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Question: Assuming the Bucs part ways with Dirk Koetter, what are your thoughts on former Packers coach Mike McCarthy as the next head coach, if you don’t think he’d be a good fit, who do you like?

Answer: Well Mike McCarthy’s 125-77-2 record speaks for itself on many levels. That is pretty darn good winning percentage by coaching standards. Yet the Packers have just one Super Bowl trophy to speak of for all the regular season wins – and that was with an elite NFL quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. How much of the Packers’ success was due to McCarthy and how much of it is due to Rodgers? Did Rodgers help “make” McCarthy?

Of course the same point could be made about Sean Payton with the Saints as well. Despite having a first ballot Hall of Famer in Drew Brees, Peyton is actually behind McCarthy in winning percentage and has only one championship, too.

So the Bucs could do much worse than hiring McCarthy if they do in fact decide to let Dirk Koetter go. But that isn’t as much of a foregone conclusion as most thought it was a couple weeks back. Certainly a lot can happen between now and the end of the season, but the Bucs have already equaled last year’s win total and they still have four games to go. The Glazers want to see progress, and if this team can pick up a couple more wins and Jameis Winston continues to play well, I see Koetter sticking around and being back in 2019.

I don’t really have any other names at this point as possible replacements, but I have written about my fondness for John Harbaugh. However, the Ravens, behind rookie Lamar Jackson, won again on Sunday, and with each win it becomes less likely that Harbaugh will be let go as many thought he might just a few weeks ago.

Question: Will DeSean Jackson play another game this year? Will the emergence of Chris Godwin allow the Bucs to deactivate Jackson for the rest of the season?

Answer: It is really too soon to say. With DeSean Jackson nursing an injured thumb, the severity of the injury will go a long way in determining if Jackson is back, obviously. Jackson’s medical notes and reports were sent out last week for a second opinion and we haven’t really heard anything new on that front.

Bucs WR DeSean Jackson - Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR
Bucs WR DeSean Jackson – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

I can’t say that Chris Godwin’s play on Sunday will have any bearing on the Bucs making a decision on Jackson, but only because the team knew what they had in Godwin before Sunday’s five-catch, 101-yard, one-TD performance. There is no question that Jackson brings the deep speed element to the team that even a younger Godwin can’t replicate. Koetter and his staff love that about Jackson and how it allows them to do other things offensively just with his presence on the field.

Of course what good is a fast guy if he and the quarterback can’t get on the same page for whatever reason? And that’s been the big problem – the downfield chemistry between Jackson and quarterback Jameis Winston.

But Godwin’s performance against the Panthers gives the Bucs staff and their fans the ability to breathe much easier if Jackson is out for more games this season.

Question: I know it’s the longest of long shots, but humor me. Besides a Bucs win next week, what are we rooting for next week to help Tampa make the playoffs?

Answer: Tampa Bay is still alive in the playoff hunt, but it is still a huge hurdle to climb to get there because the best record the Bucs can achieve at this point is 9-7. But they are still alive.

Right now, the Seahawks (7-5), Vikings (6-5-1), Panthers (6-6), Redskins (6-5) and possibly the Eagles (5-6) have a better record as they battle for the two NFC wild card playoff spots. So you would want to root for whoever those teams are playing against, and of course, hope the Bucs can somehow extend this two-game winning streak to three games with a win against New Orleans on Sunday.

Question: If the Bucs continue wining, and Dirk Koetter keeps his job, do you foresee Mark Duffner returning as the defensive coordinator?

Answer: Absolutely. Now if the Bucs could just petition the league to play all 16 games at home next season, this team makes the playoffs – easy. I kid, of course, but the difference between at home scoring defense and on the road scoring defense is a 20-point swing. That’s right, 20 points better at home. That is really an amazing stat when you think about it.

Bucs DC Mark Duffner - Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR
Bucs DC Mark Duffner – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

However, for all of this to happen, the Bucs need to win, and prove they can also play solid defense on the road. They will have two tough tests to show they are better than the stats say. Tampa Bay will have to travel to Baltimore (7-5) and then Dallas (7-5) in back-to-back games this month and those two games will go a long way in determining everyone’s future for 2019.

And if they do manage to pick up a couple more wins and Dirk Koetter saves his job, he will have Mark Duffner to thank as a big reason why he come back. What he was able to accomplish with a makeshift secondary on Sunday against Carolina was as impressive as anything I have seen in my 40-plus years of watching this franchise.

Think about it, by the end of the game, the secondary was comprised of players that were fourth-preseason, hoping-to-make-a-roster-somewhere type of players. Duffner is getting through to these guys and proving he has the smarts to game plan well. Next week against the high-powered Saints offense will be a huge test.

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  1. Keep Koetter. The Bucs have the best offense in the NFL. Imagine what they could do with an upgrade at running back.
    I appreciate the question about our playoff chances. I am so weary of articles in November and December talking about next year’s draft.
    The Bucs are not going to do better than Koetter. We can, however, set ourselves back two or more years and royally screw up our offense if we let him go.

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    • couple weeks ago, everyone was on board to get rid of koetter…is that not true anymore?

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      • Don’t let the past 2 game results fool you. Koetter still has got to go. Smith and Warhop should have been gone last offseason. He screwed up the Winston-FitzPatrick situation. He has admitted multiple times he doesn’t know how to fix this team. He took back play calling for the heck of it which cost us a game with how bad the play calling was. I’m happy the defense is better and Duffner has done a great job, but Dirk as a head coach (or even offensive coordinator for this team) has got to go. In his time as head coach, players are not being developed, they are basically the same they were when he got here. Winston has not improved. He is the future of this team and he needs a new voice and direction other than Koetter.

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        • I disagree that he screwed up the QB situation. He benched Winston and when he came back, Winston responded with the two best games I have ever seen him play. Of course only time will tell, but its very possible that benching turned the young man’s career around.

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      • For me, the answer is maybe. Mike Smith departure, numerous injuries, and Koetter now willingness to show some flexibility, I like; 2 more wins, I’m back on the bandwagon.

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      • Not everyone was. Mostly it was the clueless “fire him” crowd who don’t understand (why I dunno) that all the good teams have stability at HC AND QB. A HC that puts up good numbers in spite of losing should be kept unless that trend stays the same for 2-3 years like what we had to do with Dungy. Of course Dungy’s offense churned out baseball like scores. His downfall was repeatedly bombing in play off games.

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        • We have watched Koetter for the last few seasons and the end results are always the same. Not sure if I want to stick around with him and see the same results again next year.

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          • BucRy, the end results are not the same. When was the last time we had a #1 offense? We are s decent defense away from being a playoff team. If we cut Dirk then we start all over again. New offense and new plays. It will take 2 years to for our players to get to know the offense and it to work and who knows if it will be even half as good as our current offense. Every year our offense has gotten better. now we see what our defense is capable of with a decent d-coordinator. Just think with a couple additions to our Oline and our secondary how good this team will be next year. every year we make a coaching change we set our franchise back 3 years. I think we should give Dirk 1 more year with a good D-Coordinator and see what happens.

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          • smh..I’m talking about our season results…no playoffs. will we make it this year? slim chance…We have never made the playoffs with Koetter is what I’m talking about, which is the same END result.

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    • I think it is a tough call on Koetter.
      I do think he knows offense, but his decision to start Fitz over Jamies was close to unforgivable.
      I also think Koetter made a huge mistake in keeping Smith after last year, but he has also been saddled with the worst kicking game in the NFL during his tenure.

      The problem is in some cases he makes knee jerk reactions (starting Fitz) and other times he waits too long to make an obvious decision(firing Smith, cutting a terrible kicker).

      Has Dirk Koetter learned from his mistakes? I don’t know?

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      • I think starting Fitz was the best decision he made. You see how Winston was playing. It made Winston humble and desire it more and helped him grow. I think it turned Winston’s career around. We will see.

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    • Agree, keep him. Starting over once again and I’ll never see my Buc’s with a serious run at my age. Talent needed on the D – potential in the secondary, but a top notch CB would go a long way with Grime’s departure – coupled with a couple of top 1-4 round picks. Still think we need a D-Coord from the college ranks or proven NFL man who understands today’s NFL. Not that Duff is at all incompetent, his player’s love him and he gets it. At 65 years old, while he’ll probably out-live me by 10 or 15 years, we need someone in their 40’s or 50’s with proven potential covering the spread off/read option college game which is what the NFL has become. Have no problem with him returning for 2-3 years, but groom a successor if nothing else. As far as RB, what we need is an O-line makeover, mediocre is not good enough – would love to see draft dedicated to the line as well as 1-2 late round picks with potential and perhaps a free agent stud. Doesn’t matter who the RB is when they get hit 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage. We’ve built a D-line, especially with another year to jell. Did I mention we need secondary/O-line? Draft smart, forget athletic ability and take the best player available regardless of need in the 1st two rounds, but anticipating (I hope!) we drop out of the top 10, we don’t need a quote “skill position” except at LT/RT/CB. Please, drop DJack, let Smith have someone else overpay and hope a speed receiver drops in our lap. Even if it takes a year or two to develop, we could get six with Jackson’s CAP hit. Godwin may be a quarter/half step slower, but has 1000% more heart. Barber does the job with even a small hole as he has proven and I haven’t given up on the RJones I seen at USC (with tons of film study, self-reflection and bulk – hard to use your ability to juke and fly when you are hit as soon as you are given the ball (unless of course you are a Moose like Barber and can make your own holes; however, that is few and far between. He almost reminds me of Alscott with his grit, though there was only one Mike.

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      • I’m 71 and work 14 hour days. I outwork men and women half my age. Duff is fine.

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        • Old School rules! You go 76!

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        • Congrats to you – you’re younger than most everyone I know, lol. I agree, and eat humble pie – it’s not the age, but the attitude. My experience has been that age makes many people, not all, unwilling to adjust/adapt at even much younger ages – sometimes especially at younger ages. Never worked a physical job, but while I did work I prided myself as being better prepared than my counter-parts and it took me far even if I had to work harder. I had the first PC my company (Fortune 25) ever had and learned DOS 2.0, Windows 3.11 & called other PC’s through “bulletin boards” and 1200 baud modems – long before Al Gore ever invented the internet, lol. I too have seen many 70-80 hour work weeks without a day off for a month or more and lived many days yearning for a breakfast or lunch I could not afford. We’ll see over the last 4 games what we have and the Glazer’s, as they should, will determine who stays, who goes, and any changes that will be made – change for change’s sake as you well know is not always the answer. Kudo’s to you and shame on me. I can’t even call myself a football fan, though have been a proud Buc’s fan since I semi-retired in 1981 and worked another 30 years. I watch 19 games a year, the Bucs, the NFC/AFC playoff games, and the SB – I enjoy much more the college games and the promise of generations to come. I’m the last of a fading baseball fan number 1 (Go Rays!). I already been told and know I won’t be here to see the Super Bowl in Tampa in 2021, but will never forget 2003 and have zero regrets or self-pity. With this I say adieu – to you – and this to this forum as I’ve become too jaded. (I’m sure there’s some damn kid in my yard!) I’ve enjoyed reading this site and many others the past few years and love the back and forth. Bless you all.

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          • I’ve noticed that the older I get the less I give a crap about things that don’t really matter.

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          • Thanks for your reply dbenn2012. I too only watch the Bucs, the playoffs, and college ball. Sounds like you have a strong work ethic; a rarity now days. Regards

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      • I agree about Barber – for his size he’s an incredible pounder.

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    • I agree 100%. Keep Koetter, Let Duffner and Buckner handle the Defense and Although Barber is adequate we need to focus FA and Draft on OL and another RB.

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      • Sorry,

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    • martinii Dec. 4, 2018 at 11:39 am
      I agree 100%. Keep Koetter, Let Duffner and Buckner handle the Defense and Although Barber is adequate we need to focus FA and Draft on OL and another RB.

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    • I am not sure RB is a problem. I think the issue is the OL. I don’t think Todd Gurley could get more than 3 yds/carry with this line. With Dotson out the whole right side is hot garbage.
      We need a new RG and RT or move Smith to RT and get a new LT.

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  2. Hey Charlie…remember this???

    Charlie Nov. 29, 2018 at 7:35 pm
    They’re gonna lose this game, doesn’t matter😂

    Where are you now???

    Hey Naples…where are you now with your comments about firing Mike Smith was a bad idea??? How about your comments on Winston and his inability to perform???

    It’s easy to criticize. It takes an adult to admit when you are wrong!

    Well done Bucs. I still think Koetter needs to go due to his lack of backing his offense and QB but that is just my opinion.

    Please wait...
    • Philly, I could be wrong but I don’t remember you ever admitting being wrong. Have all of your posts been right? I think it’s best to try to disagree without being disagreeable. We’re all buc fans here.

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      • I absolutely admitted I was wrong! I was wrong about the Glazers and their choices and about how poorly Jason Licht has performed. I admitted so in one of Naples post. So thank you for your input but you would be incorrect.

        Some of us ACT like Bucs fan here but mostly it is just Negative Nancy’s that thrive in the negative.

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        • Good for you, sincerely. I think it’s best to discuss opinions, not call out other Buc fans.

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  3. I want absolutely nothing to do with MM. Aaron Rodgers has carried his sorry ass for far too long and he should have been fired years ago. He’d be a disaster here.

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  4. We beat a very bad 49er team, and a reeling Panther team coming off four losses in a row with Cam having his worst performance of the year. Both home games. With all those turnovers they still managed over 400 yrds of offense, and Cam missing a wide open receiver at the end still could’ve tied us. I’m not sold on bringing Licht, and Koetter back by a long shot. Three out of four left against some good teams, and Atlanta shouldn’t be over looked. The Glazer’s were wise not to fire everyone when most fans were calling for it. Let’s see how we finish. If we can sweep N.O. this week, and beat Atlanta we’ll have defeated everyone in our division. If we can upset the Ravens, or Cowboys on the road two hot teams fighting for a playoff spot that would go a long way to keeping L&K. Those are two big if’s. Lose three out of four down the stretch? Some will wish they weren’t crowing about the last two wins, and this regime’s fate will be sealed.

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    • The “crowing” is more about the fact that the Bucs did what they were supposed to do. There is nothing wrong about being positive with a win because I can assure you there would be nothing but disparaging remarks regarding their failures and shortcomings.

      That said, I still think it is time for a new voice both from the GM and HC. The last two drafts have been abismal and Koetter can’t decide if he likes or wants Jameis. With the solid offense we have, I think a better Leader would get more out of it and we wouldn’t have to blow it up. It would also bring a fresh perspective as to whether Jameis can be salvaged or replaced.

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    • Oh come now surfer. While I agree with you on the coaching changes needed, especially with Warhop. I’m still not sure how that clown makes a pay check. But to sit here and say, “well they beat a bad sanfransisco team” . Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember almost all the pewter report staff picking the Niners to win. Now we beat a panthers team who, yep, NO ONE picked to win especially with the players who were out there on our defense, and all you can say is they were “reeling”? I understand like you, that this team still needs changes and upgrades in certain areas, but can we just say, for once, that the Bucs played their asses off? And with a bunch of scrubs off the street to beat a Carolina squad desperate for a play in game?

      Please wait...
      • I have never understood the argument that somehow a win is meaningless if it is against a bad team. This is the illogical corollary to the rule that close losses to really good teams somehow aren’t real losses.
        A loss is a loss and a win is a win. The NFL doesn’t award half a win if you beat a sucky team and half a win if you barely lose to a great team.
        The Bucs have nothing to explain. They won the past two weeks and I’m pretty happy about it.

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        • The folks with an agenda, who often seem pleased when the Bucs lose, like to put an asterisk on a W if they conclude the victory wasn’t deserved.

          Please wait...
        • Well said Pete. If we’re talking college football, I’ll talk SOS and quality of wins all day long. But this is the NFL. There are no easy wins in the NFL. The Bucs beating San Francisco or Carolina is not quite the same thing as Alabama beating Arkansas. The difference between the best and worst teams in the NFL is not nearly as great as most people think. Every game is a dogfight. That’s why so many games come down to the final drive.

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          • Amen to that!

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  5. I want McCarthy like I want a hole in my head. So lets be straight a head coach who didn’t propel the best QB in football or develop a running game or a legit defense in damn near a decade should be considered here? You guys don’t have any good names and get it but this is just a bad one. Bienemy the OC in KC should get some serious consideration considering how well AndY Reid’s last 2 OCs have done since departing in Nagy and Pederson. They have both developed young QBs that were already in place and improved the teams overall. Hasn’t been mentioned here but boom there you have it, someone worth mentioning. As for keeping Dirk hell no, one could very easily argue that Dirks the reason this season has gone better. From his handling of the QB situation, to the amount it time it took to part with Mike Smith despite the seasonS worth of mediocre film, the game where he took over playcalling and produced the season low in terms of points and I could go on but wont. Don’t let a winning streak in the midst of a lost season fool you, he needs to be gone. This offense will produce under any competent OC bc we have weapons not because Dirk is blazing some innovative trail in terms of playcalling. The defense is playing better but knowing these clowns they will let VHIII walk back into One Buc Place and sit down Jayveon Elliott, Chris Conte will win a camp battle and win a safety job and they will continue to put the same ole players that haven’t played well on the field over guys that are. Don’t believe look at the safeties from Mike Smiths “defensive turnaround” (McDougald and Tandy) then look at who opened the following season at safety lol. Pewter report I hope you guys are saying this because itll grant you some high end access while these guys at still here but theres nothing about Dirk that’s salvageable at this point.

    Please wait...
    • *Has NOT gone better.

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  6. Strangely enough, it was good to see Jameis take a sack. As long as he is learning that it’s not the end of the world and doesn’t give up the big error, all and all, his game will become more consistent.

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  7. There is nothing wrong with the Bucs that fewer turnovers, a decent kicking game and a few more stops and sacks on defense cannot cure.

    They need LB’s and an upgrade at RG, whether from trade, FA or draft.

    If the Glazers gut the team, Tampa is Cleveland.

    Anybody notice that Rivera fired two assistants and demoted the DC in Carolina after the Bucs loss?

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  8. Have some of you ever considered that the benching of Winston by Koetter might have been a calculated move to get Jameis’ attention. It was a type of “shock therapy” for the sake of Winston’s career regardless of his future with the Buccaneers. Maybe, Koetter really cares as a human being after all is said and done.

    He would not be the first NFL coach in history to do something like that to a failing “would be franchise quarterback”.

    I am just saying ….
    Go Bucs!!!!!

    Please wait...
  9. Koetter has made many mistakes as Buc’s Headcoach. When he FINALLY fired DC Smith…when asked about it he said he didn’t see it coming! WTF… after 3 years in a row of record bad Defense u didn’t see it coming??? His taking over play calling for “personal reasons” when the Offense was ranked 2nd in the NFL??? His in game clock management and inability to make adjustments at halftime? His constantly playing not to lose rather than playing to win. Ultimately his talent evaluation and lack of player acquisitions at positions that needed upgrading. Running Back AP wanted to play for Bucs. In fact, he was working out with Jameis and some other Bucs. Could of had him for 2-4 million. Koetter was not interested! His hesitation to cut the kicker after bad games in a row! I could go on. Now his decision to bench Jameis over Fitz was a good one. It humbled Jameis and made him reevaluate the way he had been playing! I think, ultimately, this has benefited Jameis. Has 2 game win streak erased all this… well of course not! But, winning does seem to ease the pain a bit! I still think he is a bit over his head as a Head Coach. The question is… who do u replace him with? Go Bucs!

    Please wait...
  10. SenileSenior, your thinking doesn’t have anything to do with your memory like bucballer. Benching Winston was the best thing that ever happened to Winston. Koetter has been pounding into him to be careful with the ball for the least three seasons and it wasn’t sinking in he had no other recourse.

    As far as poor memories, you, bucballer, either have a very short one or you just have selective memory.

    Like many people, some on Pewter Report and most of the sports media in town. all seem to forget is that everyone was scared Mike Smith was going to be hired away two years ago. So much so everyone was cheering when the Bucs gave Smitty a raise to stay here.

    And hiring Smitty was also lauded by all the media types when he came here.

    If you want to make a credible arguement, it would go a lot further if you used actual facts and not make things up like that lying thieving adulterer who is currently staining thw White House with his odorous presence.

    Please wait...
    • You were doing really well until you decided to go political…….again.

      Please wait...
    • I also remember how happy most were to bring Smith back.

      Please wait...
    • Were politics really necessary?

      Please wait...
  11. Hey drdneast…put the pipe down and back away from the keyboard. Selective memory…u my friend are talking about something u say,’’everyone was scared” that DC Smith was gonna leave 2 years ago? Well first off not Everyone was scared that he was going to leave! I certainly wasn’t! Smith’s Defense has been piss poor for 3 years now! Secondly, 2 years ago…really your going to say 2 years ago people thought… son, that was 40 games ago! A lot changes in 40 games! Lastly, in my entire post, THAT is what u chose to zero in on??? On a day when the nation flies our flags at half mass as we put to rest a former President of the United States… u chose to make a political statement about the current President of the U.S…on Pewter Report no less…a website about our Bucs???!!! It must be hard walking around with that chip on your shoulder! Keep that political bullshit off this website! We talk all things Bucs here! Go Bucs!

    Please wait...
  12. Regarding the last two wins: We’ve won those games with solid performances in all three phases – offense, defense, special team. Those are quality wins – period.

    Regarding coaching changes: Koetter has under performed over three years. He badly mishandled the QB situation this season. He’s loyal to under performing assistants – Smith, Warhop. He makes necessary changes grudgingly. Whatever the conflict, he’s not a fan of #3. For him to stay, we need to see the quality of play the rest of the way he’s delivered that last two win.

    Regarding Licht. So many bad draft choices and pricy FA signings. Time to move on.

    Please wait...
  13. Winston is the franchise QB, and Koetter has never liked him. They arent on the same page and one of them needs to go. Good bye Koetter.

    Please wait...
  14. I agree nybuccguy! Ironically, it was because of Jameis that Koetter was elevated to HC! Continuity and having a relationship with Jameis. If nothing else, Koetter has to self evaluate himself and his position coaches! Perhaps a new Offensive Line Coach could have the same effect as Duffner has had on the Defensive side of the ball!

    Please wait...
  15. This is going to be a long comment (sorry), but it definitively answers the question about what we’d need to happen for us to make the playoffs, wildly assuming we win out.

    Let’s just assume the Seahawks are in. We’re far behind them, and they’re currently in the #1 WC spot. So let’s ignore them for the sake of simplicity.

    Eagles 6-6 – we only need them to lose one more game. We beat them in the first wild card tiebreaker, which is head to head record. Via our victory over them in week 2, we would get in with the same record as them. They have games remaining @DAL, @LARams, vs. Texans, @Redskins. Those first three comprise what is a brutal slate to finish the year. With us winning out, they’d have to do the same to stay ahead of us. I don’t see that happening. So if we win out, I’m very confident we end up ahead of the Eagles.

    Redskins 6-6 – at first glance, this is a tough one. They’ve got us head to head, so if we finish with the same record as them, we lose. But don’t forget – they’re now on 3rd string QB Mark Sanchez, who was literally signed 2 weeks ago. He’s terrible. Their remaining schedule isn’t AWFUL, but it isn’t a cakewalk either. vs. NYG, @JAX, @Titans, vs Eagles. With Sanchez at QB, I feel confident in saying that they’re going to be underdogs against the Titans and the Eagles, and maybe @ Jacksonville too. This one is a bit of a toss-up, but I’d bet money they go no better than 2-2 to close the year. If that happens, we jump them via record.

    Panthers 6-6 – one more loss puts us ahead of them, as long as that loss is in one of their remaining divisional games. We would tie them in head-to-head. The second tiebreaker, if teams are in the same division (which we and CAR obviously are), is divisional record. If we win out, we’ll finish 4-2 in the NFC South. The Panthers, with one more loss, can finish no better than 3-3. They’re currently 1-2 in-division, with games remaining @NO, vs. NO, and vs. ATL. I’m betting they lose AT LEAST one of those, if not multiples. I’m betting they finish no better than 9-7, and even that is tough to envision right now. If they do, one those losses will come against the Saints. So if we win out, I bet we jump them.

    Vikings 6-5-1 The Vikings may seem far ahead of us, but they’re really not. It’s basically the same as our situation with the Redskins – we need them to lose two. There won’t be any ties with them due to their one loss, so we need them to finish no better than 8-7-1. That means we need them to go no better than 2-2 down the stretch so they finish 8-7-1.

    Please wait...
    • So, to recap, we need:

      – Vikings to lose two. Games – @SEA, vs MIA, @DET, and vs CHI.
      – Panthers to lose one game between their two games against NO and vs ATL.
      – Eagles to lose one. Games – @DAL, vs LARams, vs HOU, @WAS.
      – Redskins to lose two. Games – vs NYG, @JAX, @TEN, vs PHI.

      The toughest item on our list is going to be winning out. That’s a relatively long shot. But if we somehow pull it off, I think there’s a good chance all of those things happen.

      Please wait...