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Reports and accusations over Antonio Brown allegedly tried to buy a fake COVID vaccination card took the news circuit by storm on Thursday. In a Tampa Bay Times article released Thursday, Brown’s former live-in chef made claims about the wide receiver acquiring a fake vaccination card. Shortly after, the Bucs released a statement that there were no irregularities with his card or anyone on the roster.

On Friday, Bruce Arians responded to the story when asked if there was any cause for concern about Brown’s vaccination status.

“None whatsoever,” Arians said. “We did our due diligence. The league will do theirs, and the (team) statement says everything. I really don’t think it’s a story, it has nothing to do with the Giants game.”

It’s clear that Arians and the Bucs are moving past this, as their primary focus is on the Giants for Monday night’s game. Brown did not practice again for the second day in a row and was not seen on the field or using the JUGS machine.

On Thursday, Brown was on the field in a helmet and shoulder pads during the warmup period of practice. The former All-Pro caught the ball on the JUGS machine and ran a few routes with Tom Brady. Now, it appears Brown will have to wait another week for his potential return.

You can watch video of Arians’ answer here:

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2 months ago

A non-story. The Bucs did their due diligence. Nothing to see here.

Reply to  Crazyhorse54
2 months ago

It is a non-story regarding the Bucs being culpable, it seems. And hopefully AB is vaccinated. Hopefully the league investigation comes out clean.

2 months ago

Disgruntled food cooker tries to get back at former eater. What a lame story. In the end honestly, who cares? If the Vaccine is so effective, then no one else’s life was ever in danger like they like to claim. The Government making it a Felony is just silly. Move on.

Reply to  Spitfire
2 months ago

Wow…no foothold in reality, Spit. Those with immunity compromised situations can still die, because their immune systems don’t build up immunity properly. And those with other medical conditions are also more vulnerable. But don’t let reality slow you down.

2 months ago

Any chance that this live in chef was a woman?

Reply to  Eddie
2 months ago

I don’t blame BA for answering the way he did but the NFL will investigate this. Given his history if anyone would do this it woul be AB. If you feel that way about fraudently using government documents Spitifre, what say I sell you some rancid Mexican beef that died from anthrax with a USDA fraudulent stamp on it.

Reply to  drdneast
2 months ago

Comment of the day. Top of the hat to you Sir.

2 months ago

Who goes to a private chef for fake government papers? An attorney would seem to be a far more viable source for any suspect documents. So this proposition gets “cooked up” in August, yet he waits until now to “stir the pot.” Who trusts a person who just might have a reason to attempt to discredit another who owes him money? Leaves a “bad taste”. Hey Chef, got any fake EBT cards, Publix is getting pretty expensive?

1 month ago

I fear we will be talking about Covid, Masks, and Vaccinations for years. America is still over 100K cases per day. A completely preventable disease, and we just can’t seem to do it.

Mb Nfl Double Your First Deposit Football Team Vs Bucs Pewter 728x90 Jpg