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    If Huff can contribute in the return game and stretch the field to create more space for Evans & Brate, he’ll be worth the pickup. With his speed, I’d love to see him involved in our reverse and screen game. And if he can haul in a long bomb or two, awesome. I love Hump, but he’s not a homerun threat on those screen/reverse plays. That said, we really need Hump back ASAP.

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    Is it just me or does it seem like every time Humphries gets a catch he not only gets hit hard but gets hit in the head or his head bangs off the turf. I cringe every time he gets the ball. I love the guy, he gives it his all every play but jeez. I have been waiting for this injury to occur, sadly. I also think he may have already had a concussion or two, mild or not. He has seemed almost woozy several times in several games. I thought he would have been more of a factor this season but after VJAX going down, which I called in the off season and said he was a waste of $12 million and a roster spot. We could have went after a younger faster FA and given Jameis some real targets instead of being one dimensional and over targeting 13. We are lucky he hasn’t been picked more doing so. To his credit especially the last 7 games he has been amazing. I do think 11 would be more of a factor with a better #2 option out there. I told people during TC that Adam was going to be our X – Factor and at times he has been but maybe with a little more seasoning and more talent around the WR corp he will be.

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      Yeah I feel Humphries needs to learn to protect himself better especially going across the middle. He need to watch more tape on The Patriots slot receivers and learn from how they get down and protect themselves. I hope he has learned that lesson now. GO BUCS!!!

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    I thought they might use the Shorts placement on IR to bring back Sims. I guess now another player will need to be released to make that move. Perhaps one of the extra DT’s.

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    I find it pressing to believe that when someone hits a guy in the knees they say that was the only shot they had. I admit, there are times when it’s unavoidable. And on the play on Shorts, I think Addae could have avoided his knees. Especially when your coming at the side of them , like if I remember right, Addae was.

    There is more space from the shoulders down to the thighs than anywhere else on the body. That’s a pretty big target area to hit. Even when a receiver crouches, there is still more room there then what you have at the knees. The knees is such a small target area, you almost have to aim to hit them. I think going for the knees is a bush-league hit and at most times it is unavoidable. But guys go for them because it is a lot harder for a receiver to move his knees out of the way verses other parts of the body. This is just my honest opinion.

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