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    Congratulations Noah. Well deserved I might add.

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    Well deserved. This guy has came on strong of late as he seems to be getting better at stopping the run and injuries have gotten him more playing time. His motor and get off is damn good and people knocked his 40 time at the combine, but as a d-lineman, the only one I care about is that 10 yard split. And his was one of the fastest. Him and Hargreaves have been playing great.

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    It’s been fun to see Noah grow and learn as a rookie … big difference in his play last week and in Week 1.

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    I’m reminded of that old Bill Cosby skit depicting the story of Noah’s Arc where God says, “Noah, this is the Lord………I want you to build an arc.” To which Noah replies, “What’s an arc?”

    Noah, this is Scubog…………I want you to sack the quarterback. I’m pretty sure you know what a QB is.

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