The Bucs are banged up at cornerback heading into Week 3, which has GM Jason Licht looking at outside options. One of those options could be 5-time Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman, who is currently unsigned. On Monday, Bucs head coach Bruce Arians confirmed that Licht had reached out to the 10-year veteran.

“Jason’s reached out,” Arians said. “We gotta see what…he’s got other things going on too. Just a matter of – I coach the ones that we got, and he’ll handle the rest of that. We’ll kick the tires on some other guys too. We’ll talk and we’ll see. If it’s the right fit, it’s the right fit and we’ll move on it.”

Bucs CB Sean Murphy-Bunting

Bucs CB Sean Murphy-Bunting- Photo by USA Today

Tampa Bay is already without third-year starting cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting after a Week 1 elbow injury. His replacement, Jamel Dean, left for a few snaps on Sunday after being banged up. No. 1 cornerback Carlton Davis battled through a hamstring strain to play on Sunday, then left the game briefly with another injury. Davis and Dean returned to action, but Arians did mention a couple unknown Bucs are getting MRIs on Monday.

Sherman would give the Bucs another outside cornerback if Dean struggles in Murphy-Bunting’s absence. Dean played well on Sunday, but his short career has been fairly up-and-down. Although 33 years old, Sherman was still playing at a high level last season for San Francisco. He has attracted recent attention from the 49ers and Seahawks too, per’s Tom Pelissero. Sherman’s July off-the-field incident will require some vetting as well.

On Sunday, the Bucs travel to Los Angeles to play the Rams in Tampa Bay’s first road game of the season in Week 3.

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1 month ago

I’m all for it if it’s at a reasonable price. He’s not what he used to be. However, he’s still an improvement over Cockrell and Dean. If for no other reason than his football IQ.

1 month ago

He is Worth a serious look for sure.

1 month ago

I said this the day Bunting was injured. Some people say they wouldn’t want to deal with the headache. Well, AB is working out quite nicely and with Brady, Gronk, and the veteran leadership, he would work out just fine

Reply to  chefboho
1 month ago

Not worried about his head, like you said our vets will handle him. Just don’t know if he still has it as a player. Arains said they’re kicking the tires on a few guys. I suspect we’ll see someone signed soon.

Reply to  surferdudes
1 month ago

Let’s hope we only “kick the tires” on one with some tread on them and not one of those May-Pops.

Reply to  scubog
1 month ago

Ronde Barber played at a high level of performance right up until his retirement at age 38. It was what was above his shoulders that counted most as a DB – not below the shoulders. Sherman, if he has his head on straight, ought to be good for at least several more years of play in the NFL.

Reply to  surferdudes
1 month ago

Cornerback play is much less about physical capabilities like speed and much more about knowledge of how to disrupt offenses. Our current backfield is not untalented … but they are very inexperienced and have not yet developed a sense for how to play the receivers. I listened to NFL radio yesterday and a couple of the analysts were complaining about the low knowledge level and therefore low performance of defensive backfields around the league, citing the ridiculously high pass completion rates of quarterbacks … a couple of quarterbacks completed 90% of their passes on Sunday, and even Matt Ryan in… Read more »

1 month ago

Sherman has slowed down significantly, he last played like a good safety not really a corner, in my opinion only of course. We don;t need another safety.

1 month ago

Cornerbacks largely excel because of their knowledge of how offenses operate, more so than pure physical talent. So an older veteran like Sherman would bring something to our defensive backfield that currently does not exist with our very young crew.

He would take some time to learn Bowles’s defensive schemes, but he could help put our other CBs and safeties into better position to defend the pass in particular, serving as a sort of backfield quarterback.