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    Well they better play like there is no tomorrow on Defense. As to the Offense, Koetter needs to consider he has really no back up help on the OL so I hope he helps Winston by throwing shorter passes. Please put Cherilus on IR; same for Dotson if he isn’t going to be able to play. Go Bucs!

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    Just don’t let him give the pre-game speech, we would probably lose again after he tells our guys to go out there and have fun. What a joke. I am curious though as I saw Kwon calling out some people for getting out worked. Not saying it’s Mccoy but apparently there are those who still aren’t giving it their all. Kwon was apparently watching film Christmas night. That dude is legit and what we needed on defense.

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    Why shouldn’t it be fun to do their life’s work? You can be serious about the job, work hard at it, be productive and still have fun and enjoy doing it. Perhaps a “Lets all be miserable!” speech would be more effective. Having a scowl on one’s face in place of a grin doesn’t make him play or work any better.

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    I don’t give a shite about the speech. Just go out there, and dominate. No bullshit, shut up, and just dominate. Be an unstoppable force, make it happen, stars do. Don’t care if you’re having fun, or you’re miserable. Just get this win by balling all day, that’s what they pay you for. It’ll only be “fun” if we win.

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      So you view NFL players as little more than slaves who exist only to give you pleasure?

      And apparently you believe that when they enjoy their jobs it is somehow getting in the way of your pleasure as a fan?

      That’s a pretty sour and narcissistic view of NFL football.

      The players want to win every game, they do their best in a very competitive league, and yes, they’re paid for it – some very well, the majority not so much – and they give up their bodies and their health to do it for but a few years of their lives. They also want their fans to enjoy the experience too, and they are disappointed whenever they can’t deliver a W.

      If all you care about is getting a win on Sunday, and absolutely nothing else matters, then you’re not much of a football fan, just a narcissist who demands to be supplicated.

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    We can still win this game, and a win still matters even if a trip to the playoffs isn’t in the cards. I believe our players and coaches will do their level best to deliver a win. But with our best red zone receiver now on IR it’s going to be tougher. Our defense delivered a weak performance on Saturday with Gholston out of the rotation on the line … if he can play again, that will help a great deal, but if he’s out and we’re still relying on a rookie with a total of five quarters of NFL football under his belt, it’s going to be tougher still.

    The Bucs continue to lead the league in number of players on IR, adding two more this week to that total. That’s playing with two hands tied behind our backs. We can get the win, but don’t go nuclear on the Bucs if it doesn’t happen considering the circumstances.

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