Pro Football Focused released their final power rankings of the NFL season on Wednesday, where the Bucs finished sixth in PFF’s final installment heading into the playoffs.

Of the six teams finishing above the Bucs in PFF’s power rankings – the Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens – only three teams were given a better percentage chance to win the Super Bowl.

The Bucs, given an eight percent chance along with the Bills, trailed only the Chiefs at 30 percent, the Packers at 22 percent and the Saints at 10 percent.

The Washington Football team, who Tampa Bay will face on Saturday as they head to their first playoff appearance since 2007, finished the season ranked 20th in the power rankings and their chances at winning the Super Bowl (less than one percent) ranked them at the bottom of all playoff teams in that category.

See PFF’s complete final 2020 power rankings here.

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5 months ago

Like Tyson said “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”, the statistics mean nothing if teams win their playoff games. Bucs have 3 individual chances to take care of business. Until then, I’m not stressing statistics and I went to college to study statistics lol

Pete Wood
5 months ago

I agree with the ranking except I would put the Bucs ahead of Baltimore.

5 months ago

Kind of baffled that the Ravens are given a better chance than the Bucs. What has Lamar Jackson done in the playoffs to earn those SB odds? Here’s MVP Lamar Jackson’s playoff stats in 2 games. 0-2(as a favorite in both games). A 51% completion percentage. 280 yds/game. 3 TD’s vs 3 INT’s. ELEVEN sacks!! And a 68 QB Rating. He’s been a beast in the regular season, but a hot mess in his 2 playoff games. Until proven otherwise, he’s a regular season stud, and nothing more. Call me crazy, but I’d rather the QB who has 6 rings,… Read more »