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It’s been an awesome comeback season for Bucs tight end Rob Gronkowski, who returned to football after a one-year hiatus to reunite with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. Arguably the best player ever at the tight end position, Gronkowski posted 45 catches for 623 yards and seven touchdowns while contributing heavily as a standout blocker in 2020, and it sure doesn’t sound like he’s ready to walk away from the game or the Bucs anytime soon.

In an interview with former Patriots defensive end, now NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest, Gronkowski confirmed that he plans to return for the 2021 season as a member of the Buccaneers.

“Are you gonna saddle back up and come in for another year and play with Tom Brady and this team?” McGinest asked.

“Yeah, you gotta,” Gronkowski said. “I feel like this team was built to win right now, it was put together this year to win right now. It always pops up in your mind, you’re thinking about the future a little bit. I can definitely see this team have a lot of talent come back and having another successful run next year as well, with me.”

Until this point Gronkowski had been quiet on his future plans, although the expectation was that he would likely play at least one more season, probably in Tampa Bay. The 31-year old will be a free agent this offseason, but the Bucs appear to be in a position cap wise that they could bring him back at a lower rate than his current $9 million cap hit, especially considering Gronkowski has made it no secret that he doesn’t desire to be anywhere else next season

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About the Author: Jon Ledyard

Jon Ledyard is PewterReport.com's newest Bucs beat writer and has experience covering the Pittsburgh Steelers as a beat writer and analyzing the NFL Draft for several draft websites, including The Draft Network. Follow Ledyard on Twitter at @LedyardNFLDraft
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8 months ago

This is fantastic news. Hes gotten much better as the season has progressed. Heck that florida climate and lower state taxes, let alome playing with his boy tom. Isnt half bad. Id come back too. Next year this team is going to be lethal.

8 months ago

Hope this happens! 600+ yards and 7 TDs after a slow start Isn’t bad at all. Helluva blocker up front. I’m hoping he’ll get in the end zone tonight. At this point I’d be surprised if they didn’t bring him back, honestly.

Reply to  TBChucky
8 months ago

Agreed, the way he neutralized the hot shot pass rusher Young was just a sight to behold.

8 months ago

Very good news. This is very different than when Gronk was in NE when he was ‘maybe I will play or maybe I won’t” type attitude until almost late in the Summer. This early declaration is a sign that he is committed and he will take care of his body this summer and be even that much stronger next season.

8 months ago

Love it. Gronk is having fun and winning. One more time!

8 months ago

Peyton manning spent 4 years in Denver. You could see this thing going another 3 years. Everyone is either in their prime or running out of time. Why would any of them want to leave As long as Brady wants to keep coming back they all should.

8 months ago

He’s invaluable with both his blocking and catching. I really hope they can figure out a way to keep everyone they need here despite the Covid Cap and fix any parts they feel they need to and with hopefully an actual preseason, come out firing on all cylinders from Day 1.

Reply to  Spitfire
8 months ago

Exactl. I’ve been hearing negative/and or completely unrealistic Bucs fans for weeks saying that anything less than a SB victory is a massive fail, and that this is our only and last shot at a SB. I never viewed this year as our best shot. I was hoping for a playoff spot and at least a playoff win. Anything more at this point is gravy. Next year, with an entire off season, pre-season games, and Gronk a year removed from retirement, was always IMO, our best shot at a title. Next year barring major injuries, or Brady’s arm pulling a… Read more »

Reply to  Dave
8 months ago

I don’t know who these apocrypyal Bucs fans are whom you claim declare this season a failure unless the Bucs win a Super Bowl … but then we all know you are prone to gross hyperventilation in these threads. Every Bucs fan was delirious that we simply made it to the playoffs for the first time in 13 years .. as we all rightly should be. I doubt very much that more than the tiniest handful of Bucs fans or media writers ever thought that TB-12 would deliver an instant ring. Yet here we are, going to the NFC Championship… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by Naplesfan
Mb Nfl Lock Of The Szn Pewter 728x90 Jpg