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    I am a Vietnam War veteran. I am not offended by Evan’s action.

    I am in the 38% of the poll here at PR. I appreciate Koetter’s viewpoint as reported here. I thank you, Zach, for including Dirk’s original comments after Kaepernick’s initial protest.

    I heard an extended version of Evan’s comments on WDAE 620 today. I listened to portions of two of their programs today. One caller who was offended, and said he would no longer support the Bucs, was an Airborne Ranger war veteran.

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    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What I don’t like, is the (likely) effect it (could) have on the team. It becomes a distraction. About as wanted or needed, as another injury to our starting team… There are hundreds of other and more effective ways to make a change. Try voting.

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    What Evans did was selfish and unproductive. He also put his boss, his employer, the fan base, and his teammate in a position to have to deal with this situation which was none of their doing. Coach Koetter had to deal with this in his press conference today. Even today on PR, we are dealing with this instead of talking about the defensive effort against the Bears and moving on to the Chiefs. Good job 13, hope you’re happy.

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      And he didn’t bother to vote per ABC Action News 11/14

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        OH MY GOD? Really? Wow! Talk about spitting at our soldiers, Mike, you just did it. Hopefully, he grows up and realize the colossal, foolish acts he just done (all based upon a lie) and apologizes. I am not holding my breath. Hopefully, he has a real friend that tells him the truth.

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    Mike Evans wanted to create a dialogue, seems he’s successfully done so. If teammates see this as a distraction, then they need to learn to quickly forget and focus on what’s really important. That’s Kansas City, if anyone is wondering.

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    Anyone who knows my writings out here knows I didn’t vote for that gas bag of a snake oil salesman Trump.
    With that said, I still didn’t approve of Evans sitting during the National Anthem. But I’m not going to let it ruin a good win or let one person stop me from supporting my beloved Bucs.
    Just like a wouldn’t judge a whole police department on the actions of one bad cop.
    I find it more offensive that Evans didn’t vote more than the fact he sat during a hard to sing National Anthem.
    To many people fought and died for him to ignore such a valuable duty as a citizen.
    Also because he didn’t vote, it really dulls his viewpoint, no matter which side he wants to take.
    Kapernick didn’t vote either and now he looks like a real bafoon. If you don’t participate in the most important place you can, I really don’t want to listen to your complaining and bellyaching, especially when you had a candidate who thought the people he believed were being targeted by law enforcement thought they had a legitimate beef.
    I do find it humorous though that for the last 8 years all of these red, white and blue types have been hurling insults and epithets at the President of the United States who led this nation out of a Great Recession and had Osama Bin Laden assassinated all of a sudden get offended because they won’t stand for a mere symbol.
    I guess it’s worse to insult a symbol than a human being in their illogical minds.

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    Evans’ action could be considered extremely boneheaded to say the least. His timing was very bad.

    I just saw where Alshon Jeffrey was suspended for 4 games. It was announced sometime today. I feel some sympathy for The Bears and their fans. [Maybe, only just a little sympathy that is. . >:-) . }:-) . ]

    At least we won’t lose our best receiver over what he did.

    Go Bucs!!!

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    Evans has an inalienable right to freedom of expression/speech, as guaranteed under the 1st amendment to the Constitution. Nevertheless, in my opinion, his action was a) selfish, b) disrespectful to his teammates and c) was a distraction which manifestly deflected attention, post match, from what was arguably the Bucs best performance of the season. Either way, the best way to handle it frankly is to ignore it and move on. If I was Koetter, I would have a quiet word in Mike Evans ear, about the subjects of team unity and responsibility to his teammates and then consider the matter closed.

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    Many of us who served have diverse opinions regarding the actions of Evans. We must never forget the time tested axiom that states in effect, “I may not agree with what you say sir, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” To maintain the integrity of the First Ammendment we must all remember that all of our opinions and the right to express them are guaranteed.

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    So Mike Evans kneels and the Bucs win 36-10. If that’s a “distraction” I hope he does it again next week. Anybody who insists that another human being should conform to their political opinions is just a bully, anyway. People who are offended to the point of boycotting a game have their priorities as screwed up as Trump’s tweets do. I’m a veteran who hates the thought of bullies ever getting their way. If you want to “support the troops,” then get out there and join the armed forces. It’s more than Trump ever bothered to do.

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    We here in Bucville don’t get to enjoy home victories very often. So it saddens me on this day that instead of Dirk Koetter talking about the game, the entire conversation is about what happened before kick-off.

    Why is it that the folks who dislike Trump resort to name calling and other assorted insults yet I don’t recall reading the same from those who are offended by the actions of his opponent. Frankly I wish this forum would cease to be used by some to regurgitate their political views.

    I’m still waiting for the Coke you promised me Dr.D.

  11. 11


    I think those five immortal words of Forrest Gump sum this one up best…. “stupid is as stupid does”!

  12. 12


    ‘Nuff said.

    Move on and get back to football.

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    Miley Cyrus may be hypocritical, but she at least had the balls to vote to express her opinion.

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