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    Waste of money for old players. It has been many years since they wore a Buc uniform. I wouldn’t be praising Mike Smith; after all our defense was just plain bad. Just my opinion.

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      The problem Horse, is that beggars can’t be choosers. There are 3 phases to a difference- makers career, rookie/earning it phase (when the Bucs gave up on both Bennett/Talib), established big-contract phase and the veteran-downside phase. When you have one blue chip 4-3 pass rusher in the draft and two premium FA’s in the league who are all expected to be drafted or franchised ahead of the Bucs you better be creative and take your shots with guys who are in the veteran phase of their careers in hopes you can get a few productive years out of them, because the cavalry isn’t coming and premium players in their prime don’t fall out of trees especially at pass rusher.

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    The Todd Monken story just broke this morning, how are you getting mail on it so fast O.o

    Also, it’s not as easy to swap from a 4-3 to a 3-4 with a snap of your fingers. The two schemes require different things from the same group of players and I don’t think we really have the guys at the trenches that are able to block shed very well. We got stuffers, but only McCoy can really do the pass rush part of it.

    Supposedly, this draft is filled with 3-4 OLB pass rushers, but they won’t help with that part of the equation. The telling point to me is if they keep Chris Baker. If they do, that would encourage a more proactive 3-4 approach. As much as this board doesn’t seem to like him, he’s also the most experienced player we have in a 3-4 scheme and he has had success in it.

    Of course, they might keep Baker as is due to a lack of available DLine in FA, but still.

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      I agree it is a difficult transition to 3-4 but if you think about it we have a much better LB crew than DE pass rush and like mentioned above this is no draft to load up on D Ends. Our chances of adding an interior D-Lineman is much better. There is only one Grubb available. Now I think it is possible for the Colts to take Saquon or an OL which would be outstanding. additionally I believe what you see is what you get in this years draft. No workout warriors from a D-Line perspective in this years combine. Pickings are thin which seems to indicate more 3-4 formations.

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        If the team decides to go to more 3-4, there will be a few FA DT’s like Poe, Ellis, Logan, Williams, etc that you’d have to think they’d look at. Hard time seeing Baker return with the way the season ended, but anything is possible. If they move on from him, seems it might be more about his attitude than talent.

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    Condor Bastadon

    Maybe i’m missing something, but I don’t get the 3-4 obsession. The old 2-gap style 3-4 defense is almost extinct as a base defense. And even if it weren’t, it’d make our best defensive lineman’s skillset a total waste if you want him 2-gapping instead of penetrating upfield. Not to mention, we don’t have a proper NT to put in that defense(Chris Baker? Lol). Regardless, teams are running in nickel about half the time, which does take that NT off the field anyway.

    Yeah, we could run a Wade Phillips style single-gap 3-4 with our current personnel…but at that point, what’s the big deal? It’s still a single-gap defense with the same players, some having marginally different roles. So you’re calling Ayers or Spence an OLB now….okay now what? Are they gonna rush better? McCoy could still play 3-technique, and

    If we had a proper NT(Vita Vea anyone?), I think running a hybrid front like the Seahawks or Patriots could be interesting. Have the NT and Gholston 2-gapping on the strong side, while McCoy and our best edge rusher are free to penetrate upfield on the weak side.

    But I dunno, can someone explain why a 3-4 makes any more sense than what we’re doing?

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    It took our defensive personnel the majority of a lost season to digest Smith’s defense in his first season. Now we are going to a 3-4?

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    If McCoy wants to play with Talib, or Bennett, how about we let him go so he can pick Denver, or Seattle to play for? What made Talib great in Denver was Von Miller terrorizing Q.B.’s, we don’t have Von. Bennett is one piece of a very talented defense, he isn’t the sole reason they are so good. Both players are complete turds, the fan base here wouldn’t stomach either of them. Let’s spend our money on more of a long term fix. Stop trying to relive the past, we need a future. As for Monken, let him call the plays, he can’t do any worse then Dirk did last year. We had more weapons, Winston had more experience, yet we scored fewer points. Dirk, a play calling genius you are not.

    1. 5.2


      And when you tell us who this long term fix is that the team can commit money to this offseason I’m all ears.

      1. 5.2.1


        +1 Dev. Tired of shortsighted, sour grapes mentality.

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    Actually like the idea of adding Talib and Bennett if the team feels they can still produce. Couple them with another DT, CB and/or S in FA and then double up on those spots in the draft and hopefully you’ve addressed the near and long term needs at those spots. I would send a staff member instead of a cab to get Talib at the airport though. 🙂

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    aa staff and a limo no cabbie!!!

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