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    Jacquies Smith’s fumble recovery against Jacksonville was in 2015, the Bucs’ cross Conference matchup in 2014 was the AFCN and the AFCS in 2015. Additionally according to Pro-Football-Reference Smith has 4 fumble recoveries, not the 2 described in the story. Go Bucs!

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    Gee BobLB, now I can sleep soundly tonight now not having to worry about those minuet facts.

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    Maybe the Bucs can rent a time machine and bring that Jacquies Smith into the present

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    I think Smith is going to be huge this year for the Bucs and have that breakout season he might of had last year.

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    Small DE’s seem to equal early and multiple type of injuries. How many games has Smith actually played in since he has been a Buc? Anybody know?

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    Horse you make lot comments about players being too small like center,DE etc. I don’t think that’s determining factor with injuries. Sure it can play a role I guess but to me It’s genetics, conditioning,and plain damn luck IMO.

    Smith is what about 6-2 260lbs? Look at Von Miller who is really an outside Lb in a 3-4 but he’s 6-3 250lbs. One of best at his job IMO. Hasn’t been injured that much.

    Could argue 3-4 has to even be more physical. 3-4 Outside Linebacker will generally be expected to rush the passer effectively. That will be their #1 job. A 4-3 Outside Linebacker is going to have a much lower emphasis placed on their pass-rushing ability, but more on their ability to drop into coverage. Both are expected to do well against the running game, but the duties are a little different there as well (3-4 OLB needs to be a little stronger vs blockers but can cover less ground since there are 4 LBs. A 4-3 OLB needs to cover more ground and so can sacrifice a bit of strength vs blockers). A 4-3 Defensive End is expected to rush the passer effectively and will be graded similarly to the 3-4 LB. A 3-4 DE is expected to occupy multiple blockers and “gaps” (potential running lanes) so that the Linebackers can make plays.

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      Good observation fredster. I enjoy Horse’s posts and know he’s a great fan, but he does comment about players being “too small” when a comparison to others at the position would prove otherwise. I’m of the “size doesn’t matter” group……….for good reason. Right girls?

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        Scu, you’re funny; always enjoy your posts. I don’t mine the comments as long as I have the chance to express my opinion. If the Bucs want to get into the playoffs they have to get bigger at some spots. When was the last time a 4-3 defense won a superbowl with a 6′ 2″(barely if that) DE? How about to the Conference Championship game? Same foe a 6′ 2″(barely, if that) Center?



          Size is a factor, but generally minor compared to most others in football.

          The guy who owns many of the NFL’s passing records is a mere 5 ft 10 in. He was supposed to be a bust because of his small size, and was drafted in the second round. He’s a helluva lot better passer than the quarterback of the Panthers who has 8 inches and 50 pounds of size advantage. One will be first ballot HOF for sure ,… the other, though he won an MVP a couple years ago, probably not.

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      Smith isn’t a stand up pass rusher like Miller. If Hawley was so good why did Falcons let him go and sign a bigger Center? How did that work for them? Smith and hawley are fine players if you want to go 6-10 every year.

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    Horse, check out Dwight Feeney of the ex Falcons and ex Colts. Won the conference with he Falcons and the Super Bowl with the Colts and has always played around 250 to 260 range.
    I do agree with you somewhat though but don’t feel size is the overwhelming factor when it comes to injuries. I am of the mindset that it is more just dumb luck.
    Look at Terry Bridgewater last year. Even Smith didn’t hurt his knee of a contact play against the Falcons.
    A lot of players just blow their Achilles tendon out by moving in an atypical direction.
    Probably the only thing Chip Kelly ever said that made sense to me was that all football players are going to get injured at some point in their career, its just a matter of when and for how long.

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