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Fans and media have speculated since Tom Brady joined the Buccaneers last March, who might be the eventual successor, and for good reason. Brady turned 43 this season and while he says he would consider playing past age 45, he knows football is a contact sport and a single play could change those plans.

So who follows Brady?

Bucs general manager Jason Licht, a guest on the Pewter Report Podcast on Thursday evening, said that person could actually be on the roster currently.

“First of all, I love his energy,” Licht said about veteran quarterback Blaine Gabbert. “I’ve really gotten close to Blaine this year just being on the sidelines. He’s a really smart guy but he is one guy, my scouts and I talk about this a lot, he’s just one guy that I love to watch throw every day in practice because he has got a cannon. He’s very accurate with his throws as well and he can just really whistle them in in tight windows. If he had been forced to play, he played in the Detroit game, but if he had been forced to play more I think that he would have really opened a lot of people’s eyes about how talented he is, especially being in the same system for a couple of years.”

So while the 31-year-old Gabbert may not be the natural successor to the Brady, Licht and the Bucs feel as though they are certainly in good hands if the former first-round pick to Jacksonville would be thrown in to take over for Tampa Bay. And when asked, Licht certainly didn’t rule out Gabbert being an option if Brady eventually moved on from the Bucs’ roster.

“I’m not going to rule anything out right now,” Licht said.

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11 months ago

Well, that’s really exciting news! Let’s pray for good health for Brady!

11 months ago

🤢 Don’t start making Fans mad for the future. I’m fine with Gabbert filling in here and there as a backup but if we’re talking about having 2-3-4 good years with Brady and then absolutely plummeting down to the basement with Gabbert to fully take over? Your edging nuts. I’d have to actually see something good from Gabbert and in a few years find out that he learned everything from Brady and has the teams respect and has the ability to make all the throws and decisions but I have seen nothing of the sort yet.

11 months ago

There goes any hope you had in Licht. He figures out how to rain on the parade the next day. Blaine Gabbert? He’s a bust as a starter. He’s a good back up leave it at that. Supposedly this draft has a lot of quarterbacks. Draft one in round 2 or 3. Let a rookie with some skills sit behind Brady for 2 or 3 years then put him in. Get a grip Licht!

11 months ago

Not sure what’s more laughable..the overreaction to a very simple (maybe he’s the successor, won’t rule anything out), or right after Licht wins a championship, the football geeks know more than the GM.

Hilarious stuff

11 months ago

Ehhhhhh I don’t know about that one Chief but hey, at this point, I’ll hear you out.

11 months ago

Yeah, I’m not sold at all on anyone in our QB room being the heir. I was hoping Rosen would show something and be able to learn from the GOAT but that ship has sailed. I’m confident in Gabbert as a backup but not as a starter. After all his years with the team I still have no idea what we have in Griffin either

11 months ago

This is a good troll attempt.

11 months ago


Pete Wood
Pete Wood(@littlebrownjug)
11 months ago

Licht said exactly what I’d hope he’d say. It’s a bit premature to be thinking of a replacement for Brady, but if our GM is targeting a sleeper in the draft or a free agent, I’d hardly expect him to reveal his plans to the world.
The Bucs will be fine. We have the best GM in the NFL and two Super Bowl rings. Life is good.

Pete Wood
Pete Wood(@littlebrownjug)
Reply to  Pete Wood
11 months ago

Some people will downvote anything.

Reply to  Pete Wood
11 months ago

I agree Pete. Buc fans are so used to looking to the future that it’s new for us to live in the present and enjoy the current success. We need to learn to stop and smell the pewter roses. Life is good right now!

11 months ago

would love it if we draft Trask from UF and let him sit behind Brady and learn from him.

11 months ago

There’s been a lot of QB’s who were drafted at the top of the Draft, were expected to be the savior of an already lousy team and failed to elevate the play of a group of “turds”. Their confidence quickly dissolves and they end up being the team scapegoat. That’s what happened to Blaine Gabbert a decade ago. As Jason Licht noted, he still has the physical talent that got him so highly valued. Perhaps he has regained that lost confidence and developed the mental aspect that he previously lacked. At least he’s a known commodity and not some rookie… Read more »

Mb Nfl Double Your First Deposit Football Team Vs Bucs Pewter 728x90 Jpg