Bucs’ offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich spoke to the media on Tuesday for the first time since the team’s loss to the 49ers in which the offense put up just 10 points.

A lot of the focus was on quarterback Jameis Winston and his performance, but he also spoke about the preparation that goes into getting ready for the Panthers on a short week.

On Winston’s performance
“Some good, some things we want to correct. That’s going to be every week. I think we did some really good things this week and we’ll learn from the mistakes that we made during that game. He’s got to move on, we’ve got a game in two days, so he’s got to move on from that and get ready to play.”

On Winston bouncing back quickly from the loss
“That’s this league, that’s what this league is all about. You can’t have any hangovers or carry overs so he’s got to stay locked in. The good thing is that we had to get in this thing the next day and get it rolling with the game being so quick so we’re on to the Carolina Panthers and preparing to see what we can do to win that game.”

On if Winston looked frantic in the pocket, especially early
“He looked fine to me. That’s just being early in the season. Not saying that he wasn’t, not saying that he was but to be honest we’ve moved on so far from that game because we’ve got a big game here on Thursday we have to try and win.”

QB Jameis Winston – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

If Winston made the pass late on the fourth down
“No, not really. The fact that they blew the coverage is the reason why [Chris Godwin] was so open. Chris wasn’t really running the progression and it happened so quick on everybody, Chris didn’t even know he was open. The good thing, we can actually learn from that play because those situations are going to happen throughout the year and when you have a new offense sometimes guys are like, ‘should I have done this, should I have done that?,’ because moments happen in the game that the game doesn’t allow you to practice for. Two guys chase one guy and it just popped. I think the next time we’re in that situation, between two guys, we’ll get the job done.”

On if it’s fair for Winston to get all of the blame on the interceptions
“Who are we kidding? We’re talking about the National Football League. There’s no such thing as fair in this league when you’re talking about the quarterback position. Like [Bruce Arians] said, you can’t throw all of that in Jameis’ lap. There’s a lot going on, there’s 10 other guys out there with him and there’s little things that go on throughout the game where the quarterback is going to get the blame regardless of whose fault it is but Jameis understands that. Every quarterback in this league should understand that it’s going to fall in the lap of the quarterback and Jameis has been playing long enough that hopefully he doesn’t worry about those things, things being set in his lap, because those things come with the position.”

If it helps that Leftwich has been in his situation
“I remember being younger and being in those situations and you feel like the whole world is on your shoulders, you feel like you didn’t do things well enough, but then you come in and watch the tape. It’s just the quarterback position. If you’re playing quarterback on one of the 32 teams in this league you have to be willing to accept all blame that comes your way when it comes your way, that’s just part of the position. Jameis is fine with that, he understands that. He knew that the most important thing on Monday was to come in and turn the page and move on to the Carolina Panthers and he did a heck of a job with that. We watched the tape, we learned from it and we’ll continue to get better.”

On the final interception and if he can no longer make that mistake in his fifth season
“I think that’s one that we all wish, including Jameis, that we wish we had back but to be honest with you he was put in a tough situation. I think that a lot of things went into it. He’s got to get the ball out of his hand and anything can happen but that, and we’ll learn from that.”

“We’ve got to find a way to get that ball on the ground, that’s the key, and the defense did a heck of a job of playing the play but we’ve got to find a way to get the ball on the ground and Jameis knows that. We’ll get better from that moment. A lot of teaching went into that moment. Not just because of that play but the fact that that play happened, it allowed us to teach our team from the aspect of what we have to do in those situations. Games in this league come down to that possession anyway, I don’t care who you are. . .We will get better from that play. I know it’s easy for me to get up here and say it two days later, it looks like I’m trying to sugarcoat it, but we will get better from that play as a whole.”

On James Bradberry and the Panthers’ defense
“These guys can play. It doesn’t take long, you cut the film on and you see players everywhere so we’ve got our work cut out for us again. Thursday night, it’s a big game, we go into their place, they’re coming off of a tough loss two, you’ve got two 0-1 teams and both teams are looking for a way to get a win. It should be a fun game, a tough, fun game for us to go up there and see what we can do and hopefully we can pull it out.”

On the offense scoring just 10 points
“The whole way through. I look at myself the whole time. We’ve got to find a way to score more than 10 points regardless of the situation why you scored 10 points. That’s part of it but we’ll be fine.”

Bucs RB Ronald Jones

Bucs RB Ronald Jones – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

On giving the ball to Ronald Jones when he has the hot hand
“I’d have given it to him 40 times, I have no problem with that. We’re trying to win football games but you have to understand that penalties and everything sometimes put you in situations where you can’t just turn around and hand the ball off. We were in situations where we would have loved to keep turning around and keep handing the ball off because that’s where we were heading. That’s the great thing about the homefield advantage. In the first quarter we had a 17-play drive. We had a 12-play drive right after that. Those types of drives are going to help you in the second half of football games and that’s what you saw. Now we have to be smarter around those situations so you aren’t in 2nd and 15’s, 2nd and 16’s, because at that point you’re not just turning around and handing the ball off because then you’re at 3rd and 14 and trying to covert there where it’s always tough. We have to be smarter in situational football, which we will be. We’ll be fine.”

On his message to Winston before Thusday
“Just go play. On Sundays, the quarterback that plays well mostly wins. The quarterback that doesn’t win feels just like Jameis felt the past two days, until you get the next opportunity to go out and play. This thing is about wins and losses, it’s not about how many touchdowns you throw or anything like that. When you play that position you’ve got to find out ways to win in any stadium. . . all you’re trying to do is walk out of that arena with a victory and that’s all his mindset should be and that’s all our mindset is.

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1 year ago

The big question is, will Leftwich grow from “his” mistakes in game 1?

1 year ago

Makes sense. We will see. Gotta go out there and prove it!

Alldaway 2.0
1 year ago

Lefty could improve but overall I liked the play calling. Winston has to prove he can go out and win a game by playing sound football and stop overthinking things.

1 year ago

There you have it. Everything is correctable, it was all a learning moment. Next time it’ll be different, there are 10 other guys out there, we’ll learn, and grow from this. Where have I heard all this before? Oh, I know, the last four years. I feel so much better now, don’t you? Let’s forget an average team came into our house, with a rusty QB who hasn’t played in awhile do to injury, and beat us. Sorry, we beat ourselves, no team can really beat us. On to Carolina. Let’s hope after this game we won’t be saying, will… Read more »

1 year ago

I feel like he handles the press well. Articulate guy and I’m beginning to see what Bruce likes him so much. I’m going to reserve judgment on the plays and play calling for a few weeks, he’s still new and the personnel is new to him. He’s not the bad guy here, we all know who that is and he must get better. Coach him up BA and Lefty! I’m skeptical he can turn the corner as I have posted in numerous places since Sunday. You can’t coach common sense into someone in any walk of life. Stupid is as… Read more »

1 year ago

Honestly if Winston keeps throwing up int’s every game I am ready for a new quarterback. I would hate to see the Bucs sign Winston to a long contract.

1 year ago

If they grow from this it better be FAST as Thursday is 2 days away. It better be Jack and the Beanstalk fast. Maybe a giant, industrial sized crate of miracle-gro will help.

1 year ago

I guess we will see on Thursday if it’s even possible that Jameis can be that $100 million dollar QB for us? I’m just saying…

1 year ago

On to Caolina. I think McCoy will be waiting for us and well rested because I think he only made one tackle last week and of course no big plays. Maybe he will be as nice to Winston as he was to Big Ben.

Reply to  drdneast
1 year ago

He’ll have to get to Jameis first

1 year ago

I actually like what we’ve heard from Lefty quite a bit. Frankly even more than from BA. I hope things come together for him here, would like to see what he could engineer on offense with the right talent. It is an entirely new coaching staff and offense so, while I’m beyond frustrated and it pains me to type this, we probably won’t know what we really have until mid season. I can’t help but be skeptical about Winston’s decision making and accuracy, but if he comes in later in the season I hope we can sign him to a… Read more »

1 year ago

I like Leftwhich overall so far too. Some stuff could been better, but I’m also reserving judgement. To say much after just one game would be stupid. As far as Winston goes I’m not making any excuses. He sucked but the whole offense sucked. You cannot be successful at QB if the whole offense sucks too. Clean up penalties, bad O line play, better play calling, and better routes run, etc. !!!!!!! If they don’t you could put Brees in and he would struggle I bet. I went back and watched the game since I was in west club and… Read more »

Reply to  fredster
1 year ago

Fredster there is no harm in dreaming we all have dreams good luck.

1 year ago

NFL power rankings has Bucs 31st
place , I am confused Spitball and Fredster said I was moron because Bruce Arians was a QB whisperer he even has a book that said he was the QB whisperer.
Brucie picked his all fired coaches with help from the stars, hell I even think he got help from a couple planets also maybe even mars lol

1 year ago

Arains was whispering to Big Ben, Manning, and Luck. Jameis is nowhere near the talent those other QB’s were. By the fifth game the QB whisper will become the QB screamer!

Reply to  surferdudes
1 year ago

In a article Palmer stated Freddie Kitchens was the coach that helped him turn his Career around.
Payton Manning said a hundred times his father Archie was his QB guru.
This QB whispering crap came after Pewter boys saw he wrote a book called QB whisperers found in the fiction section of a couple used book stores LOL

1 year ago

It is not a Coincidence Colts media was calling Joe Gilbert the cause of the bad o line that was getting Luck and the backup QB’s hurt!
He was fired by colts Jan 2017 and was out of football on fired coaches waiting list when the Great Bucie found him in his stars chart. Now all the Jameis trolls blaming the O Line

1 year ago

get ready to get blown out tomorrow. they will put up 50 points.

1 year ago

There was not much separation out there for the pass catchers.  These are the situations that Jameis has to get the ball out sooner including the throw-aways.  I see no reason to expect us to get blown out any more than I see us stomping them.   I don’t know what to expect yet.  Obviously our offense was not in sync with the new scheme(s) and it may well take several games for them to get it.  Our defense looks good. The panthers also are not exactly humming along yet either. To get to a hope of having a winning season… Read more »