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Mark Cook currently is the director of editorial content and Bucs beat writer and has written for PewterReport.com since 2011. Cook has followed the Buccaneers since 1977 when he first began watching football with his Dad and is fond of the 1979 Bucs team that came within 10 points of going to a Super Bowl. His favorite Bucs game is still the 1979 divisional playoff win 24-17 over the Eagles. In his spare time Cook enjoys playing guitar, fishing, surfing and family time at the beach. In addition, Cook can be found in front of a television or in Doak Campbell any time the FSU Seminoles are playing. Cook is a native of Pinecrest in Eastern Hillsborough County and has written for numerous publications including the Tampa Tribune, In the Field and Ya'll Magazine. Cook can be reached at [email protected]

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    Down the road value but don’t be fooled, Beckwith is a beast. He likely won’t play in 2017, but he was a dominant LB before his ACL injury last year.

    1. 1.1

      Ron Gibson

      He might make it back by about game 4. That could be important because we will have players get hurt and have to sit out. Last year our biggest weakness was not our starters but our backups. The drop off to 2nd string was way too big. Remember the year we had so many WR injuries Koetter was thinking of dressing. Then there was RB- Gate. He’s managed to get a group of serviceable OL who held up good despite injuries and before you say awful OL consider Denver for example. <- That is AWFUL.

  2. 2

    David DeLeon

    His highlight video looks real good, I don’t mind waiting, Kwon is excited so, so am i

  3. 3

    Alldaway 2.0

    Bucs crapped the bed with their defensive selections.

    A backup mike/two down SAM isn’t good value to trade up for.

    1. 3.1


      He’ll also be a special teams dynamo.

  4. 4


    Meet Kendell Beckwith. Any guy that loves horses gotta be a good guy right? I think former Buc CB Johnthan Banks loved horses too. Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have brought that up. lol.


    This Beckwith chap is a good candidate for SLB. He plays with a vengeance and a non-stop motor. Of concern is what does this say about LB Devante Bond who I’ve never seen play a snap. There seems to be pattern for the kind of attitude we want for the defense. If only we could have gotten a savage DE.

    1. 4.1


      Mac, we may already have a savage DE…or 2.

  5. 5

    Ken Grant

    Watching his tape and the thing that stands out the most has become a common theme with Bucs picks: He does his best work coming down hill towards the line of scrimmage. Its becoming our signature trait on the back end. He also does a great job of diagnosing plays and working through trash to get to the ball. Has a huge propensity for blowing up short yardage plays.

    Was first team ALL-SEC before blowing out his ACL. He definitely wasn’t the biggest need or even a clear priority but he does appear to present a solid value at 106.

    1. 5.1


      I love BPA. We are now in a situation where can begin to do it.

  6. 6


    I like the pick. I am surprised the Bucs didn’t take a CB in the draft yet. However, the players they did take all seem to fit the character and production that Jason Licht values. BPA all the way.

  7. 7


    I see this move in a different light. I see us grabbing a BPA and forestalling a need next year.

    I am very happy with our draft so far.

    Go Bucs!!!!!!

  8. 8


    i trust the team’s scouting on players so i won’t complain about the player but did we really have to give up a draft pick to get him though? every year licht does a head scratcher move LOL

  9. 9


    Licht said he wouldn’t rush him back. I’m just wondering, how bad was his tear, and do they expect him to compete this year? Thought McShay said he had recovered from his injury.

    1. 9.1


      Good point – if it was just the ACL and there was no damage to MCL or cartilage etc, cleaner, faster recovery. Could be ready by mid season.

    2. 9.2



      Here’s an excerpt from the Pewter Plank. Trying to find the Advocate article to get more info on his injury.

      “Per an update from The Advocate back in March, Beckwith is about “70 or 75 percent healthy” and expects to be ready for full speed by late July or early August. If that is the case, then he will likely be able to participate in training camp. The Buccaneers would likely still ease him in to make sure he’s at full strength”.

      1. 9.3.1


        If he’s ready for training camp, than this pick makes way more sense to me. That’s the part that’s just not sitting right with me.

      2. 9.3.2

        Ron Gibson

        Good that he was able to walk off with some assistance. The really bad ACL tears usually get a inflatable cast and the meat wagon to haul you off.

  10. 10


    Reports are that Doug Martin is looking and acting great. Although I was still expecting for them to take a RB by the end of the 3rd round. I hope they address that today. Even with Doug we are still thin at RB

    1. 10.1


      If they like him renegotiate that contract because he is not worth $7.5mil a year, plus he is going to miss the 1st month of the season.

      1. 10.1.1


        The Bucs are already off the hook for the three game suspension. The terms of the contract going forward will depend upon Martin’s form in offseason and preseason.



          But they need a RB for those 3 games. Right now they have piece parts.



            Well, the Bucs still have Jacquizz Rodgers, whom many thought performed extremely well in several games last season before he too got injured (can happen to any player at any time). And Payton Barber isn’t bad, We also still have Charles Sims.

            I expect the Bucs to add at least one or two more running backs in some combination of either the draft or free agents this off-season.

            With the receiving corps now one of the very best in the league, and a very capable quarterback, and given that the NFL is clearly a passing league now, there is no reason at all to panic about the running back position for the Bucs.

  11. 11


    It wouldn’t have been a Licht draft if he didn’t trade up and forfeit a draft pick, to pick a guy that probably would have fallen to him any way. If you just want to take guys for 2018, Brantley is still available. He should have his situation resolved by then.

    Licht traded back 2 slots last year, and it probably was such a jolt to his system that we will never see that again. Did Licht have to sign an non complete clause when he left the Patriots’ because I do not see him treating the draft in a Patriot way.

    Draft Grade
    Day 1 – A+
    Day 2 – D-

    1. 11.1


      Nope – you’re wrong.

      Nobody can grade any draft until the players have played at least a year or two … anybody who pretends to grade drafts before a single snap has been played display their ignorance of the game of NFL football.

      One can be happy or not happy about the draft based only on initial impressions or expectations. You can do that – be happy or pleased, or the opposite – n the first day of the semester in school, or the first day on a new job. But the grades come long after.

  12. 12


    Leading tackler on one of the nation’s best scoring defenses (only 15.8 ppg) last season at LSU. Not a back pickup at the tail end of the third round.

    Jason Licht is really getting on with his rep as a value-driven drafter. I like this pick a lot! And all we had to give up for this fourth-round-turned-third was a sixth rounder. Relatively few of our sixth rounders ever make the team.

  13. 13


    I know there is no chance for this but I would love to see the Bucs take Micheal Roberts if he falls to 5ht round.

    If we got inside the 10 yard line, line up Evans, Brate, Howand and Roberts and just play jump ball. One of those 4 will have a small DB on them.

  14. 14


    For all those saying we are drafting by BPA, explain the Evans pick..

    Here is what NFL.COM said and I think it is well stated.

    Safety Justin Evans made a big splash early in his senior year, then fell off with some missed tackles. He could be a good player, but I think it’s a round early for him. Adding Chris Godwin to the receiving corps was nice, but other needs should have taken precedence. Selecting LSU’s Kendell Beckwith helped out the linebacker group. He should be a fit on the strong side. They only gave up a sixth-round pick to get him, and would have paid more if waiting until Saturday morning to make that move at the start of the fourth round. The fact that O.J. Howard was on the board for the Buccaneers was ridiculous. He’s a future Pro Bowler, and will make life much easier for quarterback Jameis Winston as a great safety valve. He and Cameron Brate will be a tough duo.

    1. 14.1


      All of this is actually evidence of taking BPA. Even the Beckwith trade was still BPA – best player available at the end of the third round, so the Bucs gave up a nearly-useless sixth rounder to get him. The no-brainer trade in fact turned him into the BPA to the Bucs.

  15. 15


    Don’t mind this pick, big mistake was not taking Willis instead of Evans. Bonehead move when you have to teach your second round pick how to tackle!!!

    1. 15.1


      Agree gg720, I don’t recall hearing any success stories of teaching tackling in the pros.

    2. 15.2


      He knows how to tackle, dude, Really,stop with the nonsense – a guy who averages 82 tackles a season at safety knows how to tackle. He needs to improve his tackling technique to emphasize bring the target down rather than administering a painful hit. That is easily taught. Indeed, that is what all safeties in the league had to be taught over the last few years with the league’s recent emphasis on eliminating hits to defenseless players.

      1. 15.2.1


        I’ve watched the games, have you? He takes bad angles and doesn’t break down. He said it himself that tackling is what he needs to work on the most. He was one of the top cover safties in the draft per Pro Football Focus.



          I am not a draft expert. But I also don’t pretend to be one because I watched a game on TV. The NFL is not a Holiday Inn Express.

          The Bucs DO have a whole front office filled with highly successful, professional talent evaluators, game-film evaluators, and field scouts plus our team of coaches – all proven winners (or are you forgetting that this front office put together the first winning season for the Bucs since 2010?)

          And our guys as described have gone to the games, sat in the stadiums, watched the game film, interviewed the players, hosted them at One Buc Place and worked them out.

          And unlike you and every other internet commenter in the universe, these guys have their own skin in the game. If they are wrong too often they lose their jobs and their careers in life. What do you lose when you’re wrong about a player, besides nothing?

  16. 16


    Free agent RB Jamaal Charles anyone????????????

    1. 16.1


      LeGarrette Bount is also still out there.

      1. 16.1.1

        Ron Gibson

        We *could* use another tackling dummy.

  17. 17


    Thanks Mac, great film on Beckwith. Guy looks like a head-hunter to me. Feels like both Defensive picks are aggressive players. Evans needs a lot of coaching and Beckwith needs to finish healing, but I am all in on both. Mac, do you think they might bring back Mc Dougald to add experience and depth. I was surprised when they didn’t re-sign him.

    1. 17.1



      MacDougald won’t be back, he has signed with the Seahawks. Didn’t quite understand why we lost him. He signed for less money than we paid him last year and will not start in Seattle. I think Justin Evans will be a good safety. They had a lot of time to study him and did so up close. As always we just have to see how things play out.

  18. 18


    Beckwith is a solid pick and a legit starter. Physical force at SAM to stop the run and can move to MIKE to backup Alexander. Lots of whining on the board here but we got four starters so far. Give Beckwith time to heal. Wanted more DE help but the guy must not have been there. Makes me wonder about Carl Lawson from Auburn, who I thought we were going to take when we moved up. Great pass rusher so must be injury or off field issues.

  19. 19


    Is Bond or Kwon that bad that we need to give up a 6th round pick Beckwith? I wanted another LB, but we needed depth there, not a starter. Beckwith was good but I hope he will be for us as well because everyone not just in our division, but the whole NFC (except the Bears) is having a good draft.

    1. 19.1


      Sixth rounders are most often camp fodder, particularly late sixth rounders as ours was. No significant loss at all.

    2. 19.2


      @pinkstob, here are the last decade’s worth of 6th rounders we picked:

      Devonte Bond
      Dan Vitale
      Kaelin Clay
      Robert Herron
      Mike James
      Keith Tandy
      Allen Bradford
      Brent Bowden
      Geno Hayes
      Adam Hayward

      So, depending on your view of whether Beckwith will replace Bond or not, Licht looks to factual have maybe a zero percent hit record. Dominik however, had a pretty fantastic 6th round record (4 out of his 6 selections in that span had actual NFL careers, and he did pretty well in the 7th too). Some of those guys are still in the league – including probably our top safety from last year – and others had productive careers with us or others. I think you make a good observation that giving up a 6th round pick is not necessarily giving away nothing – suggesting that the scouting staff and GM are not competent to pick anything but camp fodder (as some on PR have) seems to be in direct contradiction to the record of some of the longer standing members of this organization anyway.

  20. 20


    I’m fine with the Beckwith selection. Seems like Daryl Smith 2.0 if you as me. I see this as a value pick and I’m not as confident as some are that the Bucs could have picked him up in the 4th round. If you like a guy, and Licht/Smith/Koetter apparently did, I have no problem with going up and getting your guy. I have complete faith that Mike Smith has a plan for him. Seems to be a very high effort guy, good motor and gives some size to the linebacking unit. Might be a great 4th and one or goal line presence when healthy.

    As for Evans, reviews are all over the place on him (not withstanding our own fans here). I remember a couple of years back, the Kwon Alexander pick had everyone up in arms because that seemed to come out of nowhere, but that worked out pretty well.

    I’m going to trust our scouts and coaches on this as there is no way Evans would have been selected without the coaching staff being on board with the pick. Also, SR tried to warn us that he was hearing some low level buzz about Evans at One Buc. Possibly the coaching staff feels that some of his aggressiveness in making those hard hits can be channeled into making better tackles. Evans also seems to have some PR/KR ability, so that probably played into the pick as well.

    I’m just going to trust the guys that are paid to do what they do.

  21. 21


    I trust in licht but I do not like these two defensive picks. Webtake abasgety, which we needed, who cant tackle , when an edge rusher like Willis was still available. And then we take a guy , whom we traded up for, who might not even play this year. How is that good? Someone explain how you take a guy who might play 30% of the time when he’s healthy? I don’t even mind the giving up ofna 6th rounder. But our rb room is a joke, and we’ve totally neglected it. I swear doug Martin has black nail in everyone. I can’t figure how else this guy keeps his job. We’d better trade our last two picks and get a back somewhere. Best rb class in years and we don’t take one. I just don’t get it.

    1. 21.1


      Doug Martin doesn’t have blackmail on anyone. The Bucs just don’t value replacing a good player who made a mistake with a mediocre player who isn’t proven at the NFL level and has his own heavy baggage. Dalvin Cook needed to leave the state of Florida and get away from his knucklehead moron friends. Maybe in Minnesota he will be able to focus on football and not his posse.

      1. 21.1.1


        Where above does it say anything about Dalvin cook? Try not putting words in my mouth. I was talking about the class as a whole and not one individual. My remarks state that pretty clearly. I’m just not satisfied with a guy in Doug who has been good 2 out of 5 years. What part of that is hard to get?

  22. 22


    Beckwith obviously LOVES playing football, the way Kwon does. He will give all his attention to get better every day, and like the Safety the Bucs took earlier, Justin Evans, he plays with violent intention.

    MOST importantly, the Buccaneers OBVIOUSLY like him a lot and made the move up to make sure they got him. Not being a disgruntled Madden player or a message board “expert,” I’m going to side with Jason Licht and the Buccaneers on this pick.

    1. 22.1


      I’m with you Garv, feel the same. Didn’t like the pick when it happened, but feeling better about it after reading scouting reports. All college players have flaws, I trust the coaching staff to be able to work with those and make the player better.

      1. 22.1.1

        Ron Gibson

        Happens even at the pro level. When we traded for Simeon Rice his technique was terrible. He took an outside wide rush too often and the OT would just ride him 7-10 yards downfield so he was always out of position when it was a run. Marinelli had cleaned that flaw up considerably by midseason. The next year Rice developed a incredible inside move. The rest – History. He became the best DE we have had in decades.

  23. 23

    Buc 1976

    If Beckwith turns out to be anywhere as good as Kwon then it will be another steal.

  24. 24


    Roy Cummings chimes in with interview with former Bucs DC: https://www.floridafootballinsiders.com/uncategorized/former-bucs-dc-doug-graber-weighs-evans-beckwith/

    Sounds like both are high character, high motor smart football players. Can’t ever have enough of those.

    1. 24.1


      Character and motor…2 traits that can’t be taught

  25. 25


    Naplesfan, you are using way to much logic for some of the Saturday morning draftniks ro comprehend. LOL.
    Imagine the stupidity of some of these seasoned experienced scouts not being able to pick up on the nuances of most of these players who are being studied at home by JoeBob sitting his fat rear end of a used dentist office couch.

  26. 26


    I like many here am disappointed in our defensive picks and think that there was some better choices available. I am disappointed that we never took one of the explosive RB’s when this draft was full of them. We don’t have one RB who can break away from the pack. Doug Martin is good for his 2 YPC, and he always get caught from behind. There is a reason he doesn’t have that many TD’s in his career. Sims can’t stop dancing in the backfield, by the time he gets his Texas two-step in the hole has already closed. As for the other guys they are what they are, backups. I think our offense is incomplete without a good RB. You got to have one to get the passing game going. If there is no threat with the run, no guy who can make a defense prepare for him, the defenses will just sit back and pick you off.

    So now I’m beginning to scratch my head at why they didn’t consider AP for $3.5 mil, half price of what they are paying a guy who has never really done anything for us. Especially when they weren’t considering drafting one of these young studs. Let’s face it, Martin has really only had two good years. The rest he never even finished the season. He doesn’t have that many TD’s, no break-a-way speed, and can’t really catch out of the backfield. Why is he still here?

    We are one good RB away from having a complete offense that cannot be denied. Instead we are drafting backups for our defense this year. I guess my faith in Licht is being tested, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

    But don’t try to sell me on “Martin is having a great off-season.” Don’t most players have a great off season if they show up and do the drills?

    I’ve heard this story before, and I already know the outcome. At some point we will have to change it and go in another direction if we ever want to change the outcome. Why keep putting it off? We missed the big tickets this year, so we will have to settle on watching us rely on the pass to make big plays. I’m just glad we got Howard. because we know without a doubt and a good RB, at least our offense did get better this year.

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