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    I’m so thankful OJ was available. I’m really excited about this player. Now come back and address the CB/S/WR position.

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    I know nearly every GM says, “we didn’t expect him to be there” when discussing their first round selection, but in this case I don’t know how anyone could have predicted this top ten player would make it down to us. This is a very rare TE who, when teamed with the others already in Jameis’ arsenal, will give us an offense that we’ve never had before.

    I know, some folks think the O-line needs an upgrade, but in my novice opinion, the move of Marpet to center, Sweezy taking the RG spot and Panphile or another player focusing on LG the unit will be much improved.

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      With Howards blocking ability, our O-line did get an upgrade.

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    Love the pick. Really excited about our offense. Our wide receivers and TEs could be the best group in the NFL.

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    When licht and lovie picked ASJ…i gasped.. but this is an awesome pick. OJ is tough.

    tons of talent left on the board.. maybe we can make a move for Dalvin Cook 😀

    Keep in mind we are one injury away from complete disaster at offensive tackle.. see dallas game last year

    The way I see it.. we need:

    1. safety (Obi !!!!!!!!!)
    2. running back (still can’t believe we didnt pay adrian peterson $3.5 mill/year…now we have to play him twice a year..)
    3. OT
    4. WR
    5. CB

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    It just shows you most teams don’t take the BPA in the first round. They draft for need.

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      I don’t think that’s generally true. The big, overwhelming exception that any team and any GM will make to BPA is with the quarterback position – if you don’t have one, ya gotta get one above all else. And the unprecedented three first round trades resulting in quarterback picks last night was an all time NFL record. Outside of the three QBs in the top 12 picks, I think most of the teams actually did tend to take BPA.

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    I love this pick!

    I got a feeling if the Bucs don’t make a move for Cook, or if he’s gone by the time they pick in round 2, they are going to get Mixon. I heard this past week Licht say that the fans may not like who they are going to pick at 19, but I don’t think they were planning on Howard being there. Which at the time made me think they were looking at Mixon. I think Mixon would be a great pick if the Bucs believe he is a good fit for this team, and mentally up for it. But I’m really hoping to see them get Cook. Then our offense would be set for a few years. Go Bucs!

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    OJ Howard was a windfall. I didn’t believe the GM would do it. congratulations!
    Here is my proposed pics for the following rounds :
    2- Sidney Jones CB or the best available defensive end.
    3 Chris Goodwin WR
    4D’Onta Foreman RB orKareem Hunt
    5Josh Jones orXavier Wood
    6 Samson Ebukam LB
    7Sheldon Gibson W R

    Scott REYNOLDStake a look at this .

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    On a different topic, did anybody know that John Lynch was a fierce negotiator? He played the Bears like Rex Ryan played the Bucs on the Revis trade

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      Well, yes and no … it’s “to be determined”.

      The Browns have been exceedingly good at trading down from high draft picks and getting more picks as a result .. and then they proceed to pick high again the following year, year after year. They desperately needed a quality quarterback, and didn’t get one again. This is Year Three of the so-called “brain trust” at Cleveland. Eventually a team has to do something other than win the draft trading game.

      You know, winning football games and at least make the playoffs is the real objective. It’s next to impossible to get there without a quality quarterback.

      So while John won the draft trading game, the real question is when is he going to get the quarterback that his team so desperately needs to win games and championships?

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    If this was a college draft I wouldn’t be surprised he fell, but the way NFL teams use T.E.’s it’s amazing he was there. New Orleans hasn’t been the same since Graham left, Olsen has been a thorn in our side since forever. I could go on, and on, look how bad we looked when Brate went down, we looked to be on the rise till ASJ flamed out. Still not sure Martin’s safe as a Buc, tons of good young, cheap backs available. Having to miss the first three games hurts his chances. Still see running back as a need that will be filled tonight.

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      I guess teams still consider TE a luxury pick as compared to a needs pick. It was the one thought I had which made me believe Howard could fall to the Bucs.

      I agree RB is a must (today not tomorrow) but the reports are that Doug looks really good. So I think we are in a win-win situation on RB

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    Amazing!!!! I didn’t even think OJ Howard would be around for us to pick. Awesome Start!!! Go Bucs!!!!

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    And Thank God we didn’t pick a RB with our first pick.

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    Quite a nice surprise. Go Bucs!

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    Not sure which staff member at Pewter Report put out a board that may look like the Bucs board, but I printed it out yesterday just before the draft began and checked the players off one by one, waiting for the Bucs pick. It was exciting to see names on the board “fall” and I was elated to see multiple options such as OJ, Baker, Cook and Awuzie, still there when their pick came.

    And true to your board PR, the top 4 on your list were gone and the Bucs picked the best available at No. 5 on your board and got a player that should no-way have still been there. Great job on the board guys! And today 9 of your 24 are still on the board. Would love to see Baker still there at 50, but that would be too much deja vu’ to happen again after getting OJ at 19.

    It’s much more interesting and certainly more like being in the Bucs war-room while following the team’s mock-board rather than the overhyped media mock picks by round.

    Again, congratulations on your board Pewter Report, your perspective of what the Bucs board may look seems to be right on!

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