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    Naturally we get rolling and starters start to go down. The good thing is , I think this Chargers team is a team we can beat without being full strength. Hell after the last to weeks I”m drinking the kool aid. Just have to continue that spectacular defense and Jameis taking care of the ball. We’re finally getting respect in the power polls, if you really care about those sort of things, but going to 7-5 would be nuts and almost inconceivable at points this year.

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    Maybe also a good sign about Jacquizz Rodgers, letting Mike James go.

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    Good to be able to get your hands on quality back-up, but I’m starting to wonder why S Ryan Smith, a 4th round pick hasn’t played a single snap on defense at S or CB. I’ve learned to be patient this year so no concern, but still wondering! Chris Conte came on and played above expectations, so we hope Major Wright can perform well too!

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    Hopefully this means that Rodgers will be back on the field. We need some more firepower in the backfield.

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    Singed a DT. Worried about McCoy!

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      Same but he said he expects to play sunday so at most he will be out a week it seems

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    All this makes sense. James is released because we have 3 available RB’s; Murphy released because we have some young WR’s that are making a splash and we now don’t need him; Conte appears to be out for a couple games and Wright is the best safety net; releasing Brown is just a precaution plus taking a peak at another DT. Murph; best to you and hope you can get on another team next season.

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    Assuming is Conte can’t go Tandy will start and Wright is for depth? Not sure since we have been healthy at safety all year.

    Also assume Ryan Smith isn’t progressing well?

    Anyways hope this doesn’t hurt chemistry too bad Conte was playing some good ball las few weeks.

    Go Bucs!

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    Doesn’t anyone know Sims or Rodgers status?

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      Both are back at practice! Both practiced last week. I assume with the release of RB Mike James RB Jacquizz Rodgers is ready to play this Sunday. Koetter provides injury updates every Wednesday in his presser.

      Both RBs returned to practice on Wednesday 11/23. Sims was designated return from IR and is in a 21 day practice period. By NFL rule, he must remain on IR for 8 weeks so he can’t be activated to play until week 14 for the final 4 games.


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    Winston has played well in the last three games. He had a completion percentage of 69.7%, 61.5% and 75% respectively. He also got QB ratings of 107.1, 97.3 and 106.3 in those games.

    Go Bucs!!!

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    Thanks Mac. Rodgers and Martin could be a nice pair together. Both similar straight ahead runners, low and powerful.

    Offense needs run game to be even better down the stretch here to really have a chance at, dare I say, playoffs.

    We left too may pints on the board against Seattle. Have to get better in red zone. As far as FG’s being made not even going there. Guess no matter how bad it gets they won’t change it until next year and I disagree. If he costs us a game that decides if we go to playoffs I bet others here will feel same way.

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    Points. These stupid phones annoy the shit out of me.

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    When I was in England I never left pints on the field.

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