… Read more »


Is this a test-bot? Let’s go with facts: Italy France Germany and Spain combined have about 1 million cases. They are experiencing minimal deaths. What’s different? It took them a while to get it together but they were disciplined during their shutdowns because their leaders stepped up instead of lying to people. Trump and the Republicans in Congress who enabled him have the blood of at least half of the Americans who died on their hands. The damning thing is they don’t care. Do you? Yes or no? Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work. This was proven in multiple studies. Upon which the… Read more »

James Taylor

You aren’t considering the volume of testing and the how that influences the number of cases. Did Italy have the testing capacity in February and early March to capture the spread of infection? If you wanted to actually compare statistics between the US and a group of European countries you would have to control for a number of things such as testing capacity, population density, equivalent time horizons, the possibility of a second wave in Europe (which is happening now), and the immunity profile of heterogeneous populations before you could even begin to assess the efficacy of mitigations. Quite frankly… Read more »

James Taylor

First I’m going to acquaint you with facts. First, Spain and Italy have 608 and 582 deaths per million compared to 478 per million for USA. So you characterization of minimal death is just not true. I think you are operating on a false idea of the state of the world. France did slightly better at 468 per million, but that could be for any of a dozen different reasons. Germany stands out as having done better than any other Western country, but they are going through a second wave now. So your entire premise is just wrong. The most… Read more »