Fresh off of a new contract with the Bucs, linebacker Lavonte David joined Brandon Marshall, Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor and Ryan Clark on the I Am Athlete podcast where he talked about winning his first Super Bowl after facing defeat in Tampa Bay’s first match-up with the Chiefs.

“That played a huge part,” David said about being embarrassed by the Chiefs in Week 12. “Because we knew after that moment, we were going into the bye week and we knew that we weren’t losing another game. I’ll tell you no lie. Everybody knows Tom [Brady], Tom came and said, ‘I’m glad we got this out of the way. Trust me. We’re going to get this right, you guys are going to keep playing good and we’re not going to lose another game,’ and that was it.”

Brady told David that the Bucs wouldn’t lose another game after dropping a 31-27 contest against the Chiefs and that was a promise that Brady ultimately kept. After their bye week in Week 13, Tampa Bay rattled off four consecutive wins against Atlanta (two times), Detroit and Minnesota to finish the season 11-5 before defeating Washington, New Orleans, Green Bay and ultimately Kansas City en route to the Bucs’ second Super Bowl in franchise history.

“I think the attitude just shifted,” David said after that moment. “Everybody knew what they did to us, they were bragging and boasting, I think they had ‘running back’ on the back of their jerseys. Then they’re bragging and boasting about the first game and they only did that in the first quarter so we already knew. The second half they came out and I think they only scored 10 points in the second half and we had a chance to win the game and things didn’t go our way.

“We get there to the Super Bowl and you could tell, just the whole swagger was different. I’ve never been around a group of guys who just, ‘We’re here now. You guys are going to have to feel us.'”

You can watch the whole 23 minute-long interview with David here:

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1 month ago

another correction :  ….Bucs wouldn’t lose another game after dropping a 31-27 contest against the Chiefs….”.
The score was 27 – 24. I have no idea where 31- 27 came from LOL COMEON TAYLOR!!!!