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    I have to admit it’s’s tough for any coach if you don’t have players who can play.

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      Agreed horse. I feel like this team is cursed. Is it possible to take a look at our strength and conditioning coaches and see if these guys are doing their jobs as well? It seems like this teams is always hit hard by injuries.

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        That’s what I was thinking. Also, the training staff (medical).

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    It’s time for a little good news or potentially good news. HC Dirk Koetter won’t always talk to local media but seems to open up for the national media more often.

    Alex Marvez of Sirius/XM NFL radio reports that Koetter expects RB Doug Martin to return to practice next week and be ready for the Bears game on 11/13. Look for confirming news during practice next week barring the dreaded “setback” word that we so frequently hear. Here’s what I read, you decide!


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      You always know stuff. You’re like that old sage in the cave. “Enlighten us oh wise one” Thanks for a bit of encouragement.

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      That would be very good news … as would be getting Clinton McDonald back in the trenches with Gerald McCoy, and Louis Murphy back working with Jameis.

      We may not be in good shape for competing for a playoff spot in December, but a good second half of the season is still a possibility.

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    It would be great to get Martin back, but that won’t fix the worst D in the world. I haven’t yet lost faith in Koetter, but I think Licht might need to go. I can understand Koetter wanting to hire his friend Smith, they had an agreement with each other. Licht had no such deal, and should’ve hired who he thought would be best for the team going forward. As G.M. he’s brought in a lot of x Lovie players, and now X Koetter players. Isn’t it his job to find the best players period? It seems to me he has no vision of what the Bucs should be, but seems to follow his H.C.’s wishes. With safety a glaring need, and the depth of the team depleated, moving up to draft a kicker has to be the clincher. Hard to believe the majority of scouts, and coaches, agreed with this move. This pile of crap needs to be swept up by a new broom. Licht needs to be shown the door.

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    I agree. I still haven’t given up on Koetter. He’s made some game managent mistakes, but look what he’s had to work with as coach. The injuries are just ridiculous. The roster doesn’t even resemble the one from week one when we beat Atlanta. It’s crazy.

    Don’t care really if Martin comes back. Misses half year on a hamstring? Guy just can’t stay healthy. I doubt seriously he comes back in November or even plays all games after that even if he does. He won’t fix this garbage defense either.

    Also agree on Licht. After the kicker gamble backfired he probably should be shown the door. I was gainer us from draft day. Lot people here told me how wrong I was. Lol. Whatever. The team had so many obvious needs it was dumb. Even if he was an average to good kicker it was dumb.

    Maybe give Smith another year if they can solidify the roster some on D and maybe not have the whole damn D line not get injured!

    I’d also look at another strength and conditioning coach because this crap is ridiculous.

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    It would really be nice if Martin could return against the bears. Based on the schedule the Bears might be one of a few teams left that we have a chance of defeating. I can’t recall a season where we went through so many running backs. I hope we can finish the last five or six games with Martin and Smith Healthy. I don’t think Ayers was ready against the Falcons. I would like to see a healthy Ayers and a more experienced Noah Spence in the last six games. Finally looking ahead which unfortunately has become a way of life in Tampa, I see WR, DL,and S as our 2017 draft focus. Agree maybe we should take a long look at Licht.

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    I agree I just don’t think Ayers is 100 percent. N. Spence does seem to be improving each week that’s a bright spot on this horrible defense.

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    And so we’re back in the same old position every year: worthless wins versus draft position. For a .500 season I’d take it. But is that realistic? I say no. Seven wins? Doubtful. So it’s better to go 3-13 or 4-12 than miss out on Adams or Peppers. No benefit to 5 or 6 wins.

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    Can we all just stop bringing up the Roberto Aguayo pick in nearly every article. OK, I get that it was a bit unconventional and, at this point of his 1/2 season career, looks like an unwise choice unless he finds his groove. Personally I think he rushes some of his kicks since in the NFL the defenders are in there so quickly and once he gets used to it his accuracy will return. . But I think we all can agree that there was no guarantee that who we might have chosen at that spot would have fared any better. What’s done is done. Time to move on. Heck, the way things have gone this season had we drafted another position he’d be on IR by now.

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    Is Sims gonna come back week 13 or is done for the year? Anyone have any insight?

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      Sims was put on IR following the Denver game 5. The rule states that a team can return from IR one player after that player has been on IR for at least 8 weeks. So he would be eligible in week 13, but so would others who have been on IR for that period of time. The team decides who returns, but this can only be done once for a single player.

      Below are players on IR. I added Howard Jones and Antone Smith though Bucs have to make that official this week.


      59 Bond, Devante LB 6-1 236 24 R Oklahoma
      83 Jackson, Vincent WR 6-5 230 33 11 Northern Colorado
      94 Johnson, George DE 6-4 265 27 4 Rutgers
      95 Jones, Howard DE 6-4 238 25 1 Shepherd
      34 Sims, Charles RB 6-0 211 24 2 West Virginia
      36 Smith, Antone RB 5-9 192 31 7 Florida State
      56 Smith, Jacquies DE 6-2 260 24 1 Missouri

      FWIW, this week the Bucs must either add WR Murphy to the 53, move him to IR, or cut him. After the 11th week OG Sweezy must begin practice, go to IR, or be cut. If he starts practice, the Bucs will be given another 3 weeks to make the same decision.

      Hope this helps!

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    Something needs to change. There’s no way we should have this many injuries. The last time our whole team was available to play was week 1 against Atlanta and look at how that turned out. We need to make some staff changes and figure out the weak link leading to all these injuries. Our team is not as bad as it seems, we have 1/2 the team out on injuries

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    Aguayo keeps getting brought up because was crazy move. I’ll quit bringing it up when he quits missing extra points or gets cut. Lol. So many good choices that were on the board don’t think they would been a bust but whatever..

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      Should I start listing the 2nd round failures that we have drafted?

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