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    What impressed me most leading up to this match-up between Sherman and Evans was #13 having no fear and no doubt. Turned out Sherman had no chance against our young superstar.

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    Mike Evans is the nucleus of the Buc offense around which everything revolves. I’m sitting here scratching my head trying to decide what would be the best complement in the 2017 draft – A Desean Jackson type like WR John Ross/Washington or another Vincent Jackson type like Mike Williams/Clemson.

    I could just imagine what he could do if there was another WR threat to draw coverage. Or even a 6-6 pass catching TE working the middle. Either way the Bucs are going to be an offensive tour de force and Evans will be the centerpiece of it for years to come.

    Go Bucs!

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      Macabee, I think a Vincent Jackson type of player as it suits Winston’s style to throw it up and let them grab it.

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      I agree that Evans is the nucleus of the team. I would even take it a bit further and say that a high pick on an offensive skill player is not needed because of Evans. I would stick with o-line and defense as the areas to address in the draft. The threat of Evans, a good run game and Jameis’s ability to get the ball to people like Brate/Sheppard/Shorts should be enough to keep opposing defenses spread out.

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    Mike Evans is really really good. Sherman is really really good. The difference yesterday was attitude. Mike had the attitude that he could consistently beat Sherman. Sherman just had attitude. His ego a lot of times gets in the way. Watching him bitch at the zebras after he got burnt was very satisfying. He is a douche and that’s all there is.
    I also believe that his ego allowed him to underestimate Evans. After Carrol smacked him up side his head he played Mike much better.
    But the damage was done.14 points scored be Evans against the Big Headed Sherman was all we needed.
    But for Mike to be mentioned in any statistical rating with Randy Moss, that’s is just awesome. That’s Randy freakin Moss we are talking about here, The best WR ever in my opinion.

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      Sherman’s head is no bigger than his actual performance on the field. Everyone who knows anything considers Sherman to be the best corner in the league, bar none, it’s not even close. Mike Evans says that without reservation, and that he tremendously respects Sherman. Sherman showed no disrespect to Mike. That he pleaded his case with the ref after the play is par for the course, I’d expect any good player to ask for the call … Mike Evans used to do a lot of that too, though less of it this season.

      Sherman lost this battle to Mike Evans. There will be more battles to come, though we don’t play the ‘Hawks very often. I like to see the best vs. the best and go head to head.

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    Gee, I wonder where all those fans/critics are who were yapping about “Mike Evans is a bust” last season, mostly because of his relatively high number of drops last season … half of which drops took place in one single game, in a heavy rainstorm, in which Mike had one of his best performances in terms of yards and catches (8 recs for 164 yards), by far the best performance of any receiver on the field in that one game (more than double the yards of the Redskins’ Jordan Reed) … gee, I told all the Evans naysayers last year that they were full of it and that Mike was almost certainly the best receiver ever to put on a Buccaneers uniform.

    Only the fourth player in all NFL history to notch over 1,000 yards in his first three seasons of play. And he’s still got another 5 games to play to finish out the regular season. On track for nearly 1,500 yards this season … and he’s still only 23 years old and still learning the game, with a young quarterback who himself is only 22 years old and still years away from his prime playing days.

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