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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    I webt to today’s practice with the kids and grandkids. I couldn’t really see the action in the trenches that Scott described very well given that the fan seats are not very high,so most of the action in the trenches is screened from view.

    My non-professional observations of the action today:

    1) The offense seemed to have its way with the defense today (I understand it was the opposite yesterday). Other that a couple of dropped balls and receivers who didn’t always go where the quarterback thought they should go, they caught most of the balls, some of them highly contested and not easy catches to make.

    2) Humph was a beast today.

    3) I loved the OJ Howard tipped ball drill … he showed a real strong sense of ballhawking to go up and get that ball.

    4) Antony Auclair was also a beast today, seemed to be catching most of the balls for the second and third string offense. He should make the team,in my opinion.

    5) Doug Martin was a beast today too … really juking between and around defenders on both the first and second level.

    6) Gerald McCoy and Vernon Hargreaves were very fun to watch – clearly the two “personalities” on the defense.

    7) It’s really obvious that our starter and backup QBs are Jameis and Fitz, in that order. Jameis looked like Jameis, very confident in the pocket, able to step up and avoid would-be sackers and make crisp passes (though he does still tend to stare down his receivers, which led to interceptions, and he does still tend to overthrow the ball a bit). Fitz looked like he’s been quarterbacking the Bucs for years … very confident, smooth, clearly in charge. I have no qualms at all about him filling in for Jameis should he go down for awhile. The other two QBs are clearly third string material.

    8) It was really cool to see DJax literally haul two kids out of the stands after practice, take them out onto the field, and play toss and catch with them for probably 10 minutes. Hard Knocks caught it all, so it may show up on TV. Those two kids will be beaming for years to come!

    Overall, though the results on the field today were a bit uneven as Scott wrote,I saw a lot of hustle and effort out there today by everybody, offense and defense and special teams, first string through fourth.

    The practice was capped off by my granddaughter getting her no. 13 jersey, which she wore proudly, signed by Mike Evans at the end of practice (when he saw her waiting, he actually asked HER if he could sign her jersey!), and the pic of him doing so got posted by the Bucs on their facebook today! How cool!

    We’ve still got a lot of work to get better, but I am pretty enthused after watching this practice today!

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      Correction … I mistakenly thought it was DJax with the two kids, but my son corrected me … it was Derel Walker (#87) instead … my bad. Still cool though.

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      Trevor Sikkema

      Love the recap!

      I agree that Martin continues to look good. The “Martin’s job isn’t safe” headlines were oddly timed today.

      Auclair was not great the last two days, so this one was encouraging.

      There are so many good guys on this team. They’re so easy to root for.

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    Alldaway 2.0

    If I was the Bucs HC I would be taking a seriously hard look at the backup OT’s and to develop them ASAP.

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    I’m hoping Pence makes that difference on the pass rush on 3rd down. Go Bucs! Trevor any chance you growing some 6 to 12 inches so we can see your videos better?

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      Trevor Sikkema

      Lol, the problem is, where the media can walk and record is right in front of the stands/fans. So I don’t stand up for most of them because I’d get in their way or block them.

      I’ll try to angle it as best I can.

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    That publication always seem to write ill-timed articles. I don’t know what they are on sometimes.

    @ naples

    Great recap!

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    Ken - Kfromfla

    What does Noah Spence have in common with Von Miller, Aaron Donald, Robert Mathis, Dee Ford, and Osi Umenyiora? Beside chasing a guy who gets handed the ball first on nearly every offensive snap, they all trained with who I think may be the superstar of Defensive Line trainers, Chuck Smith. This guy is the real deal in his understanding of NFL pass rush and it is rumored that he sees Noah Spence as his newest prodigy. My guess is that if Noah Spence has a break out, it will be because of his natural ability and talents that was greatly enhanced by this Pass Rush Master.

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    Nice scouting report by Naples but he left off the most important subject………..our own Trevor Sikkema.

    Trevor is on the tall side. Towering over the likes of Mark Cook and Scott Reynolds and confident enough in his own skin to sport a man bun. Trevor paced the sidelines until he found a place to sit in the grass while other credentialed people tried to navigate around him. From my perch in the stands I noted that the new-age hairdo was more like a clump of hair on top of his head than an actual bun. Like many youngsters, Trevor spent much of his time looking as his smart phone and either texting, tweeting or some other form of modern communication. I did see him take a few pictures to share with us Pewter Report folks. We appreciate your hard work Trev.

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    I watched a ton of film on Spence during this offseason. One thing that jumped was the lack of a true inside move. Hopefully, the one in the film shows up more this season. If that has to be respected, then his outside move is just that much effective. Love the Derrick Thomas comparison, I’ve thought that for awhile. One thing that made his outside move so explosive was the respect opposition had for his inside move. Hopefully, thats what we see out of Spence.

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