Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson has been at the center of Bucs news for a few weeks now. From requesting to be traded, to saying on his own podcast that he wants to finish his career on the Bucs, to having an Instagram post voicing his frustration after a loss. It’s been a cryptic message seemingly every day from the world of Jackson.

Finally, after weeks of trying to break the code of Jackson’s true feelings, we got to hear from the veteran Bucs wide receiver. What we learned, above and beyond all else, is that Jackson wants to win, and the fact that they’re not is the center of any of his anger.

“I don’t feel we’ve been playing the past couple games at our best,” Jackson said. “What we’re capable of doing with the talent we got in this locker room, we got to just to ball out, have accountability with everyone in this building, it’s not just one person.”

“I mean, honestly, the frustration is just knowing the players we have in this locker room,” Jackson said. “Not being able to have the results the past four games, whatever that number is, that’s the frustration with me, it’s not individual, it’s just accomplishing what we want to accomplish, and that’s winning football games. That’s what drives my frustration is because I know what we’re capable of doing. It’s really about getting them opportunities and getting the most out of them.”

Jackson started out the season as the hottest receiver in the league with Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback, tallying 421 receiving yards and three touchdowns through four games. After the switch back to Jameis Winston, those numbers decreased significantly. Once the move was made again to reinstate Fitzpatrick as quarterback against Carolina, the thought was that Jackson’s production would pick up again. However, that was not the case, as Jackson only caught two passes for 32 yards, leading to his post game frustration on Instagram.

All he wants to do is help the team, though. Knowing what he does provide, it’s about putting him in those spots to succeed.

Obviously as a competitor in this league, I know what I’m capable of bringing to this team,” Jackson said. “Energy, excitement, just giving them opportunities. It hasn’t really been there the past couple of games, but as a competitor, as a professional, I’m just trying to keep my composure, keep my temper and everything in control.”

This may have led to some of the frustration, both from the team’s lack of success stacked on top of the personal production.

“I can’t say I’m as happy not winning, not being productive,” Jackson said. “So for me to say that I’m happy with that, I would be lying to you.”

When it comes to the play calling, Jackson knows what he would like to see, but understands that the coaches might have a different plan with all of the weapons that the offense possesses.

“In my eyes, how I see it is obviously not how the offensive coordinator or the coaches see it.” Jackson said. “It can be a selfish question to answer, but like I said once again, I know what I’m capable of bringing to the team, I know what I can do as far as big plays and explosiveness, and I know what that does to other guys, and it’s just sparks energy.”

He just wants a chance. No matter how big or small that chance is.

“Just being in a position to take advantage of my opportunities is the biggest thing I can say” Jackson said about getting opportunities. “When the ball comes my way and I have an opportunity to make my plays, regardless if it’s once a game or 10 times a game, I’m going to do that, and make the most out of it.”

So why did Jackson ask for a trade? Well, that’s something we might not find out. Jackson took the privacy route about his conversation with GM Jason Licht.

“Whatever the conversations were, that’s between us.” Jackson said. “It’s over and done with now, we got eight games left to continue to try our best to get in the playoffs and go on a run here.”

Clearly Jackson has changed his tune after saying on his “One of One” podcast that he wanted to remain a Buc for the rest of his career. Jackson is 31 now, he’s a seen a lot of football and wants to get back to the playoffs. He doesn’t have any signs of slowing down.

“If it ever gets to that point where I’m not making my plays, then that’s when you can ask is it the age or getting to old and that,” Jackson said. “But I still feel like I’m playing at a high level. I want to take it as far as I can until the wheels fall off.”

As far as retiring on the Bucs though, that’s just how he feels.

Because that’s where I’m at right now in my career,” Jackson said about his statement to retire on the Bucs. “I’m here, I never try to get in a sense of where I have been or where I want to go, just doing a good job of staying here, keeping my feet underneath me today, that’s where I’m at here in Tampa Bay. I love the fans, I love my teammates.

“I just want to translate that over to winning, and I’ve won a lot in my career, I’ve lost some, too, and I know what it’s like to win, I know what it’s like to get in the playoffs and play in them crucial games. That’s something here that Tampa’s been missing, I just want to get them back to that.”

Fittingly enough, Jackson will face off against one of his old teams, the Washington Redskins on Sunday. One of his calling cards has always been having big games against his old teams. While this one isn’t as personal as the Eagles, he still wants to give them his best shot.

“Anytime I get a chance to play against a team that I used to play for, I try to let them see what they’re missing,” Jackson said.

Now we have some of the answers to the signals being sent by DeSean Jackson.

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  1. Cant blame him for being upset about the losing, we all are. I hope others hate it as much as him. However he is also a known me me me guy so he doesn’t get the complete benefit if the doubt with me. I wouldve traded him at the deadline. He probably wont be here next season so why not get something for him and give Godwin some more looks. We can all see this isn’t a playoff team,so we need whatever draft capital we can get .

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  2. That’s a dumb personnel move by Licht. Ever since Desean Jackson has been here the chemistry has been going in the wrong direction. You knew you drafted a quarterback with personal issues and problems. A young guy who needs the right teammates around him. This is a huge blunder by Jason Licht. This is what a GM is there for to make these type moves. Not just physical talent but team chemistry. You are supposed to know better. From what I remember, Jameis Winston wanted Desean Jackson like a birthday present and you Licht the idiot bought it for him with no thought of the repercussions. This is one of the top 3 that will get Licht fired at the end of the year. This move never should have happened.

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    • My own opinion if that this was a mistake by the Bucs. DJack has speed and good hands when wide open. I cannot imagine any QB throwing him the ball and expect him to come down with it – again, not all on him, it’s who he is and Licht should have known that when he brought him in. Do not expect him to block, do not expect him tackle or fight for a ball. In otherwords, the fastest China Doll in the league. Is he valuable? Obviously, would he have wanted to be traded if Fitz was the QB, obviously not based on the first four games. If he doesn’t get enough attempts his way, as Fitz said, everyone loves you when you throw them the ball and they get touchdowns (football speak of my stats are more important than results). I would have no problem and love it if he was to realize he isn’t worth the 10+ million he is due next year – to his credit, someone will pay it, so let him find greener pastures.

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  3. my 16 year old wants a Ferrari…sure let me run out and get him one because he wants it. Licht you are bush league. Not ready for prime time

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  4. Respect D Jax as a pro, his ability and competitive desire to win. He’s not all that great about dealing with his frustrations. Floating the desire to be traded was wrong – period. He made it pretty clear he wants Fitz behind, under center, which certainly hasn’t #3.

    We’ve got plenty of issues without having one guy place himself above the team and doing it publicly.

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    • I don’t believe Jackson ever made a public statement that he wanted to be traded by the Bucs. It was a private conversation between him and Licht.

      So who leaked to the media that Jackson wanted a trade?

      Well, put two and two together and the answer is four – obviously Licht violated the confidentiality of his talk with Jackson and leaked it to the media, with whom he curries relationships in order to spin to keep his job.

      That was a low life action by Licht – and totally in character with him. He should have been fired last January, and now the team and the fans are continuing to pay the price.

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      • No…his agent did. Come on! I know you dislike the job Licht has done but at least use your brain. This was a PR move to try and drive interest from other Teams.

        Man, you will say anything to try and validate your opinions!

        Please wait...
        • Use your own brain.

          There was no upside to DJAX to leaking the conversation between him and Licht. All it bought him was a raft of criticsm from Winston’s fanboys.

          But it did have a positive upside for Licht, so that he could try and prove that the real problem is not Winston’s incompetence as a quarterback, but rather any failings are due to “bad attitude” by the ungrateful WR DJAX.

          And Licht’s defenders and Winston’s defenders lapped it up, going, “Yeah, Winston isn’t a failure, it’s all due to his bad wide receiver!”

          Silly and stupid, but there you go.

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          • Just stop Naples, we all know you think you’re right in every chat, but licht would have absolutely nothing to gain from leaking it. Let me guess you were in the room with them?

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          • And what exactly did any of this have to do with Jameis in your worthless rant about him? Keep on the subject t please. But we all know Naples is all knowing. Not sure how to dont work in the NFL worry someone.

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          • I heard the team that wanted DJax leaked it to get the Bucs to trade him. I saw it in an article but cant remember where. I will try and find it.

            Please wait...
          • The only worthless ranting is yours, CG .. and that of the other Wnston fanboys

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          • wnb – that so-called report makes zero sense. The only person who could have leaked DSJs desire for a trade – since DSJ never said it and said he kept everything between him and Licht – was Licht. And if Licht had no intention of trading DSJ, as he claimed, then he never would have talked to another team about trading DSJ.

            It’s all nonsense.

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  5. After Evan’s performance last week, I hope the game plan has a little more for DeSean this week.

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  6. Can’t blame him at all,the bucs are garbage, no winning culture here.

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  7. I like what he’s saying. Maybe it’ll light a fire under some asses. If Beckwith can get back and play MLB that’ll give the Bucs pretty close to the same dynamics in the middle as with Alexander. Can’t go wrong with LSU LBs. As a long time Gator fan I know.

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  8. I’d rather have a player who is angered and frustrated, like we are by the constant losing than one who is apathetic and quietly sits back just happy to be on an NFL team collecting a paycheck. Of course, in Bucville, many don’t like it when a player speaks, laughs or is well………..human.

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  9. I have no problem with being pissed about losing. I know all fans are very frustrated too but I think I draw the line about mentioning Monken or play calling. That should be an internal conversation even if he doesn’t like it.

    He’s not been perfect either he’s had his fair share of issues too. Yes he’s open a lot but he’s ran wrong routes, gave up on routes, just once like see him fight for the ball. If it’s not perfectly thrown and no defenders around it seems he isn’t going to catch it as far as deep ball.

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