It’s not often that we get players to pull back the curtain and reveal the behind-the-scenes moments that propelled them to the Super Bowl, but on a recent episode of the All Things Covered Podcast with Cardinals’ CB Patrick Peterson and former NFL cornerback Bryant McFadden, Bucs linebacker Lavonte David delivered an absolute gem.

When asked by Peterson how vocal Tom Brady has been about his Super Bowl experiences, David laughed and shared this hilarious exchange between Brady and a teammate.

“When I realized it was real, and that all the other stuff doesn’t really matter unless it’s the Super Bowl, was after we won the NFC Championship,” David said. “You know me, I’m all happy and s**t, it’s my first time. I’m geeked up. Then I guess somebody was crying. And I heard [Brady] just like ‘What the f**k you crying for? We not done yet!'”

“Wait a minute, who was crying?” McFadden pressed. “Who was that crying?”

“I don’t remember,” David said, laughing. “I wanna say – I don’t know if it was Chris Godwin or Jaydon Mickens, it was somebody. And [Brady] was just like, ‘What the f**k you crying for? We not done yet!’. Damn! But he right, he right.

“I had like two tears too, so I wiped my s**t. I heard him say that, I said ‘Man, I’m trippin’. We still got work to do.'”

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About the Author: Jon Ledyard

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