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Steve McLendon had the play of the game for the Bucs during Monday night’s win against the Giants. He recorded the first interception of his career in the third quarter, becoming the second oldest player in the NFL to record their first pick at age 35.

That interception came with a price though. Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network reports that McLendon was fined $6,736 for taunting in his post-pick celebration.

The NFL has put more of an emphasis on taunting this year, which no one, including yours truly, seems to support. The Bucs have been on both ends of taunting penalties this year. Mike Edwards was penalized after his second pick-six in a win over the Falcons in Week 2. That one was meaningless in a blow out win. But a few weeks later, Devin White picked up a huge flag in a loss to the Saints.

However, Tampa Bay was the beneficiary of a taunting penalty against the Eagles. After a Leonard Fournette run, the Bucs running back drew a flag that helped set up the team’s clock-killing drive to win the game.

McLendon’s situation is a new one though. He’s the first Buc to be fined specifically for taunting this season. Seems like it was worth it for what was a highlight play. It’s not every game you see a defensive lineman get an interception, let alone the first of their career after 12 years in the league.

The Bucs play again at 1:00 PM ET this Sunday against the Colts on the road.

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1 month ago

It’s an asinine rule, like so many emanating from the NFL these days. The ’emasculation’ of the sport continues apace under the ‘woke’ stewardship of Roger Goodell. Soon they’ll be throwing flags for ‘micro-aggression’ or ‘etiquette infractions’ such as not picking up the QB after you’ve tackled him!

Reply to  compewterpirate
1 month ago

Remember Goodell fined Tom Brady for 4 games suspension after he destroyed his personal phone following the instruction of his own lawyer. That was Tom’s personal phone that may contain personal information about his family which was none of the NFL’s business.

1 month ago

It’s the inconsistency of the enforcement of the questionable rule that disturbs me. Mike Edwards simply enters the end zone in reverse and he gets flagged while others like Lamar Jackson and Tyreek Hill have gone all Simone Biles and done back-flips to score with not so much as a warning. Of course we all remember Tyreek Hill flashing the peace sign and then when our own AWJ does his own hippie impersonation in retaliation, he gets a penalty. I’m all for rules to reduce injury, but hurting someone’s feelings or offending them, should be dealt with by the players… Read more »

Reply to  scubog
1 month ago

Great point about Hill vs Winfield.

1 month ago

I don’t even know what he really did so it must not have been too egregious. I’m okay with the rule for over the top and in your face stuff but it’s gotten ridiculous

1 month ago

NFL – keeping the tradition alive .. aka the “No Fun League”.

Mb Nfl Double Your First Deposit Football Team Vs Bucs Pewter 728x90 Jpg