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    Alldaway 2.0

    Backup D-line was trash other than Ward and Adbdesmad.

    WR cuts will be the toughest as well as TE.

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    Can we all agree now that we need somebody else as a backup other than Fitzpatrick. Not sure what we’re going to do about a pass rush. GM needs to wake up that Jaquez Smith should be on the 53-man squad; he needs to go to IR and make that decision later to put him on the 53 man roster. Okay fire cannons At Me Now.

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    I meant to say “not on the 53-man roster”.

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    Starting Friday and up until Saturday September 2nd at 4:00pm, 32 NFL teams will release roughly 37 players per team – 1,184 lost jobs. Up to 320 will return to practice squads. In one day 864 players will become unemployed NFL free agents. This is the NFL version of Saint Valentine’s Day.

    I would just as soon get the blood and guts out of the way and see what we got to make that arduous march hopefully to the playoffs. I think I already know most of the guys who will make it (hint: the guys that were held out of tonight’s scrimmage (what it really was).

    There were 1 or 2 guys that might have made it on to 53, but mostly guys playing for 1 of 10 PS spots. It is what it is. Sometimes there’s nothing left to say but flip the coin and play the game. I’m ready for Sunday afternoon. Go Bucs!

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    I’ve got to agree with my friend Horse. Fitzpatrick is so uninspired and so uninspiring the rest of the team and we fans in the stands even become apathetic. I’m good with having an experienced veteran holding the clipboard and offering his observations to young Jameis, but not this guy. Too late to get someone off the waiver wire. Our only hope is that Griffin heals quickly.

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    A repeating sign by Licht? He gets too emotional when it comes to determining whether a player is good enough to play for the Bucs. He’s making mistakes and it’s costing us backup problems. I don’t know how we win more than seven or eight games because you can’t go through a season with your starters being able to play every down,
    The gentleman back up at quarterback, offensive tackle, defensive end, safety and cornerback. Many millions were wasted on older players we signed who are past their Prime and don’t have their heart in the game. I think this was about the worst preseason games I’ve ever watched on the bucs. If Winston, McCoy, Evans, Marpet, Hargreaves/Grimes were toast. Best draft pick that’s going to help us this year is Beckwith.

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    Some of my thoughts now that Pre season is over thank god. No terrible injuries. That’s good. Winston looks better than ever, especially accuracy. Will he continue some of the goofy decisions like throwing ball up for grabs going to the turf when real games start? To be continued….

    O line is scary thin. I said many months ago not drafting or addresssing in free agency was mistake. Ok not going to beat dead horse. I’m concerned. There’s no depth and some starters unproven. To be continued….

    LB’s look good and Glanron looks like a damn starter out there. Depth there for sure.

    Secondary solid long as Grimes and Hargreaves stay healthy. Injury at safety could really be bad too. Nickel looks ok and some depth.

    So happy we have a veteran FG kicker after the horrible Aguayo pick.! Time to move on hope Licht learned something.

    Fitzpatrick is terrible. I think his career is over. The Jets said no thanks and I guess we should have too. So much experience and smart Harvard guy just don’t understand how can be so bad.

    D line and DE (pass rush) is still a huge question mark. I thought it should been addressed in draft last year instead of Aguayo. Or this year… Or maybe a safety at number 2 last year? Ok I know beating a dead horse. Lol. It still stings though. DE and safety are two positions that are very thin. Hopefully we stay healthy, McCoy and Baker stay healthy, both play stellar, and smith gets healthy and applies some edge pressure along with Spence. Otherwise this D line to me has the same future as Shianos. Remember when we were like close to first against run and couldn’t apply any pressure. Probably teams could throw all day on us helped run defense stats too….lol.

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