Bucs wide receiver Cecil Shorts III has been placed on the injured reserve list, the team announced Tuesday.

The move was expected after Shorts took a direct shot to his knees in San Diego this past weekend and needed to be carted off the field. It’s been reported that the low and legal hit from Tampa native and Riverview High graduate Jahleel Addae dislocated Shorts’ knee and tore his ACL, MCL and PCL.

An article in Monday’s The San Diego Union-Tribune goes into detail about the play, how Addae reached out to Shorts on the field and after the game to wish him well, and the Tampa resident’s thoughts on the Catch-22 scenario of defenders targeting high or low.

“Obviously, I feel bad for the guy,” Addae said in the article. “I prayed for him, and I went and talked to him, let him know that I hope everything is well. But the proof is in the pudding: I’ve been fined plenty of times. Every time I get fined, they tell me I need to lower my target. I’m pretty sure that a guy would rather get hit in the chest and hit in the head and be out for a month than what happened to Cecil.

“They say go for the mid-section, but the target lowers and you can possibly have your helmet hit his helmet, and it’s a fine, and it’s a flag. I’m hurting my pockets, and I’m hurting my team. And then, when I go low, some classify it as ‘dirty.’ It’s a lose-lose situation. … I deliberately did not go high because of my past.”

Shorts’ placement on the IR was anticipated. Unknown was what the Bucs would to do address his loss and the potential absence of receiver Adam Humphries, who suffered a first-quarter concussion against the Chargers. Tampa Bay answered part of that question by promoting Josh Huff from the practice squad to the active roster.

Huff’s a 5-foot-11 speedster who caught 48 receptions for 482 yards and four touchdowns during three years with the Philadelphia Eagles. He also returned kicks in Philly, averaging 27.7 yards on 42 returns and taking two to the house. The 25-year-old was signed by the Bucs on Nov. 7.

In addition to promoting Huff, the Bucs also brought back St. Petersburg native Bernard Reedy to fill up the 10-man practice squad roster.

There are now five receivers on the current active roster: Mike Evans, Huff, Humphries, Freddie Martino and Russell Shepard. Reedy joins fellow wideouts Donteea Dye Jr. and Myles White on the practice squad.

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4 years ago

If Huff can contribute in the return game and stretch the field to create more space for Evans & Brate, he’ll be worth the pickup. With his speed, I’d love to see him involved in our reverse and screen game. And if he can haul in a long bomb or two, awesome. I love Hump, but he’s not a homerun threat on those screen/reverse plays. That said, we really need Hump back ASAP.

4 years ago

Is it just me or does it seem like every time Humphries gets a catch he not only gets hit hard but gets hit in the head or his head bangs off the turf. I cringe every time he gets the ball. I love the guy, he gives it his all every play but jeez. I have been waiting for this injury to occur, sadly. I also think he may have already had a concussion or two, mild or not. He has seemed almost woozy several times in several games. I thought he would have been more of a factor… Read more »

Reply to  MUVLODGE
4 years ago

Yeah I feel Humphries needs to learn to protect himself better especially going across the middle. He need to watch more tape on The Patriots slot receivers and learn from how they get down and protect themselves. I hope he has learned that lesson now. GO BUCS!!!

4 years ago

I thought they might use the Shorts placement on IR to bring back Sims. I guess now another player will need to be released to make that move. Perhaps one of the extra DT’s.

4 years ago

I find it pressing to believe that when someone hits a guy in the knees they say that was the only shot they had. I admit, there are times when it’s unavoidable. And on the play on Shorts, I think Addae could have avoided his knees. Especially when your coming at the side of them , like if I remember right, Addae was. There is more space from the shoulders down to the thighs than anywhere else on the body. That’s a pretty big target area to hit. Even when a receiver crouches, there is still more room there then… Read more »