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Trevor Sikkema is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat reporter and NFL Draft analyst for PewterReport.com. Sikkema, an alumnus of the University of Florida, has covered both college and professional football for much of his career. As a native of the Sunshine State, when he's not buried in social media, Sikkema can be found out and active, attempting to be the best athlete he never was. Sikkema can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Jason Licht doesn’t deserve to be moved up because he’s done everything BUT win as GM of the Bucs. People talk about these homerun drafts, certain FA signings and moving on from Lovie when in reality none of those moves resulted in a playoff birth. We can gloss over reality as Tampa fans as we want but the real world prefers results so yes Licht drafting OJ Howard looks like a HR but the previous draft featured VHIII, Noah Spence and Roberto Aguayo. So yea it’s an improvement FROM terrible. I hope Licht turns this around bc nobody wants us to win worse than me but these rose colored goggles for the guy are hilarious.

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    I’ve been as negative as anyone but it seems like Licht did about as much as he could do if the offseason and the defense does look improved. If we have a pass rush the DBs will look a lot better. It comes down to beating New Orleans week 1. If we win we get off to a good start. If we lose we have to beat the Eagles week 2. If we lose both its over. This team will crumble just like it did after the Patriot loss last year.

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    Does anyone know if Beckwith broke the same leg he had ACL surgery on, or was it the other one?

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    I like Licht overall, but He would be higher if not for the Aguayo disaster that we still don’t know if we have recovered form and actually found a kicker. That was the dumbest move I’ve seen in a long time. We had so many needs and he takes this chance on a kicker like we were already a playoff/super bowl contender? I remember all the idiots telling me and orhers that didn’t like it wewere wrong too. Lol. We get 9 or 10 wins this year and he will move up.

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    Sorry, I cringed a bit when I saw “Sims will always be the third down back”…

    1. 5.1


      Ditto… nobody else wanted this guy so we resign him… If he makes the 53 man roster that will not be a good thing….

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    Jason Licht is already a top 15 GM and once this team starts winning he’ll e considered top 10, hes done an excellent job of acquiring talent, keeping us under the cap, and I really hope that he gets to stay after the coaching staff gets fired after this season.
    I say that because I believe we’re gonna be no better than 2-3 through the first 5 weeks. I seriously laughed out loud at the podcast this week when Tom Jones was on and said that he liked Dirk Koetter and was recounting how the players like him…the guy doesn’t have our team practice tackling in training camp. I’m still trying to figure out how that isn’t headlining NFL network, ESPN and every other sports media outlet, “Proffession tackle football team, doesn’t practice tackling in practice.” It really is a overachiever that we won 5 games last year. That speaks to the talent level of this team that JL has assempled. Dirk is gonna let us down and is wasting our talent. He’s gotta go…

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    Ken Grant

    Judging a GM based solely on wins is even dumber than doing it to a QB. I wish people would show more self-awareness in regards to their feelings masquerading as logic.

    1. 7.1


      Would it help if I named 20 bad draft picks/trades/signings? Would that help you any? (Please say yes Ken. PLEASE SAY YES)

      Are you also telling me that Jason Licht has been killing it in building the roster with a ton of great moves, just that none of those moves actually turned into wins? Isn’t the point of building a roster and hiring a head coach so that you win games? Am I missing something Ken?

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    I would say 30th is pretty accurate on Licht, and may even be too generous. He’s had no real success, he hasn’t really had any spectacular draft moments, and his Day 3 picks have been downright sad, plus he was a part of the “Koetter Rubber Stamp” where the team didn’t even conduct a true coaching search after Lovie’s exit. He is average, at best, and hopefully in his last year.

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    Licht has learned on the fly and made adjustments to his mentality in a timely manner. He was a first time GM who yes, has had some growing pains but he checks his ego in pursuit of getting better. He’s going to go down as one of the greats in my opinion. No GM is perfect. He’s got the balls to make bold moves and is eager to learn from them if they don’t work out. Winning personality will bring winning performance. It’s coming.

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    After surviving Ken Herrock, Phil Krueger and even periods when we had GM by committee, I’d say Jason Licht has a chance to be the best in team history if these last two draft classes result in wins. The failing has been with free agency disappointments and the 2016 draft.

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    I’ll be honest guys, the past few years have been tough for me. I know as humans we do things that aren’t logical. I know we let our feelings cloud our judgment, and sometimes people don’t want to listen to anything rational about something they love.

    Buy y’all need to get over Jason Licht. He wasn’t good for you. He isn’t good for you. He’s 22-42 because he has made very real mistakes both in player evaluation and roster construction.

    If Jason thought the situation he signed onto was as bad as it was, ie. if he could evaluate a roster, then he wouldn’t have signed onto to be the Bucs GM in the first place. The guy was literally a finalist for the Dolphins job at the time that he signed on for the Bucs gig.

    Trevor, this current draft class has not played a single snap and you’ve stated “his last two drafts look like home runs.” I don’t know what to tell you buddy, but that statement is one of the least objective a person could write. That’s like saying the incoming freshman class at Braden River High School is probably the best graduating class in the history of the school. How does the Mission Accomplished banner look at your desk?

    1. 11.1

      Trevor Sikkema

      I think Licht’s been pretty good. He’s made mistakes, as I stated, like every GM in the NFL does every season, but Bucs fans usually crank the negative up to 10 because they haven’t had a winner in so long. The fact of the matter is Bruce Allen was trash, Mark Dominik was trash and the Bucs entire foundation was also trash because of it when even Lovie Smith took over, who then continued to make it just as bad. Licht took over with Lovie as his head coach (who he did not hire) for the first two years which was unfortunate.

      Licht’s first few years as a GM with signings and drafting with Lovie were not great, and so was the 2016 draft. We’ve said this. No one’s debating it. But I think he’s since turned it around to recognize where and how you pick up talent. Him signing Koetter was a bit of a timing thing that I’m not sure will workout. But it was like Doug Martin coming off a 1,4000 yard year in a contract year; you had no choice but to keep him. Sort of the same with Koetter there so we’ll see.

      Also, I’m a draft guy. I scout these players year-round. Yes I’m going to comment on how and where the players were picked as wins and losses. The draft is a game in and of itself. The rest is on the coaches. Not allowing yourself to have good or bad opinions on when players are acquired until 3-5 years later is a really boring way to follow football. Duh you don’t know anything for sure about these guys until after their rookie contract, but a lot of that afterwards is on the coaching staff — which could be a Licht thing, too, so we’ll see.

      I don’t mean to say that Licht can do no wrong in my eyes, but I also don’t think people get just how bad this franchise was when he took over, which is why I said 30th is too low, all things considered. If you unforgivably blame Licht for his first few years as a GM for a team he’d never worked for with an awful cap situation, an awful roster foundation and an awful coaching staff, he was doomed to be your guinea pig anyways.

      1. 11.1.1


        To my point, as a GM prospect Licht was making the rounds and was a finalist for the Dolphins job before he took the Bucs offer. If Jason realized that he was walking into a situation following up two “trash” GM’s (ie he could evaluate a roster) why did he take the job? If you’re a bright, hot commodity as a coach or GM are you jumping to take the Browns job over other potential offers instead of sticking with the Patriots? If Jason Licht sees the Bucs as it actually was, why did he trade a 4th for Logan Mankins on the eve of his first season? Doesn’t seem like the move you make if you have a clue you are embarking on 2-14.

        There is a stark difference between having an opinion “I like this draft class” and calling a draft a “home run” comparable to a one that has netted legitimate positive results.

        I would counter your optimism with your own reservations with Vea as a “complimentary player”, a much greater love of Darrius Guice than Ronald Jones and other picks you would’ve made such as the difficulty you had with passing on players such as Justin Reid or Isaiah Oliver. Comparing your reactions in real time to the draft picks to calling it a “home run” today doesn’t quite mesh.Maybe you think “hey, they made some solid picks.”but to call the 1st round draft pick a “complimentary player” and then state it is a”home run” I can only imagine you were surely very impressed with Vea’s sled work and Rojo’s agility.

        Let’s also not falsely equivocate the fact that all GM’s make mistakes with this GM’s mistakes. In his 4th year Licht built a 5-11 roster, low in pass rush, coverage, o-line play and missing much of a running game. Are you going to blame that on Dominik too?

  12. 12


    I’m not saying he’s top 10, but anyone that says 30th is exactly where he should be ranked, needs their head examined. Because that’s just insane. Wins and losses don’t always tell the story. He doesn’t coach the players, or play the games. He’s been right more than he’s been wrong on draft picks(at the time they were picked) and has done a great job with the team cap situation. And his best attribute(which never seems to be brought up) is that he doesn’t let his ego cloud what’s best for the team. He could have let Aguayo be the kicker for 2 years because of his draft status. Nope! He cut him as quickly as he drafted him. He admitted the horrible pick and moved on from him to avoid the team suffering because of his mistake. That’s what the best GM’s do. Christ look at all the horrible draft picks Belichek makes. I think Licht has gotten way more right than B.B. has. Point is, there’s so much more that goes into it. It’s not just strictly wins and losses. That’s what clueless fans use to evaluate a GM or QB

    1. 12.2


      Licht hired ALL of the coaches who coach the players. His fingerprints are all over the roster and you’d like to ignore his record?

      If my dear objectively challenged friends are willing to be honest with yourselves, you’ll look at Licht’s trade for Kyle Brindza the year prior to Aguayo and the length of his Bucs career (4 games) 50% FG and 75% XP and compare it to Aguayo’s first 5 games 50% FG 88% XP, and say maybe the decision to gut through Aguayo kicking for a full year vs cutting him like he did with Brindza was actually very much due to Licht’s stubborness and the spot where Aguayo was drafted.

      Also recall he replaced Aguayo with Folk, who then proceeded to cost the team 1-2 games before himself being released. Licht didn’t exactly fix the mess he created and his inability to evaluate/grade the kicker position and this is one I’m sure Dirk Koetter didn’t appreciate these past two seasons. I’m sure Lovie didn’t enjoy the Brindza experiment much either.

      If we want to discuss people Licht held onto for too long, how about the 7 million dollar ungruaranteed contract for Doug Martin last year. What exactly was this GM seeing that led him to believe that Doug was a top 5 RB by salary? How about holding onto 33 year old Vincent Jackson for 11 million a year after coming off an injury plagued 543 yard 3 TD season? How about the medical miracle of JR Sweezy who is still gracing this roster? Does anyone think he was legitimately playing up to his contract last year? If Licht is as ruthless as you believe him to be, why was he giving out millions of unguaranteed Glazer cash to players who had proven to be past their prime or injured/ineffective?

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