It’s just the first day of rookie minicamp and with many players focused on getting acclimated with their new environment, their new playbook and their new teammates, it’s rarely the most polished of practices, but if any group stood out on the first day for the Buccaneers it had to be their young group of defensive backs.

After the team’s morning walkthrough, the Bucs’ newly drafted defensive backs Sean Murphy-Bunting, his roommate Jamel Dean and Mike Edwards, were all available to the media where they shared their excitement to be done with the pre-draft process and finally be back on the football field.

Once on the field with their helmets on, it seemed like a seamless transition for some. While the quarterback play likely wasn’t at it’s best, likely due to a lack of chemistry and their receivers running routes they’re just learning and getting comfortable with, seeing the defensive backs make plays early is a promising sign. The defensive backfield was overhauled for a reason, with Tampa Bay’s defense taking away just nine interceptions in 2018 while Andrew Adams was the only player on the roster with more than one.

Arians added that during the scrimmage period, both Dean and Murphy-Bunting had interceptions that they returned for a pick-six, and Arians said that Dean probably could have had another interception returned for a touchdown but he hesitated on a tipped pass.

The competition will be strong at the positions as the high-round cornerback additions battle it out for starting spots with second-year cornerback Carlton Davis and the Bucs’ closest thing to a vet at the position, Vernon Hargreaves, and Edwards looks to be a leader at safety.

Tomorrow the Bucs will be on the field again for their second day of rookie minicamp.

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Alldaway 2.0
2 years ago

Excited to see how all these players come together to play as a defensive unit.

2 years ago

Let’s hope this continuous throughout training camp….

2 years ago

I would think it’s expected to have multiple interceptions on the first few days of camp as the offense is still sloppy and the defense is reacting as they would any other time. I’m anxious to see if this trend continues as the QBs and receivers become more fluid and passes become more accurate. That’s when we should start getting excited about the new DB talent.

2 years ago

If Testaverde was tossing the rock, it would figure. Like father like son.
Okay, I know that was really uncalled for and mean spirited but couldn’t keep my dark side quiet.
Besides, poor Vinny didn’t have the best receivers when he was here.

2 years ago

Wow, Murphy-Bunting sounds extremely impressive. He’s a very smart, mature young man. Reminds me a bit of Ronde back in the day. Very different from a lot of cornerbacks who are either athletic freaks without the intelligence to learn and grow, or else divas who think they don’t need to work and study because they have natural gifts. Again, he reminds me of Ronde that way. He may not be good in Year 1 (Ronde wasn’t either), but over time, he is likely to improve. I’m not saying he will ever be as good as Ronde, but he could become… Read more »