You can’t teach speed, as they say, and the Super Bowl LV match-up between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs highlights two of the fastest players in the NFL between wide receivers Scotty Miller and Tyreek Hill.

Hill, who is well known nationally as one of the premiere wide receivers in the league after three All-Pro honors, can score from anywhere in the open field due to high-level of speed. That was on display the last time when the Bucs and Chiefs played each other, when he went for 13 catches, 269 yards and three touchdowns. Hill ran a 4.29 at his pro day coming out of West Alabama.

Miller is just in his second year in the NFL, but is starting to get attention on the big stage following his thrilling 39-yard touchdown catch at the end of the first half in the NFC championship game. He recorded 501 receiving yards and three touchdowns with his top three longest receptions going for 44, 47 and 48 yards this season. Miller ran a 4.3 40-yard dash at his pro day at Bowling Green and has been a down field threat all season with the Bucs, building a great rapport with Tom Brady.

So who’s the fastest out of the two? Miller was on the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday and said he would take himself over any player in the league.

“I’m taking me every day of the week,” Miller said. “I’m taking me over anybody. Tyreek is unbelievable, super quick, unbelievable talent, but if we’re talking about a race I got all the confidence in myself going up against anybody.”

You can watch the clip from the Dan Patrick Show here.

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6 months ago

i love the confidence. What a find in the 6th round this young man has been. The difference between them is only .01. That’s crazy and i’d love to see them run a 40 after the season

6 months ago

Love the confidence. When they time at the pro days and combine there’s a reason everyone gets different times. Plus running one 4.29 one days doesn’t mean you can do it every other day, especially after putting on weight and getting older and so on. Plus I love the headlines of Miller saying “I’m faster than Tyreek Hill,” he just saying he’s picking him over anyone because he believes in himself, stop tryin to put words in his mouth Haha. In any case, I hope Miller gets a shot or two at a streaking TD in the Super Bowl! He’s… Read more »

6 months ago

Scotty is a weapon but man if he can be as elusive as Tyreek, then he will not and should not get off the field!!

6 months ago

I’ve liked Scotty (Scooter) Miller ever since the first time I watched him in Training Camp. What I liked was, even though he resembles one of those old school Washington Redskin “smurfs”, he played fearlessly and caught the ball. The comparisons some folks make to Welker, Edleman, Beasley or our own Adam Humphries have nothing to do with their styles of play. As Chris Carter says, “that’s one fast white dude.” One thing that I notice is that even though he catches the ball, he really looks like it’s a struggle and often falls down the way Mike Evans used… Read more »

6 months ago

Miller has been one of those “Diamond in the Rough” players. He’s not saying he’s faster than hill, just betting on himself. I’m good with that. And I hope he gets a couple deep balls against KC.

6 months ago

Yeah maybe in a race, or a straight line. But on the field, on slants, crossers, quick hitters and screens…’s Hill, and everyone else. His acceleration, is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Just watch a highlight of his get off, when the ball is hiked. Good god man is he fast. And secondly, if his speed is that good, why are we ONLY using him on 30+ yard deep outs, crossers, or 9 routes? Why isn’t he on the field for 75% of the snaps, and running a bunch of quick hitters to let him use his speed to get… Read more »

Last edited 6 months ago by Dave
6 months ago

A lot of people forget that AB was Tyreek Hill before Hill ever came in the league. The Bucs just haven’t cut him loose to let him do his thing. Hopefully we’ll see him get some opportunities to show case his talents in the Superbowl. That would be such an added bonus to go with Evans, Godwin, Miller, and Gronk. I’d like to see the Bucs go 4 wide with all of this speed on the field for a play or two. It would be hard to defend. Go Bucs!