The Bucs placed linebacker Jack Cichy on injured reserve on Wednesday, per Greg Auman of The Athletic. The placement was made after Cichy suffered a setback in his rehab from an elbow injury that will now require surgery. Cichy injured his elbow during the Bucs game in Los Angeles on a kickoff late in the game.

In follow up move, Auman reports that the Bucs promoted third-year tight end Jordan Leggett from the practice squad on to the 53-man roster.

Leggett was called up to the 53-man roster at a time where tight ends O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate missed practice on Wednesday. Howard missed Sunday’s game in Tennessee with hamstring injury while Brate was injured during the game but managed to finish it.

Drafted by the New York Jets out of Clemson in 2017, Leggett played two seasons there before being waived by the Jets in May of this year and signing with the Bucs a day later.

In one final move, Auman reports that the Bucs singed tight end Codey McElroy to the practice squad in replacement of Leggett’s spot. McElroy was a three sports athlete in college, playing basketball at the University of Texas, basketball at Oklahoma State, and football at Southeastern Oklahoma. McElroy previously played for the Rams and Cowboys.

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1 year ago

This organization needs an exorcism.

Reply to  BucNnole
1 year ago

I didn’t know the Bucs were Catholic! I heard the Glazers were Jewish

1 year ago

So we now have 5 TEs and an OC without a clue how to use them. Sure hope BA gets a little more involved in play calling.

1 year ago

WTF…why haven’t they cut Brashad Perriman yet? He doesn’t contribute, so cut him and get the Supplemental Pick you moron Jason Licht!

1 year ago

Cut Licht.

1 year ago

Why didn’t the guy that tackled Cichy get fined or suspended! Cost this guy his season. Where is Roger. This is shameful.

1 year ago

What is McElroys 3rd Sport? Basketball twice is not 2 sports… 😊

1 year ago

Man, glad we have ALL these TEs! It’s just what this team was missing, and thank goodness we know how to use then too!. Bravo

Reply to  PewterHeart
1 year ago

extra thumbs up for sarcasm…I love it haha

1 year ago

Another TE and we don’t even use them. Madness.
Light has really lost it.

1 year ago

How many TEs do you need when you only use them to block? Oh, that’s right, both Tackles are struggling. Wouldn’t it have been easier to use the TEs that we have in reserve who know the system, and instead added a Tackle or Guard?